Thank you for being a loyal reader of Wahsoshiok. Just for you guys, I have partnered up with several of my favourite brands to offer my readers exclusive discounts. These are brands I personally have dress shoes from, and would recommend in a heartbeat. Simply use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy exclusive discounts off the below brands!

1: 10% off all products from Scofield Shoes!

Read my review of the Scofield Minimalist here.

2: 10% off all products from Arden Teal!

Read my review of Arden Teal’s shoes here.

3: 10% off all products from W.H.Y & Co!

Read my review of W.H.Y & Co’s shoes here.

4: 10% off all products from Jonathan Abel!

Review coming soon!

Just quote the promo code ‘WAHSOSHIOK‘ to the aforementioned tailors and enjoy the exclusive discounts from these great brands! Happy hunting 🙂


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