“There’s nothing to do in Singapore – Singapore is so boring!” I’m sure that’s a common complaint that many of us have heard before. Personally, I disagree. I believe there are plenty of intriguing activities to partake in locally, which can function as both date ideas as well as educational endeavours.

As such, I decided to compile a list of 5 fun activities I personally enjoy, and I’m sure most of you guys would too.

1) Staycations

With overseas travel still a hassle, staycations are the most convenient way of escaping the hubbub of daily life. And due to the ongoing pandemic, rooms can often be found at a substantial discount from their pre-pandemic rates – there’s no better time to do a staycation.

I’ve been on quite a staycation spree myself this year, and have curated a list of my favourite affordable hotels here. Those interested in booking a stay at any of the mentioned hotels can do so on the Traveloka app. Traveloka constantly has some sort of ongoing promotions, with prices so ridiculously low that I’ve personally booked about 90% of my staycations on Traveloka. Just for my readers, you guys can use the promo code “WAHTVLKSRV” (if you’re using SRV) and “WAHTVLK” (non-SRV) for $10 off any hotels or attractions purchase (with a minimum spending of $100) for new users and $5 off any hotels or attractions purchase (with a minimum spending of $50) for existing users.

2) Attractions

Aside from staycations, visiting the local attractions is another must-do.

To be honest, I never really bothered visiting the local attractions pre-COVID – visiting say, Universal Studios Singapore seemed like something for tourists or perhaps young children, but not adult Singaporeans. However, once the pandemic hit, I decided to try out the various places in Singapore that I’ve never visited, including the iconic USS. Part of the push was that attractions could be offset with Singapore Rediscover Vouchers, which really prompted me to give places that I’ve overlooked in the past a try. Once again, you guys can use the promo code “WAHTVLKSRV” (if you’re using SRV) and “WAHTVLK” (non-SRV) for $10 off any hotels or attractions purchase (with a minimum spending of $100) for new users and $5 off any hotels or attractions purchase (with a minimum spending of $50) for existing users on Traveloka.

3) Perfume Workshop

Alternatively, why not take the chance to learn something new?

Before COVID, I wasn’t much of a perfume wearer, nor was I particularly interested in fragrances – I’ve always thought that was something more for the ladies. That changed when I attended a perfume workshop by Maison 21G, which I talked about in an article here. I learnt about the complexity of perfume making, the roles top, heart and base notes play and how they come together, as well as various other intricacies such as the difference between day and night scents. It was a highly educational experience, yet also one that was fun to partake in. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK21” will grant readers 15% off perfume workshop bookings from Maison 21G online. Simply enter the promo code while checking out online, or mention it/flash this article in-store. 

4) Seiko Modding

I’ve always been a watch enthusiast, with Wah So Shiok having originally started as a watch review website. And for fellow watch enthusiasts, a great activity to try out would be modding Seiko watches.

I happened to pass by Seiko Bespoke’s physical store (located in Bugis) one afternoon, and found out that they actually hold Seiko modding workshops. While Seiko modding enjoys a burgeoning niche following locally, there really wasn’t a workshop for it, with most enthusiasts having to source for parts from Carousell, eBay, etc. While rewarding, Seiko modding is an arduous process, especially for newcomers. That is why I was intrigued by Seiko Bespoke’s workshop, which allowers participants to choose from 144 different modding components, with expert supervision and help on standby. Personally, I’ve yet to undergo the workshop, but it’s certainly high up on my to-try list!

5) Leathercrafting Workshop

Last but not least, why not enjoy a leathercrafting workshop as well?

I previously visited Obbi Good Label’s premises, and thereafter reviewed its products here, and here. Whilst I was there, I noticed a group of participants undergoing a leathercrafting workshop. I was intrigued – everybody seemed like they were having a good time, and I liked the idea of crafting something (either for yourself or a loved one) that will stand the test of time. The guys of Obbi Good Label informed me that the workshop was conducted by Atelier Lodge, a sister company where leather artisans (most of whom also make Obbi Good Label’s products) impart basic leathercrafting skills to interested participants. I personally think it’s a great endeavour, and will also be hoping to participate in the workshop soon – perhaps I’ll make a cardholder.


And that rounds up this short listicle on fun things to do in Singapore! If you need a short getaway/break, consider going on a staycation or visiting an attraction just to unwind – there’s nothing more relaxing than feeling like a tourist in your own country. Alternatively, if you prefer to learn a skill and have something to go home with, then I think going for workshops (perfume making, watchmaking, leathercrafting, etc) will be an enriching experience for both you and your friends/dates. Whatever your needs are, one thing’s for certain – there are definitely interesting activities to do in Singapore, even in these pandemic times.

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P.S.S.S Shiok is a common word Singaporeans use to express admiration or approval. As of 2016, you can find the definition of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary.