Over the years, countless readers have asked me if they should tailor in Bangkok, and I’ve never been able to give an opinion as I’ve never done so myself. With COVID now a thing of the past (fingers crossed), I visited a few tailors in Bangkok late last year, and I’ve decided to highlight four that I was most impressed with.

Like my listicle on Singaporean tailors, the belowmentioned are tailors in Bangkok where I’ve personally tailored garments that won’t break the bank. There are other listicles about Bangkok tailors on the web, but none where the author has actually tailored clothing, or even visited the tailors.

1) Narry Bespoke Tailors

Named after its founder, Narinder Narry Suriya-Amrit, Narry Bespoke Tailors has operated since 1977, with a wholly in-house production.

Google Rating: 4.8/5

Lead time: 3-5 days

With Ram of Narry Bespoke Tailors.

My opinion: If you’re looking for a tailor in the Sukhumvit area (i.e the downtown area of Bangkok), I would highly recommend visiting Narry Bespoke Tailors. It’s a short walk from Nana BTS station, and has a relatively short turnaround time, making them perfect for tourists. I love the flannel fabric of my suit (which is stylish but still practical), the contemporary fit, and the relatively high level of workmanship. That being said, they may not be the best choice if you’re looking for an American/British fit – if you’re used to a more traditional fit, some of the tailors mentioned below might be more up your alley.

Price: Suits at Narry Bespoke Tailors start at 8,800 Baht/~S$326, while shirts start at 1200 Baht/~S$45. Quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” or flash this article in-store to enjoy a free 100% cotton shirt and a free tie with every suit purchase.

My maroon flannel suit from Narry Bespoke Tailors.

Location: 155/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11/1, Klongtoey Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110

Review: I reviewed my experience with Narry Bespoke Tailors here.

2) Galaxy Tailor

Galaxy Tailor’s perfect Google rating piqued my interest, and I have to say they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Google Rating: 5/5

Lead time: 3-5 days

My opinion: I found the fit of my Galaxy Tailor suit decent, especially given the affordable price point. The fit is slimmer and decidedly more modern, which perhaps reflects the personal preference of the youngish David and Jay. I love the chocolate fabric and the striking tiger print – this suit is one of the more unique pieces in my collection, but it does so without being ostentatious or over the top. The suit certainly belies its low price point, and I have to say that the workmanship is stellar as well. I also appreciated the service of David and Jay, who made me feel at home in their boutique despite the short time that I spent there. Galaxy Tailor also offers free delivery (either to your Bangkok hotel room, or your home address), and free alterations for 5 years.

Price: Suits at Galaxy Tailor start at US$250/~S$338, while shirts start at 1100 Baht/~S$42. Quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” or flash this article in-store to enjoy a free 100% cotton shirt and a free tie with every suit purchase.

Location: 52 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Review: I reviewed my experience with Galaxy Tailor here.

3) Reign Custom Tailors

 I found Reign Custom Tailors more stylistically adventurous, making them perfect for those who dare to be different.

Google Rating: 4.9/5

Lead time: 5-7 days

My opinion: Before visiting Reign Custom Tailors, I had my doubts about whether an affordable Bangkok tailor could pull off my atypical request for a 6×1 double-breasted suit. I’m very happy to report that Reign Custom Tailors has quashed my worries, delivering a stunning suit that looks and feels like a million bucks. I love my grey pinstripe double-breasted from Reign Custom Tailors – the suit fits like a glove, with quality workmanship and sartorial details. I also love the stain-resistant dress shirt that they offer, which has allowed me to avert disaster more than once. If you’re searching for an affordable tailor who pays attention to details, I highly recommend Reign Custom Tailors.

Price: Suits at Reign Custom Tailors start at 10,000 Baht/~S$375, while shirts start at 2000 Baht/~S$75. Quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” or flash this article in-store to enjoy a free 100% cotton shirt and a free tie with every suit purchase.

Location: 14, 16 Decho Rd, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Review: I reviewed my experience with Reign Custom Tailors here.

4) Universal Tailors

Universal Tailors was the first tailor that I visited in Bangkok, and I have to say they certainly impressed me. 

Google Rating: 4.9/5

Lead time: 3-5 days

My opinion: I’m very impressed by the fit and finish of my blue hopsack suit from Universal Tailors. The fit is great – the sleeve pitch is one of the cleanest I’ve had thus far – and the finishing far exceeded my expectations given the affordable price tag and rapid turnaround time. The suit straddles the line between officewear and smart casual, being stylistically versatile as a result. Universal Tailor was able to punch above its price tag and deliver a well-fitting, finely crafted suit – all within 72 hours. The experience was great as well, with the father-son duo reminding me of my experience at Meiko Tailor with Adele and Uncle Chung.

Price: Suits at Universal Tailors start at 9500 Baht/~S$360, while shirts start at 1500 Baht/~S$58. Quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” or flash this article in-store to enjoy a free 100% cotton shirt with every suit purchase.

Location: 252/2 Silom Road next to Soi 18 Bangrak, near Narai Hotel, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Review: I reviewed my experience with Universal Tailors here.


Overall, I was highly impressed with the tailors in Bangkok, particularly the affordable prices and quick turnaround time. I’ll be visiting Bangkok again next month during Songkran, and will be sure to commission a few more suits then – I’ll update this article with more Bangkok tailors soon.

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