Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I review the new M3S from the Swiss microwatch label DWISS.

I’ve reviewed DWISS watches before, namely the RC1 and the R2. Both watches had a unique take on time-telling, and the new M3S is no exception. Let’s see if it’s any good.

DWISS M3S – Video Review

If you’re interested in viewing some hands-on footage of the DWISS M3S, do watch my YouTube review below:

DWISS M3S – Build Quality

Given its Swiss-made pedigree, it’s no surprise that the DWISS M3S possesses solid specifications.

Firstly, the DWISS M3S uses sapphire crystal (with anti-reflective coating) to protect against unwanted scratches and reflections. As mentioned numerous times in my previous reviews, I always look for sapphire crystal in my modern watches as it greatly adds to the watch’s durability. The M3S also has a respectable water-resistance rating of 200M, rendering it viable for virtually all everyday activities, including a dip in the pool.

Powering the watch is the reliable Sellita SW-200 movement in Elabore grade. For those unfamiliar with watch movements, the Sellita SW200 is an ETA 2824 clone, with some small improvements. Several well-established luxury brands such as Oris, Montblanc, and even IWC use Sellita SW200 base movements in their watches. For more information regarding the Sellita SW200 VS ETA 2824 debate, Watch Flipr has an article here. Some basic specs: the Sellita SW200 beats at 4Hz per hour, has 42 hours of power reserve, 26 Jewels, features the Incabloc protection system, and is hacking. Being an Elabore grade, the movement is adjusted in three positions and boasts a better accuracy of +/-7 sec/day up to +/- 20 sec/day.

The M3S comes on either a matching FKM Rubber strap or a metal bracelet. Both are fantastic options – the FKM Rubber strap feels premium on the wrist, and is further elevated by the usage of a butterfly clasp. The result is a sporty elegance, reminiscent of sports watches such as a Patek Philippe Aquanaut or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.

However, the metal bracelet would better serve those looking for a more formal aesthetic. It’s a great bracelet that’s intricately finished, with is very comfortable on the wrist. If you’re planning on using the M3S as an everyday watch (including wearing it to the office), then opt for the bracelet option. Do note that there’s a substantial premium for the bracelet (roughly S$300), which may put off those on a budget.

All in all, the DWISS M3S has rock-solid specifications. It features sapphire crystal (with AR coating), an impressive 200M of water resistance, a Swiss Sellita SW200-1 Elabore grade movement, and a choice of two fantastic strap options. What’s not to like?

DWISS M3S – Design

Where the DWISS M3S truly shines is in its design.

DWISS is known for its innovative take on time-telling, and the latest M3S is no exception. The brand calls its display the “mysterious signature hours”, which utilises a rotating disc beneath a multi-layered dial. The hours are presented through the progression of the coloured disk between the indices, with the minute and second hand displayed via a smaller rotating centre disk. For example, the time in the image above would be 2.30. I’ll admit it took some time (pun intended) for me to get used to this unique way of time-telling. However, after the initial adjustment period, I found the approach refreshing – it’s definitely a conversion starter.

That being said, the M3S’ dial is more than a mere gimmick – it possesses a variety of depth and textures that highlight DWISS’ attention to detail. For one, the dial is multilayered, with a skeletonised base layer, multiple disks, and applied faceted indices. We also get tons of contrasting textures, from the grooves of the disks to the brushing on the indices. It’s a dial that is brimmed with delightful detail, without coming across as crowded or over-the-top.

In addition, the dial is housed in a cushion-esque case that reminds me of the Bell & Ross BR05 series. The finishing is similar too – brushed on the front, with polished bevelling. However, the bezel on the M3S is slightly octagonal, which reminds me of a marriage between the Aquanaut and the Royal Oak.

In my initial review of the RC1, I wrote extensively about how impressed I was at its intricate case. I’m pleased to report that it remains the same with the M3S, which has one of the most beautiful cases I’ve seen at the sub-S$2000 price point. Like the dial, the case is multi-layered, featuring a bevvy of angular facets and contrasting finishing. It’s better manufactured than the aforementioned Bell & Ross BR05, despite costing 1/4 the price. I should also mention that the case of the M3S is a marked improvement over the RC1, which had overly sharp lugs and passé screws on the bezel.

Given the sporty nature of the M3S, it feels fitting that crown guards are present. The crown itself is nicely signed and is screw-down to achieve the 200M water resistance rating. It’s well-sized, making hand-winding a viable option.

Lastly, the DWISS M3S wears well on my 6.75-inch wrist. On paper, its 42mm case diameter seems big, but the watch actually has a short lug-to-lug length due to the integrated lug design. It’s also relatively svelte at 11.7mm thick, making it a viable choice for the office.

Overall, the M3S builds upon DWISS’ legacy of delivering creative watches, with an incredibly detailed dial and magnificently finished case. It’s also not outrageously proportioned, making it a feasible option for most occasions.

Shootout: DWISS M3S vs Atowak Ettore

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the DWISS M3S, I would say that the next best alternative is the recently reviewed Atowak Ettore.

In terms of specifications, the M3S is better than the Ettore. While both watches use sapphire crystal, the M3S has the better more prestigious movement (Sellita SW-200 vs Miyota 9015), and a much higher water resistance rating of 200M (as opposed to the paltry 30M rating of the Ettore).

From an aesthetic standpoint, the M3S triumphs over the Attore. The Ettore uses a wandering hour display to depict time, which was made famous by Urwerk. In comparison, the “mysterious signature hours” display of the M3S comes across as more original, with the dial and case also being better finished.

While the DWISS M3S is slightly more expensive (~S$200) than the Atowak Ettore, I believe it represents better value, and is the superior watch overall.

Conclusion – so the DWISS M3S “shiok” or not?

The DWISS M3S is a complete package that has both style and substance. It possesses great specifications (sapphire crystal, Swiss Sellita SW-200 Elabore grade movement, 200M WR rating, great straps), and a truly unique design. I’ve worn the M3S on several occasions, and it never fails to spark conversations. I find the “mysterious signature hours” display to be ingenious, with the best-finished case I’ve seen at the sub-S$2000 price point. Still, the M3S is not inexpensive, and I’m aware that one is able to get Sellita-powered watches from more established brands (Oris, Frederique Constant, Ball, etc) at this price point. However, none of them is as fun as the M3S – and that is what truly sets the M3S apart.

Those interested in purchasing the M3S can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy a 15% discount from DWISS online. After the discount, the DWISS M3S (on the rubber strap) would cost S$1628, making it good value for an innovative, Swiss-made watch. Who said the Swiss are stiff and boring?

View the DWISS M3S here.
View DWISS’ full collection here.


Dimension: 42 mm diameter, 11,7 mm thickness 
Movement: Swiss-made automatic movement Sellita SW-200-1 Elabore. Shockproof protection Incabloc®, Number of jewels: 24, Frequency 4Hz – 28’800, Power reserve: approximately 42h 
Case: Swiss-made. 316L Stainless Steel, exclusive easy interchangeable strap mechanism, See-through case back 
Dial: White dial with green accents, and DWISS signature mysterious hours 
Glass (crystal): Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating 
Strap: FKM rubber strap with stainless steel butterfly clasp 
Water resistant: 20 ATM – 200 meters

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