In this article, I’m rounding up a list of 5 affordable perfume brands in Singapore. All these fragrance labels are homegrown and offer unique scents to complement your outfit.

Tons of unique local perfume brands to check out!

When it comes to fragrances, most still opt for “big brand” options that one finds in departmental stores. News flash: those aren’t very good, and are often overpriced. Instead of buying a brand name perfume, why not opt for a homegrown perfume brand – don’t smell like everyone else.

Update: I’m pleased to list some of the below-mentioned perfume brands on my new web-store, The Shiok Shop. If you’re looking for bang-for-buck deals, do check out the web-store.

1) Singapore Memories

The first on the list has to be the homegrown perfume brand Singapore Memories, which as the name suggest offers perfumes that are inspired by Singaporean heritage.

My favourite: the Aranda 1965.

Who they are: “Singapore Memories is trying to research on these fragrant and therapeutic Orchids of Asia and bring them to you as perfumes, room aroma and eventually as skin care.”

My opinion: You guys know how much I love supporting local brands – this entire website is dedicated to that – and I love it when homegrown brands unabashedly pay homage to their local roots. Singapore Memories has a nice variety of perfume available, all at very affordable prices. My personal favourites are the Aranda 1965, the Singapore Girl, and the Orchids by the Bay. The Aranda 1965 makes for a great everyday perfume to the office, with the Singapore Girl being a nice exotic option for a night out whilst the lighter Orchids by the Bay is perfect for a weekend out with friends. Lastly, I have to shout out the Peranakan Oud too – it’s very affordable for an Oud perfume, yet still possesses some unique characteristics. I think they make great souvenirs for tourists/overseas friends as well. For those that are interested, I did an in-depth review of the full range of Singapore Memories’ perfumes, which you can read here. I also reviewed their room fragrances here. In addition, I attended a perfume workshop by them – I chronicled my experience here.

Prices: A 18ml EDT bottle starts at $28. As Singapore Memories is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, readers can quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all products online!

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their online store here. A curated selection of Singapore Memories perfumes can also be found on The Shiok Shop.

2) Maison 21G

Maison 21G specialises in “tailor-made perfumes”, allowing customers to create their own unique scent at an affordable price.

One of my favourite “ingredients” from Maison 21G – Tea Time.

Who they are: “We’re a House of Scent Designers. Come inside and feel empowered to experiment with the finest ingredients. With us, you’ll be able to unlock your soul scent. Free of all toxins and hazards, this is a scent of your own. Made by you, for you.”

My opinion: I love Maison 21G – they are undoubtedly one of my personal favourites on this list. Firstly, their Duxton Road boutique is welcoming and beautifully designed. Secondly, I love their concept of “tailoring” a scent for yourself. As you guys know, I’m quite big on tailoring and was immensely intrigued by the concept of bringing the same notion over to fragrances. How Maison 21G works is simple – they have over 30 different solo scents, which customers can combine to make their own unique scent. According to the brand, there are over a hundred different combinations for customers to explore! My favourite has to be combining Tea Time with Terrific Tonka, as well as Cannabis Cloud with Ginger Game. Maison 21G also offers a perfume workshop, where participants can learn about the history and art of perfume making, as well as get the opportunity to bespeak their own scent. Oh yes – Maison 21G also offers free engraving on each of their perfume bottles, so they make for great gifts as well. Perfume roll-ons are also available for those who prefer non-alcoholic products. For those interested, I chronicled my experience of attending a workshop at Maison 21G’s Duxton outlet here, at their ION outlet here, and at their new MBS outlet here. I recently revisited its Duxton outlet, and reviewed my experience here. I also reviewed their home scents here and their new Dual Crayon creation here.

Prices: A 30ml EDP bottle (combination of two scents) starts at $150, while their perfume workshop starts at $180. For those interested, the promo code “WAHMAISON20” will grant readers 20% off all perfume workshop bookings from Maison 21G online (including both weekdays and weekends), as well as all other products on their webstore.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their online store here.

3) Scent by SIX

Describing themselves as an artisanal fragrance label, Scent by SIX positions itself as the perfume brand for “trendy, adventurous and soul-searching individuals”.

My favourite: Biei.

Who they are: “A cocktail mix of emotions and memories, SIX’s fine fragrances are inspired by destinations and immersive spaces aimed to appeal to your wanderlust.”

My opinion: SIX burst into the local fragrance scene in 2016 with its initial trio of perfumes, the Tribeca, Puka and my favourite, the Biei. Packaged in a svelte black form factor – it looks more like a lip balm than a perfume bottle – the scents were meant to evoke the smells and vibe of the namesake locations. I found the concept of perfumes inspired by locations (which the founder had been to and loved) immensely intriguing. The scents are very unique as well, unlike anything I’ve ever smelt. The founder, Jason, actually worked at world-renowned fragrance house Givaudan for 4 years and used that expertise to develop scents for his own brand. For those who desire a more exotic scent, SIX is definitely a good option to consider. The best part? Their perfume bottles are refillable, so you can simply buy a refill (at a much lower price) when you run out. Not only is it economically friendly, but it’s also environmentally friendly as well. For more information, do read my review of Scent by SIX here, and my review of their perfume workshop here. I also reviewed their new Hikaru fragrances here.

Prices: A 20ml EDT bottle starts at $66 while refills cost $45. As Scent by SIX is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, readers can quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all products online!

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their online store here. A curated selection of Scent by SIX perfumes can also be found on The Shiok Shop.

4) Atlas Men

If portability is a priority, then consider Atlas Men’s range of solid perfumes.

My favourite: Earth.

Who they are: Launched just last year, Atlas Men describes itself as “a premium men’s grooming and personal care brand based in Singapore, specializing in men’s solid fragrances”. In particular, the brand states that it has developed its line of “travel-safe, leak-proof, and shatter-proof” solid perfumes for men to stay fresh on the go, pitching it as “the smaller, better alternative to traditional colognes”.

My opinion: There’s a lot to like about Atlas Men. I enjoyed most of the scents – the Dive, Earth and Infinity in particular – and the prices are affordable as well. Contrary to popular belief, solid perfumes are actually pretty easy to apply. Simply rub your fingers along the balm, and apply to the heat points on your body (wrists, neck, etc). The caveat is that it only lasts about 3-4 hours at a go (as compared to 10-15 hours for an EDP), but you can simply reapply if necessary. The brand also has a scent-match quiz and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s pretty risk-free to try even if you’ve never used solid perfumes before. I reviewed the entire range of Atlas Men’s solid perfumes here.

Prices: Each of Atlas Men’s solid perfumes is priced at S$39. As Atlas Men is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, readers can quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all products online!

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their online store here. A curated selection of Atlas Men perfumes can also be found on The Shiok Shop.

5) The Lab Fragrances

For those that prefer stronger and longer lasting scents, the Lab Fragrances offer perfumes made from quality ingredients at an affordable price.

My favourite: Earl Grey.

Who they are: “At a time where fine fragrances are mass marketed and mass produced, The LAB Fragrances proposes unique scents freshly hand made in small batches with the wearer’s name printed on the label. It chooses to tell only one story; that of its highest quality ingredients.”

My opinion: What makes a perfume is the quality of its ingredients, and in that regard the LAB Fragrances really stands out. The brand are proud and transparent about the ingredients that they use – instead of being opaque about them like most big brands, the ingredients take centre stage with the LAB Fragrances. The hand-blended scents are made in small batches to ensure high quality control, and the range of offerings available are intriguing to say the least. My favourite has to be the Earl Grey – I was really surprised by its strength and intensity – but there are numerous other notable creations, such as Rose Oud and Peach Musk. All perfume bottles also come with the wearer’s name on the label, so they make for great gifts as well! For those that are into more uncommon scents, you need to check out the LAB Fragrances. Perfume oils are also available for those who prefer non-alcoholic products. For those interested, I reviewed the Earl Grey and Pepper & Tobacco perfumes here.

Prices: A 50ml EDP bottle starts at $118.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their online store here.

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I’m incredibly proud of the local fragrance scene – I was surprised when I discovered that there were so many Singapore perfume brands, offering fragrances more intriguing than those found in departmental stores. To me, the right fragrance adds the perfect finishing touch to one’s outfit. Smell good, and support local businesses at the same time. What’s not to like?

The majority of perfume brands mentioned in this listicle can be found on The Shiok Shop, which serves as a curation of my favourite local items that I’ve reviewed. If you’re looking for the best prices, check the new web-store out.

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