Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I review the All-You-Need Gift Set from local fragrance label Lynk Fragrances.

Lynk Fragrances offers a wide variety of fragrance products – everything from scented candles to poo fighters. I wanted to try out the brand but simply didn’t know where to start. It was then I chanced upon the All-You-Need Gift Set, which currently comprises a pillow mist, room spray, shower steamer, scented candle, poo fighter, and body lotion. Let’s see if these products are any good.

Scented Candle – Fig & Lotus

Let’s first take a look at the Fig & Lotus scented candle.

Lynk Fragrances states that they only use “authentic, natural and organic materials made from plant sources, giving harmless and pleasing scents that are therapeutic for health and mind”. The brand also develops its proprietary blend of wax – which it calls Palm Crème Wax – that it promises is not only sourced sustainably but also possesses a creamy appearance and scent.

The candles are also phthalates-free and paraben-free, and are 100% vegan as its candles are not animal-derived, nor tested on animals. The brand also states that the candles burn “cleanly”, without soot or unnecessary smoke.

The scent I chose was Fig & Lotus, which is one of the more subtle scents in the collection. The candle boasts top notes of fig and bergamot, middle notes of ozone and lotus, and bottom notes of cedarwood, vetiver and amber. Overall, the scent is calming and soothes the senses, reminiscent of scents that one might find in a spa. Due to its relaxing qualities, I find myself lighting the candle shortly before I head to bed.

The 300G candle burns for up to 90 hours, with the instructions stating that the candle shouldn’t be burning for more than 2 hours at a time. That means that the candle can last for approximately 45 days (if lit daily), making it one of the longest-lasting candles on the market. Interestingly, the wick is made of wood (instead of the usual braided cotton), which gives off a slight crackle and allows the flame to burn at 12.75 lumens – quite a romantic sight.

Pillow Mist – Restful Slumber

Next, let’s look at Lynk Fragrances’ pillow mist.

As its name suggests, a pillow mist is meant to be sprayed on the pillow (although blankets, comforters and sheets are fine as well) to help relaxation and sleep.

The combination of lavender and white sage makes for a soothing cocktail. The floral notes of lavender calm the mind, while the earthy scents of white sage enhance the feeling of tranquillity. It did help me sleep better, and I found myself applying it almost every night before bed.

Room Spray – Kyoto Awakening

A room spray is also included in the gift set – I picked the Kyoto Awakening scent.

Lynk Fragrances states that its room sprays “infuse your home with aromatherapy blends, boosting mood, promoting relaxation, and purifying the air”. Made from gluten-free non-GMO premium perfumers’ alcohol and witch hazel, the room sprays also do not contain any parabens and phthalates.

The Kyoto Awakening room spray evokes the scent of walking through a bamboo forest – straight out of Kyoto, Japan. It smells of freshly cut grass and is effective at freshening any room. I also found the scent to last decently long, with the room spray easily lasting a month with daily sprays.

Poo Fighters – Cocktails in Maldives

Lynk Fragrances also offers poo fighters, which it describes as a “botanical bathroom deodorizer”.

As the name suggests, the poo fighter is meant to combat the unpleasant scent of doing a number 2. Made from a blend of essential oils, the brand suggests applying a few drops before and after flushing.

I’ve noticed that the Cocktail in Maldives poo fighter possesses a stronger scent than the aforementioned products, probably to neutralise unwanted bathroom odours. It has a strong sweet and citrusy smell, conjuring up tropical aromas. Admittedly, I don’t use the poo fighter daily, only when I have guests over. However, I can imagine this being a more useful product in an office bathroom, where the usage is more communal than personal.

Shower Steamer – Sinus Relief

The penultimate item in the gift set is the Sinus Relief shower steamer.

I’ve never used a shower steamer before, so this powder-like product captured my immediate attention. To use, sprinkle some in the corner of your shower (away from direct contact with water so it doesn’t rinse away). As the occasional warm shower water splashes on the shower steamer, the scent will be released, providing a luxurious shower experience.

As someone who loves a long hot shower in the morning, the Sinus Relief shower steamer is right up my alley. This particular Sinus Relief scent features an intoxicating concoction of eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree scents, which are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties. It’s effective in clearing blocked airways, and is perfect for those who often experience sinus in the morning. It’s a great little product that is relatively uncommon in the market – more hotels should include this in their shower amenities.

Body Lotion – Evenings at the Westin

Last but certainly not least, a generous bottle of body lotion completes the gift set.

Lynk Fragrances’ body lotion uses glycerin and cetearyl alcohol, which delivers intense hydration without damaging the skin lipids. I have slight eczema (and therefore dry skin), so I always apply body lotion after I shower. I found the body lotion light on the skin and easily absorbable, leaving the skin hydrated and silky without being irritating.

The scent profile is steeped in white tea, with citrusy top notes and floral middle notes. Lynk Fragrances states that the scent is meant to invoke the upscale lobby of a luxury hotel while leaving the user refreshed after application. However, do note that this is a scented body lotion, so those sensitive to fragrances may want to give this one a miss.

Conclusion – so Lynk Fragrances’ All-You-Need Gift Set “shiok” or not?

Overall, the All-You-Need Gift Set is not only a thoughtful present for a loved one, but also a great way to experience Lynk Fragrances’ wide repertoire of home and personal products. Of the lot, I enjoyed the Fig & Lotus Scented Candle, Sinus Relief Shower Steamer, and Evening at the Westin Body Lotion the most. As compared to mainstream candle brands (such as Yankee Candle), Lynk Fragrances’ candles are a cut above, burning cleaner and longer with more complex scents. I also found the shower steamer to be a luxurious addition to my showering experience – the Sinus Relief scent strips away my grogginess during morning showers – while the body lotion leaves my skin hydrated and refreshed afterwards.

Those interested in purchasing from Lynk Fragrances can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off online orders. After the discount, the All-You-Need gift set would cost only S$151, which is a tad cheaper than $162 (if you were to purchase the items individually). Lynk Fragrances also throws in a mystery gift for purchases above $100, which for me was a hand sanitiser (worth $6.90). Not bad to say the least!

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