Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean review! On this shiok Sunday, I’m reviewing some home scents from local fragrance label, Maison 21G.

Maison 21G offers two main types of home scents, namely their candles and bespoke home-scent bottles. Let’s see if they are any good!

Maison 21G – Candle Creation

Let’s first take a look at the brand’s candle creations.

Customisation is Maison 21G’s raison d’etre, and thus it comes as no surprise that the candle creation can be customised as well. A variety of scents are available – I chose to combine Vanilla and Sage together. Theoretically, the sweetness of Vanilla should complement the freshness of Sage.

A good thing about Maison 21G is that the brand explains the details and traits behind each scent. For Vanilla Venus, it’s supposed to be comforting, anti-stress, and an aphrodisiac. Starting off as warm, the scent eventually transitions to being sweet by the end of its 8 hour burn time (which is the duration Maison 21G advises customers to burn the candles for). It’s more of a subtle scent too, rated by the brand as having 60% intensity. Personally, I found the scent intriguing, but I wouldn’t burn the Vanilla Venus by itself – its sweetness was a tad too cloying for me. As I often light the candles whilst doing work – in hope that it would boost my productivity – I found myself more distracted by the Vanilla Venus rather than being enabled. That being said, I can see the Vanilla Venus being the perfect scent to light during romantic scenarios for instance. Unfortunately, my love life is as dry as a desert right now, so there wasn’t an opportunity to test the Vanilla Venus out during such a situation.

As for the Sage Supreme, Maison 21G describes it as calming, anti-bacterial, and anxiety-alleviating. It starts off as fresh, before slowly morphing into a woody scent by the end of the burn period. As compared to Vanilla Venus, it’s also more pronounced, with Maison 21G rating it at a 80% intensity. For me, I preferred burning the Sage Supreme when I’m doing work. It has a fresh, revitalizing aspect to it that I appreciated.

While it is possible to burn each scent by itself, I found that I preferred to burn both scents together. Combined, there’s a leathery, aromatic nature to the candles, one that comes across as sexy (due to the sweetness of Vanilla Venus) and irresistible. In particular, I loved burning the dual candles when I’m attempting to relax – for example, while watching Netflix and enjoying a glass of wine. I found that the combined scents helped me to unwind and de-stress, almost like aromatherapy.

Maison 21G – Bespoke Home Scent

If candles are not your cup of tea – perhaps you’re worried about them being potential fire hazards, especially if you have little children at home – Maison 21G also offers bespoke home scents that come packaged in a bottle.

The bespoke home scent, as its name suggests, can be customised. A variety of scents are available (about 17), though less than that of the regular perfume creation. Still, that equates to hundreds of possible combinations. I chose Cedar Caviar and Fabulous Fig as my ingredients, as I wanted something fruity to be balanced by woody notes.

The home scent comes in the regular 30ml Maison 21G bottle, the same bottle that the brand uses for its regular perfumes.

Together, the scent comes across as woody but fresh, like walking through a forest in the morning. There’s an uplifting effect that calms the mind, and I found that I liked spraying the bespoke home scent most right before bed. It destresses me, helping empty my mind whilst in bed, and as a result improves my sleep.

Conclusion – so Maison 21G Home Scents “shiok” or not?

I’m currently working from home – as many Singaporeans are – and truth be told it can get quite sian, for the lack of a better word. There are times where I don’t feel productive, or times where I find it hard to sleep as I’m fretting over all the work that my unproductive self was unable to complete. Maison 21G’s home scents helped elevate my home experience, allowing me to not only be more productive but also sleep better. Personally, I found myself lighting the candles on my work desk when I’m in front of the computer (either working or watching Netflix), and spraying the bespoke home scent right before bed. Both products has now been integrated into my everyday life, and I think that’s the highest compliment possible.

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Book the perfume workshop or customise your own scent from Maison 21G here.

View the Maison 21G Dual Candles here.

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