In this “affordable” listicle, I’ll be rounding up 7 watch straps in Singapore where you can purchase the perfect watch strap to refresh your beloved timepiece without breaking the bank.

Instead of buying an off-the-rack watch strap, why not support a local watch strap brand?

Without further ado, these are my affordable watch strap recommendations, which offer watch straps in Singapore starting from below S$100.

1) Delugs

Perhaps the most well-known brand on the list, Delugs has firmly established itself as the preeminent watch strap provider in Singapore.

Delugs’ new Delcro watch straps.

My opinion: I recall reviewing Delugs’ leather watch straps (here, here and here) back when the brand first started. Since then, Delugs has grown by leaps and bounds: getting featured on Revolution, collaborating with Grail Watch and Kudoke, and amassing over 136K followers online – that’s more than the rest of the belowmentioned brands combined. They are also a trailblazer, as Delugs was the one that first made quick-release spring bars a default. Although Delugs first rose to prominence by offering ready-stock, handcrafted watch straps at an accessible price point, the brand has now branched out into other materials, such as premium rubber watch straps for watches like the Tissot PRX, and the recently launched premium elastic fabric Delcro (which I wear on my MoonSwatch). Whether you’re searching for leather, rubber or fabric watch straps, Delugs’ offerings are a safe bet. Custom watch straps are also available. Read my op-ed on Delugs’ journey from David to Goliath here.

Price: Starts at $25 for a fabric watch strap, $90 for a leather watch strap, and $125 for a rubber watch strap. Custom watch straps start at $150.

Where to buy: Click here to purchase online, or visit Delugs’ showroom here.

2) Nomad Watch Works

With a wide variety of watch straps to be had for as little as $13, Nomad Watch Works is great for those on a budget.

My Cartier Tank Jumbo, paired with a custom crocodile strap from NomadWatchWorks – priced at $134 (after the promo code below).

My opinion: If you’re looking for bang-for-buck, look no further than Nomad Watch Straps. Though most of their watch straps are extremely affordable, the quality of their watch straps is pretty decent, and they punch way above their weight for their price range. In my opinion, Nomad Watch Works offer the best leather watch straps one can find for under $40. They have a huge variety available as well, from silicone watch straps to Horween leather watch straps, and even exotic watch straps made from python leather. They also do custom exotic leather watch straps (as seen in the photo above) at frankly unbeatable prices. I reviewed a bunch of their watch straps over the years – for a more detailed opinion, do read the article here, here, here, and their latest custom exotic watch straps here. I also reviewed some of their watch storage options here.

Price: Starts at $13 for a fabric strap, $15 for a rubber strap, $18 for a leather strap, and $129 for a custom watch strap. As Nomad Watch Works is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

3) Strapatelier 

Another watch strap label that offers quality products at affordable pricing, Strapatelier has a thoughtful curation of watch strap offerings that will elevate any watch – including some of the most affordable handcrafted watch straps in the local market.

My pick: Strapatelier’s handcrafted watch strap collection, starting at $69.

My opinion: I find their wide variety of leather watch straps to be great bang for the buck – most of their leather watch straps are vegetable-tanned, and patinas beautifully over time. In particular, the Pueblo, Epsom and Horween leather watch straps are pretty good. They also offer curved-end rubber watch straps for Seiko SKX, Sumo, Samurai, and more. Furthermore, Strapatelier includes free spring bars, microsuede cloth and even a spring bar removal tool above a certain spending amount. As the icing on the cake, Strapatelier also sells some of the most affordable handcrafted watch straps in the local market. For those interested, I did a full review of their watch straps here, reviewed their handcrafted watch straps here, their value box/overstocked offerings here, their latest handcrafted offerings here, and their bespoke watch watch strap offerings here.

Price: Strapatelier’s watch straps start at a mere $35. As Strapatelier is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

4) Solitaire

Solitaire is a local watch strap atelier that has carved out a niche by offering bespoke leather products such as key fobs, wallets, and watch straps. It recently introduced a new line of readymade – but still handcrafted – watch straps, which the brand terms “universal” watch straps due to their universal versatility.

My pick: Solitaire’s universal watch straps, priced at $90 (after the promo code) each.

My opinion: Whether it’s a $1000 microbrand watch or a $10000 Rolex, Solitaire’s handcrafted universal watch straps present a solid value proposition that will serve your watch well. The brand doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but offers convenience and a quality handcrafted product at an affordable price. Of all three watch straps, my personal favourite is the Pueblo watch strap – I love the rustic charm, which pairs well with both tool watches (such as my Tudor Black Bay 58 Silver) and dressier timepieces (such as my IWC Portuguese chronograph). In fact, I loved the Pueblo watch strap so much that I returned to get another (which was why there were two). I did a detailed review of Solitaire’s universal watch straps here.

Price: Solitaire’s universal watch straps start at $100. As Solitaire is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off the universal watch straps.

Where to buy: Click here.

5) Luff Watch Straps

For those looking for fabric watch straps, Luff Watch Straps offers elastic and NATO watch straps at very affordable prices.

Some of Luff’s latest watch straps.

My opinion: Where Luff excels is in their NATO straps, specifically their range of parachute straps. Parachute straps have been in vogue lately, with Erika’s Original straps being very popular. However, a strap from Erika’s Original is very pricey – their straps start from 50 euros, or ~S$76. That’s more than twice the price of the Elastico G2 from Luff, and frankly speaking, the Luff straps provide much better value for money. They also have a fantastic line of seatbelt NATO watch straps as well. In my honest opinion, Luff currently offers the best value proposition when it comes to parachute and seatbelt NATO watch straps. For a more detailed opinion, read my review of their watch straps here, and my review of their most recent offerings here.

Price: Luff’s seatbelt NATO watch straps start at just S$20. As Luff Watch Straps is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

6) RSM Watch Straps

RSM has built a steady following on social media, with over 5,000 followers on Instagram to date.  The brand even got a mention in GQ – perhaps the only local watch brand with that achievement.

My pick: the fine canvas watch strap, priced at US$70/~S$95.

My opinion: RSM Watch Straps makes some of the best NATO watch straps in the market and does so without breaking the bank. Their watch straps are slightly more expensive than conventional mass-market options, but still significantly more affordable than the NATO watch straps from Omega/Tudor. However, my favourite would probably be the canvas watch strap (pictured above) as it’s unique, good-looking, and well-priced. For a more detailed opinion, check out my review here. I also reviewed its reversible silk strap here, and its latest canvas straps here.

Price: Starts at US$35/~S$50.  As RSM Watch Straps is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

7) Obbi Good Label

Last but not least is Obbi Good Label, which offers a variety of rugged watch straps for robust watches.

My pick:the OGL WTC Fab Military Webbing watch strap, priced at US$80/~S$110.

My opinion: Obbi Good Label makes some of the most intriguing watch straps that I’ve reviewed. I liked the above-pictured OGL WTC Fab Military Webbing watch strap, which is reconstructed from the original Army webbing used on SAF military helmets and equipment. I find this concept undeniably cool – you’re wearing a piece of military history (or for older readers, perhaps nostalgia) on your wrist. I think it’s the perfect complement to any military-styled watch. OGL also offers handcrafted leather watch straps, as well as Marine Nationale watch straps. For more, I reviewed OGL’s watch straps here, and here.

Price: Starts at US$25/~S$35 for a NATO watch strap. As Obbi Good Label is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

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That rounds up this list of local watch strap brands! Instead of paying a premium for an off-the-rack brand such as Hirsch, why not consider supporting the aforementioned Singaporean watch strap efforts instead? Whether you’re looking to up the ante on your luxury watch, or simply trying to change the look of your microbrand watch, toying with watch strap choices is a great way to do so. Watch straps shouldn’t be an afterthought – great watch straps help elevate the watches that they are paired with, giving them a platform to shine.

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