Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! On this “shiok” Sunday, I’m introducing the new UNDONE Basecamp.

The UNDONE Basecamp, starting from $265.5 USD/S$359 (after promo code below).

I’ve previously reviewed the UNDONE Basecamp in my review article here. Since the Basecamp’s initial introduction 6 months ago, UNDONE has now updated the watch with several specifications upgrades, as well as aesthetics options. Let’s check out the new Basecamp!

UNDONE – Brand Story

I have previously covered UNDONE as a brand here. If you’re interested in the UNDONE brand story, do check out the above article! In addition, I’ve also reviewed multiple UNDONE watches in the past. For those interested, you can read my review of the Aqua here, the Urban Vintage (one of my favourites) here, the Urban Tropical here, and the UNDONE X ULTRAMAN here, the UNDONE Peanuts here, the Basecamp here, and the Type XX (another of my favourites) here.

UNDONE Basecamp – new bezel and dial!

When the Basecamp first debuted, its sterile bezel polarised the watch community. I personally liked the sleek, minimalist looks of the sterile bezel – I highly doubt anyone would dive with the Basecamp on anyway – but there were quite a few who were up in arms about it, protesting: “What’s the point of a rotational bezel without markings?”

The new graduated bezel is now available.

UNDONE seems to have taken the feedback in their stride, and has now introduced a graduated bezel to match the dials! The bezels come in 3 different colours – blue (as seen above), black, and a rather unique green, with faux patina markings to match the indices on the dial.

A new gradient blue dial is also available!

UNDONE has also launched a new gradient blue dial, and I must say that it looks pretty dope. It’s textured as well, with a speckled surface that UNDONE says is meant to mimick the “braking waves on a blue ocean”. Paired together with those faux patina indices and bezel, it’s definitely a pretty sight.

Specifications has been upgraded too!

The new UNDONE Basecamp not only features aesthetics updates, but also comes with improvements in specifications! The WR rating – another early criticism of the Basecamp – has now been buffed from 50m to 100m, while K1 glass will replace the existing Plexiglass bezel inserts for greater durability.

A great update.

Overall, I think the new Basecamp is a great update, both in terms of specifications as well as aesthetics. However, what I liked most about the update was that it reflects how UNDONE listened to the community’s feedback, and promptly acted upon them. That’s the charm of microbrands – you certainly won’t see big Swiss brands releasing an update 6 months later due to community feedback!

UNDONE Basecamp Cali

UNDONE has also just launched a new variant of the Basecamp with a California dial.

California dials are now available!

The California dial – half arabic, half roman numerals – is an iconic dial layout, a design that first originated from World War 2. More those looking for a more esoteric, vintage twist, the California dial is perfect as a way to stand out from the crowd. According to UNDONE, the Basecamp Cali is built for “those looking for a well-balanced and operationally solid, EDC watch with a touch of panache and historical intrigue.”

Comes in green as well!

There’s also a waffle dial texture on the dial, which brings an added depth and dimension to the dial. Currently, there are two colourways – Ebony Black, and the above Olive Green – for customers to choose from. In true UNDONE fashion, customers would still be able to customise individual aspects of the watch!

Definitely puts a different vibe to the watch.

All in all, I think the Basecamp Cali is a nice alternative to the regular Basecamp (now called the Basecamp Classic). California dials are surging in popularity lately, and it seems UNDONE has now jumped upon that train. For those who prefer something with a touch more panache and historical intrigue, the UNDONE Basecamp Cali is a great affordable option.


As I’ve mentioned in my initial review of the Basecamp, I think – especially now, with the specifications and aesthetic updates – that the Basecamp is a great value proposition. It’s automatic, it looks good, and perhaps most importantly, you can customise it to your fancy, making it bang-for-buck at its $265.50 USD (after promo code below, on a perlon strap) price point.

Sleeker looking customisation process.

UNDONE has also recently revamped their website, which will now “…guide customers through an optimized, ‘less-click, more visual’ experience; making for a more seamless, better informed purchase.” Furthermore, UNDONE overhauled their customiser, and rebuilt it with “speed, visual appeal and user experience in mind”. As compared with the old customiser – I reviewed the old process here – the new one is definitely more convenient and streamlined, making the process of customisation an ease. Good job on the improvements UNDONE!

There’s also a new tuxedo dial!

Lastly, UNDONE has also introduced a new tuxedo dial option for their Urban Chronographs. I think it’s a cool art deco look that isn’t commonly found in affordable watches – if you’re looking to customise an UNDONE Urban Chronograph, do consider the tuxedo dial option!

Pretty good value for money, especially if you get it on a perlon.

For those interested in UNDONE watches, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant readers 10% off most watches from UNDONE, collaborative watches excluded. If you’re looking for an affordable, customisable timepiece with tool watch aesthetics, you can’t do much better than the Basecamp!

View the new UNDONE Basecamp here.
View UNDONE’s full range of watches here.

Basecamp General Specifications:

The Basecamp Classic and Cali are housed in a 316L stainless steel case; circular brushed on top and polished along the sides and chamfers. The case measures in at 40mm diameter, 48mm lug-to-lug and 20mm strap width. Height comes in at 15mm from case back to the top of the double-domed Lexan Polycarbonate crystal; which gives it that curvaceous side profile. The timepiece is driven by the Seiko Instrument Inc. NH35a automatic movement; armed with a 42-hour power reserve when fully wound via the crown.

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