Scofield Shoes Review (Promo code included!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean review! This Sunday, I’m taking a look at the Minimalist from local shoe label, Scofield Shoes.

The Scofield Shoes Minimalist, priced at S$98 (after promo code below).

Minimalist white sneakers have been coming into trend recently in formalwear – let’s see how this pair from Scofield Shoes fare!

Scofield Shoes – the Brand

I sat down with homegrown shoe label Scofield Shoes in a bid to learn more about the brand.

1) What was the motivation behind Scofield Shoes?

S: We were heavily inspired by the offerings available in other countries. It seems in terms of quality shoes, there were few options available locally. What was locally offered then were mainly repetitive designs, often produced in inferior quality leathers and workmanship. We also appreciated that purchasing shoes from overseas may not always be an ideal option, because the shoe may not always fit well. Getting after sales service from an overseas vendor is often difficult, if not impossible. It will be unreasonably expensive and inconvenient to process exchanges with an overseas vendor.

The wide array of models available from Scofield Shoes.

Thus, we started Scofield Shoes to make fashionable, affordable, and quality leather shoe options available in Singapore.

2) What does Scofield Shoes hope to achieve as a brand?

S: We hope to make available quality leather shoes for local consumers. We are aware that some consumers may be risk averse to making purchases from smaller less known brands, but we aim to provide policies comforting enough to encourage our consumers to make the first purchase. We aim to make a positive and memorable first encounter,and to build a relationship with our consumer beyond just the first purchase.

The Scofield Shoes Sunday, one of their best-sellers.

In all honesty, we try and not look to far beyond that, such as competing for market share and that kinda thing. We enjoy growing Scofield Shoes at our own pace, and we believe that if we take care of our customers, our customers will take care of us.

3) In your opinion, what makes for good quality dress shoes?

S: We believe that good pair of shoes are an investment, and quality dress shoes definitely should be made from good quality leather and thoughtful workmanship. The most important aspect of good quality shoes is of course the material. We put much effort into selecting suitable full grain and top grain leathers for our upper, selecting leathers that are best able to bring out the desired look of our designs whilst remaining tough enough to endure long term use. On top of that, all our shoes are lined with lambskin, a soft, breathable, and comfortable natural material that will last much longer than synthetic materials.

Full-grain leather and blake-stitched construction is adopted in most of Scofield’s shoes.

To keep costs reasonable whilst still maintaining flexibility and toughness in the sole, we opt for a blake-stitched construction. We find this to be the best option, especially in Singapore where the cost of resoling a Goodyear-welted pair of shoes may come close to, or even exceed a pair of brand new shoes.

4) Lastly, any plans to introduce more shoe designs (wholecuts, monks, etc)?

S: We are constantly exploring other designs, but for now it may be best to keep our cards close to our chests and share more about them on our social media pages and website eventually.

Scofield Shoes – the Minimalist

With the surging popularity of street wear, sneakers (especially white, tennis sneakers) have become increasingly accepted as a staple of one’s formal wardrobe.

Sneakers add the casual to smart casual. Image credits: D’Marge

This has in turn led to the popularity of brands such as Common Projects and Axel Arigato, both known for their minimalist sneakers. However, shoes from both brands are thrice, if not quadruple the price of the Scofield Shoes Minimalist. At just S$98 SGD, I’m pleased to report that it certainly punches above its price tag!

Top-grain leather is used on the Minimalist for that clean look.

Firstly, top grain leather is used in the uppers of the Minimalist. As we all know, leather generally comes in 3 grades of quality – genuine leather being the lowest, top grain leather, and full-grain leather being the creme de la creme. Full grain leather is prized, and desired, precisely because of the unevenness (remember, full-grain leather utilizes the upper-most portion of the hide) of the leather, leading to a more natural looking leather with deeper patina. However, Scofield Shoes has decided to go instead with top-grain leather for the minimalist to create the consistent, clean white look. With full-grain leather, there would likely be differences in textures visible, and thus Scofield Shoes opted for the next-best option – top grain leather. As compared to genuine leather, top grain leather is still superior in quality, as well as durability. However, if you are looking for full-grain leather shoes, most of Scofield Shoes other offerings (priced similarly) features full-grain leather.

Lamb skin is used as the lining.

Unlike most other sneakers in this price range, Scofield Shoes has elected to use lambskin lining for the Minimalist. As compared to synthetic linings commonly found, lambskin lining – being a natural material – is more breathable, and durable. Ever get the feeling that your feet feels hot after long hours of walking? Chances are, the shoes you were wearing then used synthetic linings such as polyester. With the Minimalist, the usage of lambskin lining ensures comfort, even after long hours of walking! 

Rubber bar soles are used on the Minimalist. Elsewhere, the stitching is exquisite.

Rubber bar soles are used on the Minimalist. In my experience (I walked in them regularly for a month) with the shoes, the soles held up well, and has nice grip. The white soles also complements the overall minimalist looks of the shoe! Elsewhere, the stitching on the Minimalist is exquisite. I’ve held Common Projects and Axel Arigato shoes before, and I have to say the stitching on the Minimalist is right up there with them! As compared to mass market street shoes such as the Adidas Stan Smiths and Reebok Club C, the stitching on the Minimalist is definitely better. 

Minimalist branding as well.

True to its name, the Minimalist lacks branding throughout the shoe, save for a small brand name monogrammed in silver near the heel. Even so, the name is monogrammed in a subtle silver – it’s there, but it doesn’t jump out at you.

Sleek, clean silhouette.

On the feet, not only is the Minimalist comfortable, they also look great! While some of the photos on the Scofield website are of them being worn with casual wear (jeans, etc), I believe that these will make a great pairing with suits as well. As we all know, dress shoes are not the most comfortable of footwear – sometimes, my feet ache after a full day of walking about in them. Pairing the Minimalist with a suit not only adds a smart casual, debonair vibe to the outfit, but also offers more comfort on the feet. Instead of the black/brown dress shoes that everybody wears, why not stand out from the crowd (literally) a tad bit with minimalist sneakers instead?

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Scofield Shoes Minimalist sneakers, especially considering the price. For less than S$100, one gets durable top-grain leather, lambskin lining for comfort, and a sleek, clean silhouette. What’s not to like? 

Shootout: Scofield Shoes Minimalist vs Adidas Stan Smiths

The most iconic minimalist sneaker at this price range is probably the Adidas Stan Smiths. As such, those will be my comparison to the Minimalist in this shootout!

The Adidas Stan Smith, priced at S$140.

 In terms of build quality, the Minimalist definitely have the upper hand over the Stan Smiths. I’m not quite sure what leather is used in the Stan Smiths, but I assume it is genuine leather – usually, such mass produced products utilises genuine leather. In contrast, the top-grain leather of the Minimalist should ensure that it is more durable, and ages better, than its Adidas counterpart. Furthermore, the Stan Smiths uses a synthetic leather lining, whilst Scofield Shoes uses a natural lambskin lining on the Minimalist. As such, the Minimalist is more breathable and comfortable than the Stan Smiths.

In contrast, the Scofield Minimalist, priced at S$98 (after promo code below).

If you’re truly looking for a “minimalist” sneaker, the Minimalist probably does a better job of fitting that bill with its sleek, clean silhouette. There’s no branding (save for a small monogram), no other colours used – it’s neat and uniform throughout, and therefore perhaps more suited to be paired in conjunction with smart casual or formalwear. In comparison, the Stan Smiths features the face of Mr. Stan Smith on the tongue of the shoe, as well as a coloured suede piece at the back with the Adidas logo. As a result, the Stan Smiths would probably be a better choice for street wear. 

All in all, which design appeals more to you depends upon your needs – if you’re lusting after a clean, sharp pair of minimalist shoes, the Minimalist is better suited for your needs! In addition, despite being S$40+ cheaper than the MSRP of the Stan Smiths, the Minimalist is arguably better built, and will probably last you longer. As such, the Scofield Shoes Minimalist is the winner of this shootout for me!

Conclusion: so the Scofield Shoes Minimalist “shiok” or not?

Definitely. For the price, it uses quality materials such as top-grain leather and natural lambskin lining, which improves comfort and durability. I honestly do not have a knock against it (which is rare in my reviews), except from the obvious fact that it can be easy to get it dirty sometimes.

Probably the best minimalist sneaker you can get under S$100.

For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will entitle you to 10% off all Scofield Shoes! After the promo code, the Minimalist can be had for just S$98. At that price, I believe that it is probably the best minimalist white leather sneaker that you can find under S$100!

View Scofield Shoes’s full range of shoes here.

Photo Credits – Dion Toh

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