Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I review my experience undergoing a back acne facial at My Cozy Room.

Longtime readers may know that I’ve previously struggled with back acne – I first documented undergoing treatments for it here. After multiple stints at aesthetic clinics, I’m pleased to report that it has gotten better. I thus decided to switch my focus from active procedures (lasers, etc) to maintenance treatments instead and searched online for comprehensive back acne facials.

In so doing, I stumbled upon My Cozy Room’s Ultimate Diamond Bacial, which claims to “eliminate back acne, scars, and impurities”. That was music to my ears – I wanted to control potential outbreaks, but also reduce the existing acne scarring. I thus decided to take advantage of the current trial pricing, which includes complimentary hotstone therapy.

After a brief consultation session, I was ushered into the treatment room. The treatment room felt spacious and upscale – a far cry from the cramped conditions of some beauty salons.

The Ultimate Diamond Back Facial first starts with a back massage, which helps destress the customer. A heated eye mask is also provided for additional comfort.

Thereafter, the therapist starts the procedure by cleansing the back. This is done via an exfoliating scrub, which helps get rid of dead skin cells that may have built up on the back.

After cleansing the back, the therapist does a skin analysis. In my case, she highlighted my acne spots and said she would extract them afterwards. She also pointed out my hyperpigmentation areas, which she says she will target later during the diamond peel.

After understanding my skin condition, the treatment truly begins. Firstly, the therapist uses a machine to steam my back, which helps open up my pores for easier extraction.

Next, she utilises a diamond peel device, which helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil from the skin’s surface. The device uses an abrasive synthetic diamond tip, which exfoliates the top layer of the skin to reveal younger, healthier skin underneath. As such, the diamond peel device is beneficial in lightening acne scars and hyperpigmentation – both of which I unfortunately suffer from. The sensation reminds me of the Hydrafacial, though without the hydrating effect.

After the diamond peel, the therapist proceeded with the manual extraction, squeezing out the gunk of the acne spots she pinpointed earlier. Although not entirely painless, the extraction process is substantially less painful than a regular facial as the skin on the back is thicker and therefore less sensitive. Also, one can see from the photo above that my skin is brighter and clearer post-diamond peel – even the previously reddish spots have dulled.

Once she finished the extraction process, the therapist used an ultrasonic high-frequency scrub to disinfect the area, preventing the extracted regions from becoming infected or inflamed.

Next was the lymphatic hot stone therapy, which (as seen in the photo above) involves the therapist guiding a hot stone across the back. This is meant more for relaxation and helps clients feel shiok during the treatment process. It was certainly a welcome reprieve from the extraction process – I felt like I was at a spa.

After the hot stone therapy, the therapist applies a mask to the back. As I was more concerned about scarring and future outbreaks (which would lead to more scarring), the therapist chose a clay clarifying mask for me. However, this can differ based on the client’s needs – for example, if you have dry skin, the therapist may opt to apply a hydrating mask instead.

The therapist then used cling wrap to “seal” the mask, before placing a TDP lamp as back relief therapy. A TDP lamp is an electromagnetic lamp that produces infrared rays that purportedly improve blood circulation. Commonly used in TCM and acupuncture, it has supposed effects such as alleviating muscle tension, stiffness, and inflammation.

After about 30 minutes, the mask was removed. The therapist then used topical BeKind (the in-house brand of My Cozy Room) on the acne spots to further reduce inflammation and scarring. The anti-acne cream felt minty and reminded me of tea tree oil. I was also given a small bottle to apply as maintenance at home – a small but thoughtful gesture.

To end the treatment, the therapist performs a crystal eye massage (using two cold sticks), which is said to improve blood circulation around the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and wrinkles. After a final head massage, the 105-minute-long Ultimate Diamond Bacial is completed, leaving me refreshed and rejuvenated.

I would say that the treatment was effective as well, with my skin noticeably clearer and brighter afterwards. Of course, it’s only 1 treatment session – don’t expect significant differences. Still, I genuinely felt that my skin was cleaner and calmer, which should stave off acne breakouts for a while.

Conclusion – so My Cozy Room Ultimate Diamond Bacial “shiok” or not?

Though still not as common as regular facials, back facials have been growing in popularity, especially among men (who are more susceptible to back acne). I’ve been to other back facials before, but the Ultimate Diamond Bacial sets itself apart by incorporating multiple spa-like elements (heated eye mask, massage, hot stone therapy, infrared lamp therapy, eye massage, etc) that elevate the experience. The actual treatment is effective too, leaving the skin clean and refreshed afterwards. The only drawback is the lengthy duration of 2 hours (including initial consultation time) – not everyone may have that amount of time to dedicate to a back facial. Still, if you’re looking for a luxurious yet effective back acne facial, I highly recommend My Cozy Room’s Ultimate Diamond Bacial.

Those interested in experiencing the Ultimate Diamond Bacial can opt for a trial session, currently priced at $198. Just for my readers, My Cozy Room is offering a complimentary LED therapy (worth $100) with every trial session, which targets acne bacteria and inflammation. Simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” when booking your trial to enjoy the free treatment. I intend on returning to My Cozy Room for regular back facials as maintenance sessions, and will update this article with my progress pictures – so do check back from time to time!

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