Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I review the new Attivo-Duplex from the local watch microbrand Vesuviate.

I’ve previously reviewed Vesuviate’s first travel watch, the Volare. While the Volare is a more conventional – and terrifically built – GMT timepiece, the Attivo-Duplex features a more intriguing dual-time design. Let’s see if it’s any good.

Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex – Video

If you’re interested in viewing some hands-on footage of the Attivo-Duplex, do watch my YouTube review below:

Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex – Build Quality

Like the Volare, the build quality of the Attivo-Duplex is stellar.

Firstly, the Attivo-Duplex uses a domed sapphire crystal, with Vesuviate stating that it’s 2.55mm thick (I can’t think of another microbrand that’s detailed enough to provide this). As mentioned numerous times in my previous reviews, I’m a huge advocate of sapphire crystal due to its inherent scratch-resisting properties. I always look for sapphire crystal in my modern watches as it adds greatly to the watch’s durability. Anti-reflective coating is also applied, so one doesn’t have to worry about getting any unwanted reflections. In addition, the Attivo-Duplex possesses a water-resistance rating of 100M, rendering it suitable for most everyday activities that don’t involve prolonged submersion in water.

The Attivo-Duplex is powered by not one, but two Peacock SL-7020 movements. Peacock is a respectable Chinese movement manufacturer, whose movements have been used in upscale watches such as the highly popular Atelier Wen Perception. It’s also an astute choice, as Peacock was one of the few manufacturers that offer affordable movements small enough for a dual-time watch. The SL-7020 features 36 hours of power reserve, beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour, has 25 jewels and an accuracy of -10/+30 seconds per day. The gilded movements – which Vesuviate says is a first – are visible through twin sapphire exhibition windows.

Like the Volare, the Attivo-Duplex features Vesuviate’s signature case-hardening thermos-chemical treatment. The process is known as Ion-Nitriding, which hardens stainless steel by diffusing nitrogen into the surface during heat treatment. This results in a significantly more robust case and bracelet that the brand states is hardened to 1,100 Vickers, making it virtually scratchproof. I tested this in my video review of the Volare, where I tried (and failed) to scratch the watch using a pair of scissors.

As the icing on the cake, the bracelet is sturdy and well-finished, with polished centre links that juxtapose against the otherwise brushed finish. The aesthetic does remind me a tad of the Nautilus, but it is a passing resemblance. It’s very comfortable on the wrist, with the individual links articulating well. The clasp also allows for micro-adjustments, ensuring the perfect fit no matter the conditions.

All in all, the Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex has great specifications for the price. It has a sapphire crystal with AR coating, two (!) reliable automatic movements, a well-built bracelet, and with a case hardening treatment that enhances the overall robustness of the watch.

Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex – Design

While the build quality is great, the most striking aspect of the Attivo-Duplex is its design.

The dual-time configuration is certainly a head-turner – it instantly differentiates the Attivo-Duplex from regular GMT watches. I appreciate the juxtaposition in textures between the sunray finishing of the sub-dials and the stamped texture of the main dial, as well as the slightly sunken nature of the sub-dials (which provides depth). While there are several dial variants of the Attivo-Duplex, I find this Rose Gold model to be the most striking. It has a salmon-esque hue that exudes warmth and gives the watch an aura of sophistication.

The dial is encased in a retro TV-style case, which features alternating finishing in the form of a polished bezel but brushed case. Once again, the case design (especially the crown guards) is a tad reminiscent of the Nautilus, but the presence of the dual crowns (one on each side) quickly sets the Attivo-Duplex apart. Both screw-down crowns are signed with the Vesuviate logo, which is not always the case (pun intended) at this price point.

The Attivo-Duplex has a diameter of 39mm and – due to its relatively short lugs – a lug-to-lug length of merely 46mm. As a result, it wears well on my 7-inch wrist. It’s also quite thin at just 11.5mm, making it a viable office watch as it should slide underneath a shirt cuff with no issues.

Overall, the Attivo-Duplex is one of the more unique-looking watches at its price point. It features plenty of contrasting finishing, a striking dial, and an uncommon dual-time configuration.

Shootout – Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex vs Vesuviate Volare

If you’re in the market for an affordable – and robust – travel watch, the best alternative is probably Vesuviate’s own Volare.

In terms of specifications, both the Volare and the Attivo-Duplex are almost identical. Both watches use sapphire crystal (with AR coating), and feature an industry-proven thermochemical case hardening treatment. The main difference is in the movements – the Volare uses the Seiko NH34A GMT movement, while the time-only Peacock SL 7020 movements power the Attivo-Duplex. Both movements are fundamentally different (apples and oranges), but those who are more pragmatic will value the date function and longer power reserve of the NH34A more.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the watches couldn’t be more different. While the Attivo-Duplex and the Volare are both travel watches, the execution is a case of Jekyll and Hyde. The Volare is definitely Dr. Jekyll – it’s relatively conservative, with a fairly standard dial and a Submariner-esque case. On the other hand, the Attivo-Duplex is the idiosyncratic Mr. Hyde, featuring an uncommon dual-time layout that’s housed in a retro TV case.

The Attivo-Duplex is slightly more expensive than the Volare, largely due to its use of two movements (and therefore also double the cost). Which watch is better for you largely depends on your style (safe vs adventurous) and budget. Personally, I lean towards the Volare – it’s the more practical option due to the lower price tag and better legibility.

Conclusion – so the Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex “shiok” or not?

Still, the Attivo-Duplex is great for those seeking a striking travel watch. If you have more adventurous tastes and want a robust travel watch that will likely survive anything you throw at it, then the Attivo-Duplex ticks a lot of boxes. It has sapphire crystal (with AR coating), enhanced scratch resistance, 100M of water resistance, reliable movements, a sturdy bracelet, and an eye-catching dial. I’ve personally worn the prototype on an overseas trip to Bangkok, and it fared brilliantly.

Those interested in purchasing the Attivo-Duplex can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off Vesuviate’s webstore. After the discount, the Attivo-Duplex can be had for US$490/~S$662, putting it in the same ballpark as its other competition (like the Seiko 5 GMT). And as the cherry on top, the watch also comes with a leather travel watch pouch – what’s not to like?

View the Vesuviate Attivo-Duplex here.
View the full range of Vesuviate’s watches here.


Dimensions: Width 39mm x Length 46.2mm x Thickness 11.5mm (At the apex of sapphire)
Case & Bands: Stainless Steel 316L case hardened to 1,100HV +/- 10% heat treatment
Crystal: 2.55mm thick Domed Sapphire 2,000HV with inner anti-reflective (AR) coating
Case back: 2 x 1.2mm Flat Sapphire Crystal 2,000HV, SS316 exhibition case back
Movement: 2 x Peacock SL-7020 Gilt (Peacock Factory custom Gilt)
Power reserve: ≥36 hours (Typical)
Accuracy: -10 ~ +30 sec (per Day)
Frequency: 28,800 vph (vibrations per Hour)
Jewels: 25 pcs
Rotor Winding: Bidirectional
Anti-shock: Shock Protection System
Bracelet / Strap: 24mm, Stainless Steel 316L case hardened to 1,100HV +/- 10% heat treatment
Water resistance: 10 ATM / 100m / 330ft
Indicators: Hours, minutes, center sweep second. Swiss Super-LuminNova BGW9, Gr A
Weight: 160 gm (complete with all the links)
Designed: Singapore
Warranty: One Year

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