Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean review! On this shiok Sunday, I’m reviewing a bunch of straps from local strap label, Luff Watch Strap.

The various straps Luff Watch Strap sent me.

Luff Watch Strap is a relatively new brand, set up just this year. The brand is pirate themed, and the brand is actually named after the founder’s favourite anime character, Luffy of One Piece! We instantly had a connection, as I’m personally a huge fan of the anime as well (though my favourite character would be Ace). Jarell kindly sent me some of his straps for review – let’s see if they are any good!

Luff Watch Strap – the Brand

To know more about the brand, I sat down with founder Jarell for a short interview!

Tell us more about Luff Watch Strap, and how the brand came about!

J: Hello! I love to change my straps daily and love Nato straps. However, there were some things I didn’t like about the nato straps I owned, which were too long and bulky. I wanted a slimmer profile nato where the buckle is able to slide down so that the flap will lay lower down the wrist. Hence I wanted to create my own brand and Luff Watch Strap started!

Meticulously hand packaged.

What differentiates Luff Watch Strap from the other local strap labels?

J: What makes Luff Watch Strap different is that we cater to smaller wrist guys too! I notice many strap companies catering to larger wrists hence our straps are usually shorter or have different lengths to cater for both the smaller wrist and also the larger wrist individuals. We also try to engineer our straps to look slimmer on the wrist. Eg. LuxNato being 27cm shorter than other natos and our Elastico G2 having minimal hardware.

The minimal hardware of the Elastico G2 straps.

From your point of view, what should one look out for in a NATO/Elastic strap?

J: I think everyone have different preferences, some like the traditional kind as it has more history to it. However, some of us prefer a more modern take. Hence everyone has our own preference, just pick what you like and what looks good on your wrist!

The array of different colours and designs available!

Which is your personal favourite strap?

J: Although I like the Elastic straps a lot, my favourite would still be the Vintage bond LuxNato, it’s comfortable and looks good. The color really amazes me every time, especially in the way the green contrasts with the red. Really love it.

The LuxNato straps, including the Bond LuxNato (pictured at the bottom).

Are you planning to launch new product lines in the near future?

J: I’m currently planning to have a new kind of Elastic strap, different material from the current, much softer. Also planning to have a Space velcro strap, still developing – hopefully it will turn out well!

Luff Watch Strap LuxNato – $19.99 USD

One of Luff Watch Strap’s bestsellers, the LuxNato is described as a “premium” seatbelt strap. I must say – it does live up to its name!

The Sunburst Blue LuxNato on my BOLDR Globetrotter.

Firstly, the LuxNato feels fantastic. It has a silky texture to it that makes it feel smooth to the touch. Luff Watch Straps attributes this to its usage of “high weave count nylon webbing”, which not only makes it super comfortable on the wrist but also adds a luxurious shine to it – thus the name LuxNato!

Solid keepers, stitching is done well too!

The hardware of the LuxNato feels sturdy, and is noticeably thicker than those from similarly priced brands. Unlike most other seatbelt straps whereby the keepers are fixed, the LuxNato features floating keepers that allows more versatility in wearing – wearers can either choose to tuck the end of the strap in, or have it hanging loose! The stitching is nicely done as well, without noticeable fraying or loose threads. Finally, I like that they even managed to engrave the buckle with their logo – a nice touch!

Love the engraved keeper!

In addition, Luff Watch Strap also decided to feature an engraving of their logo – a Jolly Roger – on the keeper of the strap! I think it’s a cute touch, and adds personality to the watch. Furthermore, one can see how densely weaved the nylon is here as well!

The Bond LuxNato.

Lastly, the LuxNato is designed in a way where the buckles are resting at the bottom of the wrist. This will reduces the bulkiness one usually finds on conventionally Nato straps! Luff Watch Strap also sent me their Bond LuxNato, which should delight those who prefer patterned Nato straps. I paired the Bond LuxNato with my Valimor Caliburnus, and I think the resulting monochromatic look is stunning! Overall, I have to say that the seatbelt straps from LuxNato are some of the best that I’ve handled thus far. Rating: 9/10.

Luff Watch Strap Elastico G2 – $24.99 USD

Probably one of the most affordable Marine Nationale (MN) – otherwise known as parachute straps – in the market, the Elastico G2 again punches above its price tag.

The Elastico G2 strap on my Hamilton Khaki Mechanical.

As the name suggests, the Elastico G2 is built from an elastic material to provide maximum comfort. The “parachute” strap, as these straps are commonly referred to today, were worn by the French divers of old who made them using elastic parachute material and parachute hardware, hence the moniker. It’s a style that has become increasingly popular today, due to both the comfort that it offers as well as its rugged look.

Details are good.

Again, the hardware is sturdy, brushed finished and nicely engraved with the brand name. The stitching is executed well too, tidy without fraying or loose threads.

Adjustable buckle.

The key feature of MN/Parachute straps is that the buckle is adjustable, and one simply slides the buckle till the desired length is achieved. It is also designed in a way that there’s no layer of strap underneath the caseback, unlike most other Nato straps. For those who like their watches to sit close to the wrist – like a regular 2 piece leather strap – but want something more rugged and comfortable, consider opting for a MN/Parachute strap!

Pairs well with my Hamilton Khaki!

On the wrist, the Elastico G2 is very comfortable due to the elastic nature of the strap. Of course, it doesn’t feel as premium – the strap is a tad coarse – as the wildly popular Erika Originals parachute straps, but it’s also less than half the price! All in all, I think that the Elastico G2 from Luff Watch Strap is definitely one of the better affordable MN/Parachute straps in the market currently. Rating: 8/10.

Luff Watch Strap Suede Leather – $19.99 USD

Lastly, Luff Watch Strap offers a selection of suede leather strap as well!

The suede leather strap on my Advisor Ascent.

For those who like a more rustic feel, a suede strap is definitely something to consider. I paired the Luff Watch Strap Suede Leather strap with my Advisor Ascent, and I think the combination turned out well!

Quality of the suede is decent, but craftsmanship can be better.

Upon closer inspection, the quality of the suede is decent. The hand-stitched uppers look fine too, without much fraying or loose threads. However, the sides of the strap have already shown some signs of fraying, despite a relatively short usage time.

The strap loop is stitched, though the lining feels a tad cardboardy.

Flip the strap over, and my mixed feelings continue. While I’m heartened to see stitched strap loops, the lining of the strap feels slightly cardboardy, and again one can see signs of wear despite the relatively short usage time (the chipped portion at the top).

Not their strongest offering.

Ultimately, the Luff Watch Strap suede leather strap is alright. It’s not terrible, but unfortunately it feels like a $20 USD strap – it doesn’t punch above its price tag the way the LuxNato or the Elastico G2 does. Rating: 6/10.

Conclusion – so Luff Watch Strap “shiok” or not?

For the most part, I would say yes. The LuxNato is terrific, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat – it’s one of the best, if not the best, seatbelt Nato strap I’ve handled till date. The Elastico G2 is a great value proposition as well for those seeking a more rugged look to their watches. While the suede leather strap is rather pedestrian, I think Luff Watch Strap does some of the best Nato straps around – a valiant effort from the young strap label!

The straps definitely “zhng-ed” my watches!

For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant readers 10% off all watch straps from Luff Watch Strap! After the discount, I believe their straps – the LuxNato and the Elastico G2 especially – to be great bang-for-buck.

View Luff Watch Strap’s entire range of products here.

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