Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! On this shiok Saturday, I’m introducing Swiss watch microbrand Bolido‘s latest project, the Bolido X.

The various iterations of the Bolido X, live on Kickstarter soon.

The new Bolido X models share similar aesthetics with previous Bolido watches, with the main difference being the incorporation of an internal rotating bezel. The new line of watches is available on Kickstarter here – let’s take a quick look at the new project!

Bolido – the Brand

Bolido was founded in 2017 by the pair of Pierre Nobs and Simon Husslein, both of whom are veterans in the watch industry. I’ve previously covered their brand story in detail in my review of the Bolido Halo – if you haven’t already yet done so, you can read the review here.

Bolido X

The Bolido X come in two bezel configuration: the Bolido X Log with a precision slide rule bezel, as well as the Bolido X CD with the more commonly seen count-down bezel.

The Bolido X Log in white.

As aforementioned, the Boldio X Log incorporates a slide rule internal bezel. For those who are unfamiliar with what a slide rule is, a slide rule bezel is essentially a mechanical calculator that allows one to perform a variety of calculations, such as currency conversions, speed and distance, etc. To learn more about the slide rule bezel, do read this great article here.

The Bolido X Log in black.

Only a handful of brands offer watches with slide rule bezels, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the iconic Breitling Navitimer. Unfortunately, the Breitling Navitimer does cost a pretty penny, so I’m personally stoked to see a Swiss microbrand offering the slide rule bezel at a significantly more affordable price. I love the way Bolido incorporated the slide rule bezel here – they managed to include the bezel in a quintessentially ‘Bolido’ design, instead of making some sort of Navitimer homage (which is undoubtedly the route that most brands would have adopted, if the Submariner trend is any indication). Unlike the Navitimer, the dial of the Bolido X Log comes across as minimalist and clean, with a tad of Bauhaus feel. The design impetus of Simon Husslein – who previously designed watches for German brands such as Braun and Nomos – can be felt keenly here.

The details of the Bolido Log X looks great.

Based off the media pictures, the details of the Bolido Log X looks pretty good! The printed bezel matches up with the printed indices nicely, the multi-layered dial gives a nice semblance of depth to the watch, the black date wheel blends in well with the black dial, and the coin edged bezel looks incredibly refined – almost a guilloche-like texture!

The archetypal case design of Bolido is present here.

Although the cases of the new Boldio X models are now larger than previous offerings, the award winning case design – Bolido won the Red Dot Design in 2018 for it – Bolido watches are known for continues to be present. A ton of thought has been poured into the watch, and it shows. Firstly, adding a second rotative axis to the case not only tilts the face of the watch to facilitate time-reading in situations like car-driving, it also increases the case height at the top of the dial to allow the integration of a large winding crown in an unusual but well protected position. Most watches feature the crown at 3 o’clock, which though convenient, expose the watch to accidental impacts that impairs water resistance. Tilting the case also allows Bolido to mill an inconspicuous notch into the underside of the crown tube, facilitating the winding and time-setting of the watch. Having the a crown that is hard to wind is one of my personal pet peeves when it comes to microbrand watches, so I’m really happy that Bolido had paid close attention to what seems like an insignificant detail.

The Bolido X CD in white.

There’s also the Bolido X CD, which features a count-down bezel. Using the same rotating bezel construction, the Bolido X CD allows the wearer to read the time remaining on a timed event, which can be useful in instances where one needs to time stuff – steak on the grill, time left in a meeting, parking meters, etc. In terms of functionality, I would say that the count-down bezel of the Bolido X CD will likely come in much handier in daily life than the slide rule bezel of the Bolido X Log.

The Bolido X CD in black.

That being said, my personal preference between the two would definitely still have to be the Bolido X Log. I just think that a slide rule bezel – much more uncommon than a count-down bezel, which can be found on most dive watches – adds much more intrigue to the watch. However, if you find the slide rule bezel too “busy”, the Bolido X CD is a great “cleaner” alternative, especially the white dial variant.

Powered by the Swiss-made STP 1-11 movement.

Like previous Bolido models, the new Bolido X watches will be powered by the Swiss STP 1-11 movement. For those unacquainted with the movement, the STP 1-11 is a relatively new automatic movement from the Fossil Group, with self-winding and hacking mechanism, 44-hour power reserve, beats at a high 28,800 Hz frequency, and features Incabloc shock protection. Furthermore, the movement is regulated by Bolido in 5 positions to ensure unerring accuracy. Due to internal regulation, the movement should be accurate to -0/+- 15 seconds per day. For those desire even higher accuracy, COSC certified variants are also available! Those will have the words “Certified Swiss Chronometer” on the dial, as well as an average daily accuracy rate of −4/+6s.


Overall, I quite like the new Bolido X watches, especially the Bolido X Log with the slide rule bezel. I love the clean, bauhaus design of the dials, the way the bezels are seamlessly integrated, as well as the unique case shape. Pricing is pretty good too, for a Swiss made watch – early bird pricing is 448 CHF/ ~$458 USD/ ~S$640. If you’re interested in the new Bolido X watches, do support their Kickstarter campaign here!

Update: The Bolido X is now in production, and you can purchase them here. For those interested, I did a hands-on review of the new Bolido X here.


• The engine: Swiss Time Precision movement self-winding mechanism Cal. STP 1.11 decorated with Geneva stripes and engine-turned bridges with ball-bearing, indicating hours, minutes, centre-seconds by hands (stop sec. device), date window at 6 h (rapid corrector) 26 jewels, 28’800 vph, 4 Hz, regulated in the 5 positions according to the COSC certification for Chronometers, average timekeeping of -0/ +15 sec./day, Incabloc; power-reserve of 44 hours.
• Case: Surgical instrument grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel; turnable precision bezel ring. Black coloured versions: PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated black. Scratch-resistant, curved sapphire crystals, water resistant to 30 m / 100 ft.
• Dials, hands: All models fitted with night-active SuperLuminova® applications to enable time reading in darkness
• Bands: Standard fitting 22 mm allowing a wide array of commercially available of bands.

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