Hello everyone! In this article, I’m stoked to announce an exclusive collaboration with local eyewear label Otago Optical.

Since launching The Shiok Shop earlier this year, I’ve been working with brands on exclusive collaborative offerings. After months of development, I’m incredibly proud and stoked to introduce the maiden collaboration – a pair of spectacles series (named Sumbing and Sindoro) with Otago Optical.

I was highly impressed with Tim’s knowledge and expertise during my previous visit to Otago Optical. As such, I decided to approach him for an eyewear collaboration, to which he readily agreed.

I quite liked the Omata that I previously got – I felt the hexagonal shape was interesting. However, while it is very versatile stylistically, it did come across as a little plain Jane and just a tad generic. For the collab series, I wanted to build upon the striking hexagonal shape of the Omata, but with more of a distinct visual flair. Thus, the Sumbing and Sindoro were born.

Otago Optical has a tradition of naming their frames after popular travel locations, and with this collab series we stuck to that tradition – with the Sumbing and Sindoro being named after Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro of Indonesia. The former is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia, while the latter is the third-highest. Like the twin peaks, we hope that this collaboration would propel both Wah So Shiok and Otago Optical to new heights.

The Sumbing and Sindoro adopt the hexagonal frame of the Omata, though with slightly sharper edges for more of a visual oomph. Even the nose bridge is faceted – one can see clear bevelling. It’s a little detail that reminds me of the case finishing on watches, which was of course what Wah So Shiok first covered. It’s a little throwback to the website’s roots.

The frame is also a tad bigger than the Omata for more visual presence, though not by much. It’s also very much on trend – oversized glasses are in vogue. The front of the frame is also intentionally thicker at the sides to hide more of the lens thickness, making it a great choice for those with higher degrees (and therefore thicker lenses).

Both frames are chiefly constructed from TR90 plastic, which is a thermoplastic that’s prized for its durability, flexibility, and lightweight nature. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. I personally have a nickel allergy, which is why I always opt for hypoallergenic glasses made from either TR90 plastic (like the Sumbing and Sindoro) or titanium (like the Omata). For those wondering, the Sumbing and Sindoro are actually identical in design, with one key difference – the former has a metal core, giving it a weightier feel. In other words, if you prefer weightier, more “solid” frames with heft, then the Sumbing would be your cup of tea. If you like lightweight frames instead, then the Sindoro will be more up your alley.

I’ve also found the glasses to be comfortable. Tim relayed to me that they were designed to provide an Asian fit, with thicker-sized nosepieces that would fit less-prominent noses. In my time wearing them, I found both the Sumbing and Sindoro to fit well and experienced no discomfort.

The Sumbing is available in three colourways: clear, sepia, and black. Being the more formal out of the two due to its metal core and heft, my pick of the lot would be the black colourway.

I found the black Sumbing to fit formal wear well. I’ve worn it with a suit on multiple occasions, even once with a tux, and it just feels at home with formal clothing. There’s an austerity to the frame that gives the wearer a mature look, and serves as the perfect icing on the cake on formal occasions.

Due to its metal core, the sides of the Sumbing also possess more pizzazz. From the side, it’s definitely more visually arresting than the Sindoro, with the shiny metal core also adding a touch of levity to the black Sumbing.

In contrast, the Sindoro comes across as more casual – perfect for everyday wear. It comes in four colourways: clear, sepia and black like the Sumbing, and an additional grey that’s exclusive to the Sindoro. The grey variant also happens to be my pick of the lot as it’s the most stylistically versatile. Clear and sepia can be a tad too informal with its “Kpop” aesthetic, while black can look too solemn and sombre. Grey (pictured above) is very much the best of both worlds, ensuring that it looks appropriate regardless of clothing or occasion

Without the metal core, the Sindoro also has a cleaner aesthetic when viewed from the side. The frame is slightly translucent, giving the frame sufficient visual interest. It’s a pretty cool look that is bound to have mass-market appeal.

Both the Sindoro and Sumbing are available at just S$128. The price includes lenses – 1.56 mid-index multicoated with AR (anti-reflective) and UV (ultraviolet) blocking, with free upgrades to 1.60 high-index lenses for mid and mid-high prescriptions. In other words, it’s very affordable, and serves as an edgier (literally) alternative to mainstream Owndays/Zoff/Lenskart frames. The Sumbing and Sindoro are available online at The Shiok Store, or in-store at Otago Optical’s Chinatown showroom.

I had a blast developing this collaboration with Otago, and I must thank Tim for being efficient, amiable and very cooperative throughout the process. I’m proud for the Sumbing and Sindoro to be the first Wah So Shiok brand collaboration (it will always have a special place in my heart as a result).

And on weekdays only, readers get to enjoy a free upgrade to Violet-blocking lenses, specifically for the Sumbing and Sindoro frames. For other styles, readers also get to enjoy $10 off glasses packages priced $120 and above. More information on the promotion can be read here.

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View the Sumbing here.
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Otago Optical’s Location: 264 South Bridge Road, #03-01, Singapore 058813

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