Hello everyone and welcome to another of my articles. In partnership with Goldspot Pens, we have rounded up 5 affordable fountain pen brands that are perfect for aspiring writers.

For context, Goldspot Pens is one of the leading retailers of writing instruments in the US (although they do ship to Singapore). Founded in 1999, Goldspot Pens “pride (themselves) on (their) dedication to the art of fine writing, supplying high-quality fine writing instruments, and providing exceptional customer service”. They are quite a reputable pen dealer – I’m elated to work with them on this sponsored post.

Fountain pens are a penmanship game changer. Don’t get us wrong, they may not suddenly turn a doctor’s scribbling into calligraphy but they certainly encourage a neater approach to writing.

Choosing to get yourself or gifting a loved one a quality fountain pen is, therefore, always a worthwhile decision. However, if you run a quick search for ‘quality fountain pens’, the prices can be a little shocking and discouraging.

But, hold that thought. You do not have to break the bank to buy a great fountain pen.

Sure, the luxury brands would be a treat to own but there are equally lots of affordable fountain pen brands that offer amazing value for money and outstanding writing experiences.

So, if you are shopping on a budget, here are some fountain pen brands worth checking out, and if you’re left-handed, check out the best pens for lefties.

1) Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell is a German brand that has been producing pens and stationery for over 2 centuries. It offers an assortment of affordable fountain pen models like Grip, Grip Glam, Loom, Neo Slim, Hexo, and Essentio.

The Grip and Grip Glam pen models are light and have stainless steel barrels and caps. They have well-defined grip sections to ease your pen handling and make for great starter pens.

The Loom and Neo Slim have resilient stainless steel barrels and can do well as everyday pens.

The Hexo and Essentio models, on the other hand, are classy, highly durable, and compatible with both converters and cartridges.

All these pens are suitable for both right and left-handed writers and pair with fine, extra fine, medium, and broad nib options.

2) Kaweco

Kaweco is another German brand that also enjoys a heritage of more than a century. It is renowned for its simple yet high-performing and fairly inexpensive fountain pens.

Take the Kaweco Sport collection, for example. It features the Skyline, Frosted, Elite Royalty, Classic, and Collection Sport models. Any of them will set you back about $30 or less which is quite pocket-friendly.

Alternatively, you could opt for the slightly longer Kaweco Perkeo model. Its resin body has a unique hexagonal shape and an ample grip section with comfortable flat ridges. It thus handles well for both beginners and seasoned fountain pen users.

Still, if you prefer a more sophisticated pen with some weight to it, the Kaweco Student collection may be ideal. It has a refined design accomplished by pairing a resin body with gold-plated brass accents.

3) Lamy

Lamy offers outstanding quality fountain pens whether you pay $20 or $300 for one.

While Lamy Safari is arguably this brand’s most famous fountain pen, it has many other affordable collections such as the Lamy Al-Star, Nexx, and Joy Calligraphy models.

Notably, each collection caters to different needs.

The Lamy Safari pens, for example, are made of ABS while the Al-Star and Nexx are made of slightly weightier anodized aluminium and aluminium respectively.

You also get a broad range of colours, and nib options, as well as converter and cartridge-filling mechanisms to choose from.


TWSBI struts an excellent balance of pen design and accessible prices.

Collections like the TSWBI Eco, Eco-T, and Swipe prove that fountain pens made of quality resin are not just cost-effective but also long-lasting and delightful to use. Their aluminium components also help create a great weight balance.

That said, TSWBI also accommodates traditional preferences through models like TSWBI Classic. It is a slender-barrel fountain pen design made of lacquered resin with aluminium accents.

Most TSWBI fountain pens have stainless nibs. The nib size options and filling mechanisms, nevertheless, vary based on the model.

5) Pilot

Few brands can rival Pilot’s effort toward making fountain pens affordable and optimized for different needs. Its Varsity Disposable fountain pens, for example, cost less than $4 and could be a suitable pick for a first-timer that would like to test what writing with fountain pens is like.

The Japanese brand then built on this by developing entry-level pens like the Pilot Kakuno and the Explorer which are highly starter-friendly.

When you feel more confident in your fountain pen usage and need a more long-term model, options like the popular Pilot Metropolitan or the Pilot Prera would certainly come in handy. More so because they remain well-priced despite their boardroom-worthy designs and impressive writing performance.

The Wrap Up

The key upside to the brands on this list is that they provide fairly-priced fountain pens without compromising on quality. Better still, most have a spectrum of fountain pen options that you can slowly advance through as your tastes and purchasing power change.

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