Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll review a new suit I’ve just commissioned from the local tailor Perfect Attire.

I first commissioned a Drago suit from Perfect Attire back in 2019, and chronicled my experience here. I then returned for a shirt/vest/trousers outfit in 2021. It’s been over two years since, and I figured it was about time to go back for a new look.

As I’ve already detailed the various customisation options available in the abovementioned articles, I won’t be repeating myself here. However, there have been a few new fabric books since my last visit in 2021, so I decided to do a short video of Tulsi showcasing Perfect Attire’s current fabric selection above. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of fabrics you’ll be able to choose from at Perfect Attire, do watch the above video.

Long story short, I decided to go with a classic navy blue fabric (with subtle checks) from the more affordable House Premium collection, which starts at $850. Being situated in the CBD, I’ve always viewed Perfect Attire as best for business suits, and my commissions reflect that viewpoint.

Despite being relatively affordable (especially for a CBD tailor), Perfect Attire offers a baste fitting process, which is often described as the difference between flying first-class and business in bespoke tailoring. Again, I’ve detailed my initial experience undergoing the baste fitting process with Perfect Attire in my earlier articles. However, this time around I decided to do another short video capturing the baste fitting process, which I’ve included above. If you have never undergone a baste fitting process before and are curious to see what it’s like, give the above video a watch.

As a result of the painstaking baste fitting process, I’m pleased to report that the resulting suit fits nicely. Firstly, the jacket and sleeve length is correct, ending near the middle of my palms and wristbone respectively. Most importantly, the shoulders lie flat without any fabric bunching, which is not easy to achieve given that I have rather uneven shoulders. Furthermore, one can also see slight tapering around the waist, giving the wearer (me) a slimmer look. Lastly, there are also no shoulder divots – one of the cardinal sins of tailoring.

One can also see the sleeves drape nicely with little wrinkling, which is not an easy feat given that the sleeve pitch is dependent on the wearer’s posture. Although not obvious, the jacket also lies neatly on the shirt collar without an unsightly collar gap.

If you watched the fitting video, one of the aspects Tulsi nitpicked on was the fit of the back, which – as she says in the video – has “always been a problem” due to my concaved back. I think the resulting fit for the back turned out nicely, as there is little to no wrinkling to be seen. It’s one of the cleanest drapes I’ve seen thus far.

As the icing on the cake, the trousers also drape superbly, without any wrinkling to be seen. I chose the more modern quarter break cut, and the length of the trousers is perfect, just brushing against the top of my CustomWelt wholecuts. It neither looks too baggy, nor too slim – it looks fitted, and makes me look taller than I am.

Aside from the fit, I also loved how the suit balances a professional look with understated character. For example, the navy colour makes it a classic business suit, but the subtle checks elevate the look. And while the notch lapels are business appropriate, its wider than usual 3.5-inch width (and the contrasting Milanese buttonhole) adds flair to the jacket. Lastly, the canvassed nature of the suit results in a natural lapel roll that gives the suit dimension.

On the inside, I opted for a louder burgundy paisley lining as a contrast against the outwardly conservative suit. As usual, I chose to have my name monogrammed on the inside, giving the suit a personal touch.

I also found the navy suit to be eminently versatile. For example, I can pair the navy trousers with a tan blazer, sans tie to dress down the look – perfect for post-work drinks or meals. Navy pants truly go with almost anything.

Conversely, I can also pair the navy jacket with a grey polo tee and tan chinos for a casual weekend look. The importance of versatility in a suit cannot be overstated – you will get a lot more mileage from a navy suit that can separated and paired easily. One of my earlier suiting mistakes was going for overly striking suits, such as this purple suit. In the 6 years that I’ve had that suit, I think I only wore that suit twice, to some sort of university dinner and dance events. In contrast, I’ve only had this navy suit for 6 weeks, and I’ve already worn it 4-5 times.

Conclusion – so Perfect Attire “shiok” or not?

If you work around the CBD and require formal clothing, then you should visit Perfect Attire. Given the fact that Perfect Attire is a proper tailor with a baste fitting, its prices are reasonable. While perhaps not as much of a steal as before – back in 2019, $850 would have netted you a full-canvassed Drago suit – this half-canvassed House Premium wool blend suit still looks and feels good, and gets the job done. It’s full of subtle details that make the wearer stand out, but not in an inappropriate manner. Most importantly, the Perfect Attire nails the fit of their suits – the raison d’etre of tailoring.

A 2-piece half-canvassed suit from Perfect Attire starts from $650, while a full-canvassed “branded” suit (VBC) starts from $1200. This particular suit comes in at the more affordable end at $850. Just for readers, Perfect Attire is offering a free shirt with any suit purchase. Readers can get a free house fabric shirt with the purchase of a 2-piece suit. Simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” whilst booking the appointment or flash this post when at the showroom to enjoy the discount.

Interested customers are recommended to book an appointment online before dropping by.

Location: Oxley Tower Unit 03-38, 138 Robinson Road, Singapore 068906.

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P.P.P.P.S Shiok is a common word Singaporeans use to express admiration or approval. As of 2016, you can find the definition of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary.