Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing my new suit from the local tailor Ehkay Corner Tailors.

I’ve tailored from Ehkay Corner Tailors multiple times before – they are one of my favourite affordable tailors. I chronicled my experience with them here, and the resulting tuxedo here. I also returned for a three-piece suit here, and most recently commissioned a double-breasted suit here.

I recently caught up with Dinesh (owner of Ehkay Corner Tailors), who shared with me that he’s just received a bunch of premium stretchable wool fabrics. Stretchy suits aren’t new, but these fabrics are still relatively uncommon with tailors. So when Dinesh sent me a picture of a lovely blue pinstripe, I was sold (literally and figuratively). Let’s see how the suit turned out.

Ehkay Corner Tailors – the Fit

As always, let’s start by examining the fit.

Firstly, the shoulders lie flat without any wrinkling or bunching – the most important aspect, since the shoulders can’t be altered after completion. The jacket and sleeve length are also correct, ending near the middle of my palms and wristbone respectively. Unfortunately, we don’t see a quarter-inch of cuff showing, though that’s more due to the shirt sleeve being too short, rather than the suit sleeve being too long. Furthermore, there’s slight tapering around the waist, and there are also no shoulder divots.

The sleeve pitch is also good, with not much wrinkling to be seen. For those uninitiated with the term, the sleeve pitch is dependent on the individual’s posture, making it tricky to get right.

Although my back is typically problematic, Ehkay Corner Tailors has executed the fit commendably here, with little visible wrinkling – a slight improvement over the fit of my previously commissioned red double-breasted suit.

Lastly, the trousers drape nicely, with little wrinkling throughout. Given the more casual nature of the stretchy suit, I opted for cuffs on the trousers, which lend themselves to loafers and even sneakers (like in the above photo) nicely. However, the half-break length (as opposed to a trendier, no-break look) ensures that the pants can be appropriate for more formal occasions, especially when paired with a nice pair of dress shoes.

Ehkay Corner Tailors – Workmanship

I’ll now take a closer look at the workmanship of the suit.

Pick-stitching is often offered at custom tailors, but not all pick-stitching is the same. Pick-stitching – which refers to a series of visible stitching that runs along the edges of lapels, and sometimes the pockets and the sleeves – can be done either by machine (the cheaper and faster way), or by hand. At Ehkay Corner Tailors, the pick stitching is done painstakingly by hand, adding an artisanal touch to the suit. The handmade nature is evident from the unevenness of the stitching, where the length is inconsistent, as well as the slight crimpling around the edges.

Pick stitching is also present along the edges of the pockets and runs throughout the entire jacket, which is not always the case with affordable tailors.

When commissioning this suit, I drew inspiration from my recent commission from Reign Custom Tailors, which also featured a pinstripe fabric and tone-on-tone buttons. I’m in my pinstripe era (yes, that’s a Taylor Swift reference) – I love how the pinstripe texture elongates my body, allowing me to appear taller than I am. Yet, the texture is subtle, with the stripes only apparent up close. It’s a great way to stand out without being ostentatious.

As usual, I opted for functional sleeve buttonholes, also known as surgeon’s cuffs. Traditionally seen as a hallmark of bespoke tailoring, functional sleeve buttons allow the jacket sleeve to be rolled up – very useful for occasions such as wedding gatecrashes, especially given the stretchy nature of the suit.

Rolling up the sleeves immediately dresses down the look, transforming the look from business formal to date night. It’s also sometimes practical – I roll up my sleeves during meals to prevent accidental stains. I’m usually wary of this practice, as fine wool fabric may crease or tear if improperly handled. However, as this fabric is stretchy, I could fold up my jacket sleeves with peace of mind.

Given the relatively restrained exterior of the suit, I went with a preppy purplish paisley print (how’s that for alliteration?) that complements the navy fabric perfectly. As always, I opted for my name to be monogrammed, this time in baby blue for a touch of contrast.

I also opted for side adjusters on my trousers. The side adjusters are made from brass, which not only juxtaposes nicely with the navy fabric but will also patina beautifully over time.

I relayed to Dinesh that I loved the details of my previous trousers (from the maroon suit), and asked for the same this time around. As such, there’s an extended waistband with two buttons for more pizzazz, and a single pleat design for a dose of rakish charm. That’s the beauty of custom tailoring – if you have a design you like, you can simply ask the tailor to replicate it.

Nevertheless, the most unique aspect of the suit is the stretchy material. I’m pleased to report that the fabric (which contains spandex) stretches in multiple directions, and is significantly more flexible than the usual wool fabrics.

Due to its stretchability, the suit is very comfortable to wear. This is especially prominent with the trousers – at times I felt I was wearing a pair of track pants instead. Yet, the fabric is still light on the skin due to its high wool content, with the inherent breathability further enhancing the comfort.

Dinesh shared with me that there have been plenty of use cases of his stretchy fabrics. For example, customers have worn stretchy suits for wedding gatecrashes, with corporate clients even ordering them for their wait staff in fancy restaurants. I’m not the kind that’s always on the move or on my feet (at least not whilst in a suit), but I appreciated the comfort nevertheless.

It’s important to note that the suit looks good as well. From afar – and even up close – the fabric looks like a regular wool fabric, so you can wear the suit to even the most formal board meetings without looking amiss. In other words, the stretchy fabric provides comfort without compromising on style.

Most people tend to hate suits for one simple reason – they find them uncomfortable and stiff. This is especially true with affordable tailors, where the fabrics tend to be heavy on polyester with a fused construction. This stretchy suit from Ehkay Corner Tailors is the perfect solution for those who need a suit, but loathe the stiff sensation.

Conclusion – so Ehkay Corner Tailors stretchy suit “shiok” or not?

This stretchy suit from Ehkay Corner Tailors is certainly one of the most unique suits in my wardrobe. The comfort level is unparalleled, and came in handy during long days when I had multiple errands to run. Better yet, the suit provides much-appreciated flexibility without compromising style or formality, allowing me to have my proverbial cake and eat it too. The workmanship is top-notch as well, with plenty of sartorial touches present. And as always, Dinesh’s and Mr Toh’s (the cutter) service is impeccable, ensuring that every visit was pleasant. My only knock is the price – with a sticker price of $980, this stretchy fabric costs substantially more than Ehkay’s standard mixed wool fabrics.

For those interested in commissioning garments from Ehkay Corner Tailors, simply flash this post or quote “WAHSOSHIOK” while making your appointment for a 10% discount. After the discount, this specific stretchy suit would cost a more palatable $882, which is actually reasonable considering that the off-the-rack X-suit costs S$800 – and that’s the sale price. If that’s still too steep, you can consider Ehkay Corner Tailors’ entry-level options, with mixed wool suits starting from $342 (after the above discount).

Curated package deals from Ehkay Corner can be found here. In particular, I recommend the $580 Three-piece Suit + Shirt package, as well as the $980 Tuxedo Suit package.

Book your appointment here.

Ehkay Corner Tailors’ location: 150 Orchard Rd, #01-57 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841

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