Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I review my experience tailoring with the local tailor The Gentlemen’s Atelier.

Established in 2018, The Gentlemen’s Atelier has just shifted into its new showroom at Temple Street, and invited me to try out its services. I was intrigued by the brand’s perfect Google Rating (with over 100 reviews), and decided to pay it a visit.

Currently, The Gentlemen’s Atelier is fronted by Nick (who founded the business), and Chin, who joined Nick when the new location opened. Nick brings over eight years of extensive experience in the tailoring industry while Chin, driven by his passion for fashion, aims to innovate and elevate the menswear space alongside Nick.


Situated on the top floor of a shophouse in Chinatown, The Gentlemen’s Atelier’s showroom is both spacious and well-lit. The high, sloping ceilings add a sense of grandeur, making it feel more like a designer’s studio than a boutique. In fact, its atas ambience belies its billing as an affordable tailor.

The showroom is also spacious, allowing The Gentlemen’s Atelier to accommodate two groups of clients at once. This setup minimizes wait times and ensures that any short waiting periods are spent comfortably.

While waiting to be served, customers can take the opportunity to explore the Customwelt’s fitting shoes available in the showroom. You can try them on to find your perfect size and inspect the high-quality leather and expert Goodyear-welted craftsmanship. Additionally, don’t miss out on the in-store special promo code—grab a card to enjoy a discount on your purchase. If you’re visiting The Gentlemen’s Atelier specifically to check out the Customwelt fitting shoes, be sure to book an appointment here.

Upon my arrival, Nick greeted me warmly, and his striking pink blazer immediately caught my eye. It’s rare to see a tailor—or any man, for that matter—wearing a pink blazer with such confidence. This bold choice perfectly embodies the adventurous and distinctive style ethos of The Gentlemen’s Atelier. This flair for creativity extends to their clients’ orders, which tend to be noticeably more vibrant and unique compared to those from other affordable tailors.

There were no other parties during my appointment slot, so I had the pleasure of being served by both Nick and Chin.

The Gentlemen’s Atelier carries a wide range of fabrics, from regular house fabrics to premium offerings such as Paladino, VBC (which Chin is holding up) and Drago. However, as this was my first rodeo with them, I decided to play it safe and opt for its entry-level $599 house fabric. It’s a strategy I usually employ with first-time tailors – if the experience goes well, I can always return to have something more premium done.

To their credit, both Nick and Chin didn’t flinch when I relayed my decision, nor did they try to hard sell me the pricier fabrics. Instead, Nick simply showed me the extent of the $599 range (which was about two books full), and together we picked out a lovely medium grey fabric. I believe grey suits are severely underrated – a grey suit is eminently versatile, and should be your second suit (after navy).

With the fabric decided, we moved on to the customisations. Given the entry-level nature of the fabric, I decided to stick to the basics – a two-button jacket with a wide notch lapel and double vents.

I stuck to the same ideology with my trousers, and opted for an extended waistband with brass side-adjusters and a half-break fit – no fancy Gurkha trousers here.

Next, I chose dark horn buttons, which should juxtapose nicely against the medium grey fabric.

Given the suit’s relatively conservative exterior, the team at The Gentlemen’s Atelier suggested opting for a more vibrant lining to add an element of flair and personality. True to their adventurous reputation, they offer a wide array of flamboyant lining options which will give even the most traditional suit a unique twist. However, despite the impressive selection, none of the options quite resonated with me.

Nick then brought out a stash of linings, which he says were custom-printed for his clients based on their hobbies. A mahjong-themed one intrigued me, and I asked Nick if he could do a poker-themed lining (I’ve picked up poker recently, much to the chagrin of my bank account). He replied in the affirmative, and even asked if I had a colour scheme in mind – I decided on red and black, the quintessential colours of the game.

The Gentlemen’s Atelier also has an ample selection of shirting fabrics. I settled on a classic, wrinkle-free white shirt, which will pair well with virtually any clothing.

To add some visual interest, the team at The Gentlemen’s Atelier recommended opting for a contrasting trimming, which I readily agreed to. Together, we selected a grey floral lining that complemented the medium grey suiting fabric perfectly.

For the shirting buttons, I decided on a tone-on-tone mother-of-pearl button, thus keeping the look subtle and sleek.

I also opted to have my initials monogrammed in a cursive silver font on the cuff. The team at The Gentlemen’s Atelier offered a variety of fonts and colours to choose from, which helped make my selection.

The duo then took my initial measurements, and relayed that the basted fitting would be ready within the month.

The Gentlemen’s Atelier – Basted Fitting

Unlike most affordable tailors, The Gentlemen’s Atelier incorporates a basted fitting process.

For those uninitiated with tailoring, a basted fitting process is where the tailor will let you try on a skeleton jacket held together by temporary white basting stitches. For more information on the basted fitting stage, read this educational article here. To me, a basted fitting stage is essential to a true tailoring experience. To quote a line from the aforementioned article: “It’s the difference between flying first class and flying on a private jet.”

That being said, a basted fitting is only as good as the tailor overseeing it – if the tailor is unable to identify the areas to be rectified, then a basted fitting may not necessarily result in a better fit.

Nick’s years of experience shone through as he meticulously poured over every detail during the basted fitting. Expertly wielding chalk and pins—quintessential tools of the trade—he marked the necessary areas for adjustment with precision.

Firstly, he suggested taking in the sleeve width for a more modern look.

Secondly, Nick also recommended shortening the length of the jacket slightly for a less traditional aesthetic. Given the solid grey fabric, he believed that the suit’s cut should be sharper to appear more striking.

Longtime readers will know that my curved back has always been a “problem area” for tailors, and that remained the case during the basted fitting. Here, Nick used pins to “take in” my back, thus creating a better drape.

Another trouble area is my sloped shoulders, which can prove problematic. To adjust for this, Nick used chalk to denote areas that require additional padding, which would even out my shoulders.

Lastly, Nick took photos of me in the basted fitting jacket from all angles, which provided his seamstresses with visual references when making the abovementioned alterations.

Conclusion – so The Gentlemen’s Atelier tailoring experience “shiok” or not?

After my tailoring experience, it’s clear why The Gentlemen’s Atelier maintains a perfect Google rating—there’s plenty to rave about. Firstly, the showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Chinatown, a refreshing change from the industrial estates where many affordable tailors are found. It’s also spacious and beautifully renovated. Secondly, the team at The Gentlemen’s Atelier possesses a strong sense of style and is unafraid to push the stylistic boundaries of their clients. Recently, I returned to commission an unusual “scallop” jacket (see photo below), a unique design conceived by them. Thirdly, The Gentlemen’s Atelier has one of the most detailed basted fitting processes I’ve experienced at the ~S$500+ price point. The only negative is the relatively long lead time of two months, which may put off those on a tight schedule.

Suits at The Gentlemen’s Atelier start from $599. Just for my readers, The Gentlemen’s Atelier is offering a 10% discount on all suiting purchases (not applicable on add-ons and additional charges). Simply make your appointment via this booking link here to enjoy the discount. After the discount, my commissioned grey suit would cost a mere $539. And despite the special design, the “scallop” jacket is also priced very reasonably – Nick quoted me just $450.

Read Part 2 of the review – where I review the fit and finish of the completed garments – here.

Book an appointment with The Gentlemen’s Atelier here.

Location: 41 Temple Street, #03-01, Singapore 058586

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