Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing my follow-up experience with Dr Plus.

I’ve previously visited Dr Plus for hair removal services, and tried out its penile rejuvenation programme. However, Dr Plus is actually known for its collagen treatments, with its collagen-focused procedures being its USP (unique selling point). After undergoing a rather intensive Pico laser treatment, I decided to head to Dr Plus for its signature Collagen Plus facial as aftercare.

Dr Plus – Collagen Plus Facial

The Collagen Plus facial is billed as a medi-facial, meaning it’s partially done by a doctor (Dr Kenneth), and partially by a therapist.

Like all face treatments, the Collagen Plus facial starts with a facial cleanse to remove the dirt and oil that builds up on the face throughout the day.

Once the facial cleanse finishes, the therapist places protective covers over my eyes in preparation for the laser treatment.

The Collagen Plus medi-facial comprises three steps – a Q-switch laser treatment, an ultrasound treatment, and red light therapy. The laser component is done by Dr Kenneth, with the therapist handling the latter steps.

During the Collagen Plus facial, Dr Kenneth does three passes of the Q-switch laser, each at a different setting. The first setting (lowest energy) helps to tone and brighten the skin by removing the dead skin cells on the superficial layer of the skin. This setting is quite tolerable, and frankly feels next to nothing.

The second pass is done at a higher energy setting and targets the pigmentation on the skin. Due to its higher intensity, the second pass felt substantially more prickly than the first pass. It’s still very tolerable, just much more noticeable.

Thankfully, the third pass is done at a lower energy setting – I would rate its “prickliness” as somewhere in between the first and second passes. It helps reduce oil and sebum production, and promotes collagen growth that aids in the alleviation of acne scars and wrinkles.

After the laser treatment is completed, the therapist takes over and applies collagen gel – formulated in-house – on my face. When applied post-laser, the collagen gel helps to further stimulate collagen production, thus supplementing the effects of the laser treatment. I may be wrong, but it feels similar (perhaps identical) to the collagen gel that was applied to me prior to the hair removal treatment.

Thereafter, the therapist uses an ultrasound device to “massage” the collagen gel into my skin. The device reminds me of the ONLift treatment device from Only Aesthetics, probably because both devices use ultrasound technology. The procedure was relaxing and comfortable, and I (almost) fell asleep.

With the ultrasound treatment done, the therapist promptly applied a soothing mask that is also meant to hydrate the skin. This is again helpful post-laser treatments, as the skin is often red, slightly inflamed and dry.

Applying a mask is nothing unusual – most facials have that, and it’s also something one can do at home. What’s unique about the procedure was the addition of red light therapy, which supposedly helps to stimulate collagen production by targeting mitochondria cells. There’s actually quite a lot of research on red light therapy online, which surprised me as I’ve personally never heard of/encountered such a therapy despite having visited multiple aesthetic clinics/beauty salons. The mask/red light combo is left on the face for about 15-20 minutes, with the entire Collagen Plus facial taking about an hour.

Conclusion – so Dr Plus Collagen Plus facial “shiok” or not?

Definitely so. Having just done a more aggressive Pico laser + skinbooster treatment on the face, it was a refreshing change to be able to actually enjoy Dr Plus’ Collagen Plus facial. The entire process was relaxing, and there was no downtime after the treatment. I actually did see an improvement in my skin immediately after the treatment, although Dr Kenneth tells me that it would take up to a month for the full effects of the treatment to show. He recommended the Collagen Plus facial as a monthly maintenance facial to boost the skin’s natural collagen levels, which in turn will help in some of the conditions I’ve been actively seeking treatment for, such as pigmentation and scars. Given that I still return regularly for hair removal and penile rejuvenation sessions, I think I’ll simply add on the Collagen Plus treatment.

Those interested in the Collagen Plus facial can book a trial session here. There’s a booking form at the end of the link, and Wah So Shiok readers get to enjoy a special trial price of $180. Should you choose to sign up for further sessions after the trial, readers also get an exclusive 20% discount on regular treatment prices, which also extends to other treatments such as Botox, HIFU, Threadlifts, etc. Simply state that you were referred by Wah So Shiok in the booking message, and you’ll get to enjoy the affordable trial sessions and discounts. As always, the trial sessions are non-committal, so feel free to go for one and determine for yourselves if the treatments are effective afterwards.

Book the Collagen Plus facial here.
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DrPlus’ location: 160 Robinson Rd, #03-10 SBF Medical Suites, Singapore 068914

DrPlus Collagen Facial – Video

Those interested in seeing some hands-on footage of the procedure can watch the Youtube video below:

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