Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean review! On this shiok Sunday, I’m reviewing the new Dual Crayon from local perfumer Maison 21G.

The Dual Crayon is Maison 21G’s latest production, and it essentially combines two roll-on perfumes into one. I had the chance to attend the product launch event recently, and create my own customised Dual Crayon. Let’s see how the process went!

Maison 21G – the Brand

I’ve covered Maison 21G as a brand in my previous review of their perfume workshop. For those who are interested in the brand story, you can read the article here. I also covered their new ION outlet here, as well as their home scents here.

Maison 21G – Dual Crayon Experience

I had a blast at Dual Crayon launch event, held at the brand’s lovely Duxton showroom – Maison 21G certainly knows how to impress.

First of all, I was heartily told that there would be free-flow prosecco during the event – who doesn’t love a glass (or five) of bubbles? After being given a gift box and multiple refills, I was passed some stencils and a couple of markers, and “encouraged” to decorate the box to make it my own. At first, I was a bit hesitant about the entire arts-and-craft concept – I haven’t done any drawing since primary school probably – but after a couple of glasses of bubbles I found myself happily doodling on said box. I guess alcohol unleashes the inner child in me…

Like the regular perfume creations, Maison 21G encourages their customers to do the personality quiz first. I’ll have to give props to Maison 21G for constantly updating and improving its quiz using artificial intelligence. Based upon my inputs (whereby I stated that I wanted something seductive and attractive) the quiz recommended that I go for a combination of Havana Harvest and Cashmere Wood. I should stress that the quiz results are mere recommendations – you don’t have to stick to them. However, after smelling both scents mixed together, I felt the combination was substantially different from the previous perfumes that I’ve gotten from the brand, and thus decided to stick with the quiz’s recommendations.

Cashmere Wood is a “heart” note, which the brand describes as “an uplifting fragrance” that evokes “a romantic walk through wintery woods, hand-in-hand”.

In contrast, Havana Harvest is “addictive yet refined”, with a distinct oriental and exotic touch. It’s easily one of the more memorable scents I’ve tried from Maison 21G. I also really appreciate that the brand goes the extra mile to provide cards detailing the characteristic of each scent, thus educating its customers better. If you’re particular about your perfume, there’s certainly a lot of information to be had here.

The ingenuity of the Dual Crayon concept is perhaps best explained by its tagline, “1+1=3”. In other words, you can either apply each scent on its own, or layer the two together to create a sophisticated third scent. Personally, I preferred to layer Cashmere Wood and Havana Harvest together. The woodiness of Cashmere Wood complements the spicy, tobacco nature of Havana Harvest perfectly. There’s a rakish element to the layered scent that makes me feel like I’m on the Cayman Islands, sipping a negroni while smoking a Cuban cigar. It’s also eminently different from the previous scents that I’ve made with Maison 21G, which were more “day” perfumes with a fresher note. This would definitely be something I apply more on at night, especially if I’m heading out on a date, or attending a glitzy event.

That being said, I did find myself occasionally applying the scents individually, especially Cashmere Wood. The Dual Crayon, as compared to the regular perfume bottle, is significantly more compact and portable. As such, I found myself turning to the Dual Crayon during my excursions to the gym, where I apply Cashmere Wood on afterwards to freshen up. I did try applying Havana Harvest, but unless I was going on a date right after exercising (not likely) I felt it didn’t suit the situation as well as the fresher Cashmere Wood. For those wondering how roll-ons perfumes work, one simply rub the ball-shaped end of the perfume on either your clothing or your skin, instead of the usual spray mechanism. I’ve no problems getting used to the nature of roll-on perfumes, and found them very easy to apply.

Conclusion – so the Dual Crayon “shiok” or not?

I really liked the Dual Crayon from Maison 21G. It exemplifies the raison d’etre of the brand – customisation – and is also highly practical. While I used to carry about my Maison 21G perfume bottle whilst out and about, I now bring the Dual Crayon out, which I find to be much handier. It’s also almost half the price of the regular perfume creation, so the Dual Crayon will also be an accessible option for those that want to try out the brand and their scents. An area of improvement however would be to make the Dual Crayon refillable, like the perfume creations. That would be more in line with Maison 21G’s sustainable brand mission.

For those interested in purchasing the Dual Crayon, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant readers 15% off all products from Maison 21G. Simply enter the promo code while checking out online. After the discount, the Dual Crayon costs just S$42.50, making it one of the brand’s most affordable products. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve found the Dual Crayon to be good for about a month of use. If you have an active lifestyle and want something easier to carry around for your mid-day spruce ups, the Dual Crayon is a unique proposition that won’t break the bank.

Lastly, Maison 21G also holds personalised perfume workshops, which I’ve reviewed previously. If you’re interested in signing up for their perfume workshops, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK21” for a whopping 21% off workshop bookings online!

View the Dual Crayon Creation here.
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