At Wah so Shiok, I mainly feature microbrands, especially local efforts in the fields of watches and formalwear. As a budding entrepreneur myself, I respect those who go off the beaten path to pursue their passion. Often, the journey is tough and arduous. It is an uphill climb to get the word out – even Singaporeans themselves often are unaware about the existence of local watchmakers, tailors, and craftsmen. In case you didn’t know, there ARE Singaporeans in the fields of watchmaking, tailoring and leather goods. These are areas that requires immense handiwork and attention to detail – the human touch. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of fast fashions brands like Daniel Wellington and H&M, appreciation of the skill that goes behind these industries have declined. I hope that through this website, I can help promote local Singaporean efforts that strive to offer a better quality (and often more affordable) alternative to current mass-market options. If you would like to learn more about the local industry, and see if their offerings are “shiok” or not, follow Wah so Shiok here and on social media! If you are a local enterprise that would like me to review your product, feel free to get in touch! Thus far, I’ve had the fortune to meet a lot of brilliant, passionate people trying to make their mark. I sincerely believe that with time, a little exposure, and your support, they can succeed – with consumers the ultimate victor