Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! On this “shiok” Sunday, I’m compiling a list of homegrown brands where you can get affordable leather wallets from.

Get a quality leather wallet that will last you for years.

The wallets below range from a mere $35 to $119 at the top end of the spectrum. You don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for a wallet. Instead of splurging $300 on a Hugo Boss wallet – or even more on a Gucci/LV wallet – why not support some of the homegrown brands mentioned below instead?

1) Ed Charly

If you’re a fan of slim and minimalist wallets, you must check out the Ed Charly Classic.

The perfect minimalist wallet.

Who they are: Ed Charly describes themselves as a team of local product designers that aim to create meaningful products to suit the everyday needs of their customers. The inspiration for the brand first came about when said product designers realised that they had a preference for smaller wallets during short trips overseas. Realising that there wasn’t a minimalist travel wallet that had the functionality of being able to store cash, card and coins, the brand brought their concept to Kickstarter in 2017, where over 340 backers served as their proof of demand.

My opinion: Ed Charly excels at offering minimalist wallets that pack both style and substance. Though the brand currently has a few offerings, my favourite is definitely the Ed Classic in crazy horse leather. It’s affordable, crafted from full-grain crazy horse leather that will patina over time, has storage compartments for cards, coins and cash, and comes in a sleek, minimalist package. I’m actually seriously considering changing to the Ed Classic as my wallet of choice. For more information, I reviewed Ed Charly’s wallets here.

Price: Ed Charly’s wallets currently start at $39, with the Ed Classic costing just $59.

Shipping: Free islandwide.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their web-store here. A curation of my favourite Ed Charly products – specifically the Ed Classic – can also be purchased at The Shiok Shop.

2) Oxhide Leather

For those on a tight budget, I recommend checking out Oxhide Leather.

Terrific bang-for-buck.

Who they are: Oxhide’s mission statement is to “provide premium quality leather products to the world…. products that are trendy, fashionable and useful. [Oxhide] constantly strive to improve our designs in terms of their appearance, usefulness, and quality.”

My opinion: If I have to sum Oxhide up in a word, it would be terrific value. Oxhide’s range of wallets is affordable but mostly made out of full-grain leather. As compared to those cheap wallets you see being sold in Pasar Malams, their wallets are clearly a tier higher in quality. For those uninitiated in leather, leather generally comes in three quality tiers – genuine leather, top-grain leather, and full-grain leather, in ascending order of quality. More information about leather quality can be found in this terrific article here. Honestly, I think Oxhide makes some of the cheapest full-grain leather wallets in the market currently, and they are even backed by a 6 months guarantee. Granted, Oxhide’s wallets aren’t the most visually striking, but if you’re simply looking for an affordable wallet that won’t break after a few months, Oxhide fits the bill perfectly. For more information, I reviewed a wallet from Oxhide here, and reviewed a variety of its latest wallets here.

Price: Oxhide’s wallets currently start at $39. As Oxhide Leather is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK-SHIOK to enjoy 10% off all online orders. Yes – that means that you can get a full-grain wallet from Oxhide for just $35!

Shipping: Free islandwide.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their web-store here. A curation of my favourite Oxhide products can also be purchased on The Shiok Shop.

3) Kisetsu

Fans of rugged yet minimalist wallets will love Kisetsu, specifically the Kisetsu Kaizen.

My current wallet of choice.

Who they are: If the brand sounds familiar, that’s because Kisetsu took Kickstarter by storm in 2021 with the Kaizen, raising money from over 900 backers. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out great for the brand thereafter, culminating in a disastrous Kickstarter project for the Shinkai (just visit the comments). Ed Charly swooped in to bring the Kisetsu brand under its fold, buying out the remainder of its stock.

My opinion: If the abovementioned Ed Classic is too minimalist for you and you find yourself needing more storage options, then the Kisetsu Kaizen Bifold wallet is a great choice. It’s ruggedly built yet elegantly svelte, with several thoughtful decisions that enhance its durability. There are also several nifty features, such as the anti-spill coin compartment, the quick-access card slot, and the travel-friendly SD/Sim card slots. At S$119, it’s pretty affordable for a full-grain leather bifold wallet too, making the Kisetsu Kaizen a great value proposition.

Price: Kisetsu’s wallets currently start at $45, with the Kisetsu Kaizen in particular costing $119.

Shipping: Free islandwide.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their web-store here. A curation of my favourite Kisetsu products – specifically the Kaizen Bifold wallet – can also be purchased at The Shiok Shop.

4) Faire Leather

One of my personal favourites, Faire Leather offers wallets that are simply packed with functionality.

Simple but packed with functionality.

Who they are: Faire Leather Co. describes themselves as “a men’s leather goods online label that redefines true value as Functional Luxury at a Fair Price.” Founded in Singapore by Joseph Lor and Ryan Choy, Faire Leather Co. taps traditional know-how from decades of heritage and experience with real-time feedback and data to create stylish products designed for maximum function.

My opinion: Unlike the other young startups on this list, Faire Leather Co is able to tap upon the decades worth of manufacturing capability of Tocco Toscano – ensuring that you get a quality product (likely crafted by the same craftsmen who have been making Tocco Toscano products for decades) at an affordable price. There’s a reason why they managed to raise over $400K on their debut Kickstarter project, making them one of the most funded Singaporean crowdfunded projects to date. Personally, I love the ability of Faire to combine sleek, minimalist looks with ultra-functional utility. Take their Specter Bifold Wallet for example. Despite the minimalist look, it has a hidden card slot and a quick access card slot with a pull-tab (seen above). Form and function, at a price that won’t break the bank. I reviewed the Specter Bifold Wallet with Cardholder here, and the Neo Zip Around wallet here.

Price: The Specter Bifold Wallet is priced at $99. As Faire Leather is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all online orders. Yes – that means that the Specter Bifold Wallet would only cost $89!

Shipping: Free islandwide.

Where to buy: Interested readers can order from their web-store here.

5) Gnome & Bow

Gnome & Bow offers beautiful storytelling wallets that are inspired by literary classics.

All wallets are monogrammable!

Who they are: “Gnome & Bow was founded on that very notion that bags can go beyond functionality to become a new medium for storytelling, evoking the same emotions as our favorite stories…Drawing inspiration from the classics to tales of fancy, we develop story elements that are imbued seamlessly into our goods….Timeless as the stories that inspire us, we believe that our bags should be too. Our collection of bags, wallets and small leather accessories are designed to be the perfect companion for the discerning individual.”

My opinion: Gnome & Bow is definitely another one of my personal favorites on this list. I love how they seamlessly weave literary elements of iconic fables into the design of their wallets. In particular, I love the patterned fabric lining that the brand uses, which gives their wallets a sartorial vibe. In addition, all of their wallets are monogrammable, making their wallets perfect as gifts too! Personally, I took the opportunity to include one of my favourite quotes (“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” from the iconic poem Ulysses) on one of their wallets. I find their wallets to be one of the most polished on this list. For more information, I reviewed Gnome & Bow’s wallets here.

Price: Gnome & Bow wallets currently start at $99. As Gnome & Bow is an official partner of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all online orders. Yes – that means that Gnome & Bow wallets can be had for as low as $89!

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their web-store here.

6) Obbi Good Label

A team of local leather artisans, Obbi Good Label specialises in offering rugged, sturdy products.

Who they are: Obbi Good Label describes itself as “a leather product company that produce handmade leather pieces that are unique as well as useful,” making products that will “last a lifetime”. Founded in 2008, all of Obbi Good Label’s leather products are made in-house in their Geylang workshop by their team of artisans, all of whom have to possess at least 10 years of experience.

My opinion: I like the brand’s commitment to delivering rugged, durable products that will stand the test of time. Being a local team of leather artisans, OGL’s products are impeccable. For example, I quite liked the OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet (pictured above). It’s very different from the previous wallets that I’ve reviewed (from Gnome & Bow, Faire Leather, Oxhide, etc), and has a distinct EDC vibe. Rugged bags aren’t that uncommon, but robust wallets are still a rare sight. For those looking for an adventure-ready wallet, the OGL OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet would be perfect for your needs.

International shipping: Yes, free above $150 USD.

Price: Starts at $50 USD/ ~S$69 for wallets. As Obbi Good Label is an official partner of Wah so Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all non-promotional products store-wide! That means you can get an artisanally crafted OGL wallet for just $45 USD/ ~S$62.

Where to buy: Interested readers can buy from their web-store here. 

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No matter what your budget is, you can definitely find a well-crafted, durable leather wallet from one of the homegrown brands above! In this current COVID-19 crisis, local small businesses have been suffering, and I’m sure that each and every one of the brands above would greatly appreciate your support. Instead of buying a generic Picard/Herschel/Bellroy/Braun Buffel/etc wallet, why not get one from a local brand instead? Not only would you be getting more bang for your buck, you’re also contributing towards helping our small businesses stay afloat. If you’re currently in need of a new leather wallet, I highly suggest considering the brands I mentioned above!

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