General Elections 2020 is just around the corner, and it’s proving to be one of the most interesting GEs in recent memory. From gaffes about East Coast Plans to an 80-year-old former PAP MP turned opposition candidate becoming an internet sensation, GE 2020 is shaping up to be an intriguing contest.

While not technically a candidate, it’s interesting to see an Apple Watch on Lee Hsien Yang’s wrist.

I recently caught the live televised debate on television, and spotted some noteworthy watches on the candidates’ wrists. I thought – why not do a short article on the watches of some of the candidates? As such, here are the watches that I spotted on the wrists of 5 candidates that are standing for GE 2020!

Disclaimer: The opinions I expressed here are my own, and are in no way meant to support/disparage any particular candidate or party.

1) Jamus Lim

The golden boy of opposition politics currently, Jamus Lim won the hearts of countless Singaporeans with his intelligent showing during the debate. I’ll say this – it would be a terrible pity if he isn’t in parliament.

Jamus Lim wearing a vintage Tag Heuer diver. Source: Jamus Lim’s Facebook.

On the wrist: Jamus appears to be wearing a vintage Tag Heuer Professional diver. I can’t tell exactly which model it is, but if I were to hazard a guess it probably is the Tag Heuer 2000 series.

My opinion: I couldn’t think of a more perfect watch for Jamus Lim. It’s a watch that shows thought and consideration but also inexpensive enough to reflect humility. Notably, Bill Gates (renowned for being remarkably down-to-earth) wore the Tag Heuer 2000 series at one point of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if his Tag Heuer 2000 holds sentimental value – perhaps something his dad got him upon graduating university, or the watch he got himself with his first paycheck. The Tag Heuer 2000 series is known to be “beater” watch as well. Perfect for someone from the Worker’s Party!

2) Vivian Balakrishnan

Currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vivian Balakrishnan is a political veteran, having been in politics since 2001. During the televised debate, he fended off questions from the main opposition parties, and got into a spar of words with Chee Soon Juan of the SDP regarding the “10 million population” issue.

Vivian Balakrishnan wearing an Apple Watch. Source: Mediacorp

On the wrist: Apple Watch.

My opinion: A very fitting watch for Vivian Balakrishnan. The Apple Watch is the perfect watch for a technocrat like Vivian. It’s a timepiece (if you can even call it that) that prioritises efficiency, being able to provide the wearer with a myriad of functionality that no mechanical watch can. As the Minister of Foreign Affiars, I’m sure Vivian is a very busy man, and the Apple Watch undoubtedly helps him keep tracks of all his tasks and meetings. Also, kudos to Vivian for matching the white strap of his watch to his white attire – extra style points.

3) Francis Yuen

A former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Francis Yuen – who’s a candidate of the Progress Singapore Party – was described by Mothership as “a man with the resume of a PAP candidate”. He too appeared in this week’s televised debate, and his timepiece definitely caught my eye.

Francis Yuen wearing a vintage Rolex Datejust. Source: Mediacorp

On the wrist: Vintage two-tone Rolex Datejust. Again, it’s impossible to say with certainty what series it is, but if I have to guess it’s probably the 16014.

My opinion: It’s definitely intriguing to spot a Rolex on a political candidate’s wrist – I can’t recall another candidate that wears a Rolex publicly for fear of being seen as out-of-touch. In this instance however, I actually think that the watch fits Francis’ image well. A two-tone Rolex 16014 is probably the quintessential “uncle” watch. Personally (maybe because I’m a watch enthusiast) I don’t think it looks ostentatious on his wrist. Like Jamus Lim, it’s probably a watch with sentimental value, perhaps a wedding gift for himself, or to celebrate his first-born.

4) Pritam Singh

The leader of the Worker’s Party, Pritam Singh is without doubt the most illustrious opposition candidate standing in GE 2020.

Pritam Singh wearing what appears to be the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Source: Pritam Singh’s Facebook.

On the wrist: I’m pretty sure Pritam Singh is wearing the Omega Speedmaster Professional. It’s hard to say for certain, but the dome of the Hesalite crystal is unmistakable.

My opinion: Out of all the watches on this list, I find Pritam’s choice the most intriguing. The Omega Speedmaster Professional is by no means an inexpensive watch, but it’s definitely not as recognisable as a Rolex Datejust – only those in the know, know. I assume that Pritam was attracted to the history behind the iconic Moonwatch, and strives to make the same historic mark in Singapore’s political landscape. A very interesting choice by Singapore’s top opposition MP.

5) Chan Chun Sing

Of course, a list of politicians and their watches wouldn’t be complete without featuring Chan Chun Sing.

Chan Chun Sing wearing the Casio F-91W. Source: Straits Times.

On the wrist: The humble Casio F-91W.

My opinion: Chan Chun Sing is known as one of PAP’s most humble and down-to-earth ministers, and his relationship with his Casio F-91W watch certainly attests to that. Chun Sing has been wearing the Casio F-91W since his army days, and famously said: “The watch fulfils the purpose of telling time. Never needed anything more than that.” Now a trademark of his, he appreciates the watch for its durability, only swapping out the strap every few years when it inevitably breaks. The same pragmatic, no-nonsense mindset is illustrated in his policies and speech as well.


I hope that you guys enjoyed this article! It was certainly fun looking through photos of the various candidates, trying to deduce what they were wearing. I have a feeling that this will be a very telling GE – it will show what level of trust Singaporeans currently have in their government. I know this is probably oversaid, but please vote wisely. Take the time to educate yourself, to read the parties’ manifestos, to research the candidates’ pasts and find out what their stances on certain policy issues are. Remember – the key to a functioning democracy is an educated populace.

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