Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing a pair of accessories from local feng shui accessories label Hoseiki.

I’ve reviewed a Hoseiki bracelet before, when the brand was in its infancy. Since then, Hoseiki has grown by leaps and bounds, and was even recently featured by The Peak. The brand has since revamped its product offerings with more accessories, and reached back out to see if I would take a look at some. Let’s take a closer look.

Hoseiki – Covenant Special Eyes Series Bracelet

Hoseiki’s bestsellers are its Pixiu bracelets. Currently, the brand is focusing on its Special Eyes series, which features 5 different bracelets representing the 5 elements of feng shui (Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, Fire).

Hoseiki offers free Bazi and Numerology readings. While I’m not exactly an enthusiast, I figured something free couldn’t hurt, so I went along with it.

My Bazi reading.

As it turns out, I’m supposedly the Wood element in feng shui. As a “wood” person, I would be best served by water element features (as accessories, furniture, etc), and thus the brand sent me its Covenant bracelet.

The Covenant bracelet features four different crystals: smoky quartz glass for “cleansing, healing and balance”, eagle eye for “perception”, blue pietersite for “intuition and insight”, and lapis lazuli for “inner truth awareness”.

Aside from the purported benefits, the usage of four different crystals results in a bracelet that is eminently striking on the wrist. Feng Shui bracelets aren’t uncommon, but those cheaper ones that you might get from Chinatown often use black beads that are dull and unimaginative as an accessory. Here, the beads genuinely look like breathtaking planets, and come across as fashion-forward rather than traditional or tacky.

Additionally, the Covenant bracelet features dual Pixiu charms made from 925 sterling silver, which Hoseiki says have been blessed in a temple for peace and good wealth.

Unlike the brand’s other Pixiu bracelets (like the one I previously reviewed), the Covenant Pixiu charms feature genuine sapphire crystals as their “special eyes”. Each bracelet in the “special eyes” collection features different precious stones – the metal element bracelet has diamonds, the wood element bracelet has emeralds, the earth element bracelet has topaz stones, and the fire element bracelet has rubies. The precious stones chosen reflect the colour and element of the bracelet.

Again, I can’t comment on the feng shui efficacy as it isn’t my domain. However, I have to say that I like the blue sapphires, which add the perfect atas icing on the cake to the otherwise already intricate bracelet. It’s a head-turner, yet relatively easy to pair stylistically. I paired the Covenant bracelet with a blue suit, and it didn’t look out of place at all. The only knock is its relatively high price point – the Covenant bracelet would set you back $456 (after the promo code below). That’s more than double the price of Hoseiki’s usual Pixiu bracelets. The markup is largely due to the precious stones used in this “Special Eyes” series, so whether it’s worth it depends on your taste and budget.

Hoseiki – Plethora Men’s Wealth Necklace

While Pixiu bracelets are the brand’s mainstay, Hoseiki is also branching out into other accessories such as necklaces.

Made from 925 sterling silver, the Plethora Men’s Wealth Necklace comes in three colour options: Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver. Of the three, the Gold variant is supposedly coated in 18K gold, making it the most “worth” – which was why I opted for it.

The main highlight of the necklace is the abacus charm, which features movable abacus beads. Hoseiki says the abacus represents wealth, and therefore wearing the necklace should bring good wealth and luck to the wearer.

The brand name is engraved on the side of the abacus charm. The charm is octagonal, with its eight facets being fitting as 8 is commonly related to wealth in Chinese culture.

I also like the little touches, such as having the brand logo engraved on the tail end of the necklace.

On the neck, the Plethora Men’s Wealth necklace is a looker. It gives off slight old-money vibes, and I can imagine it on the neck of a Hong Kong business tycoon for example. Like the Pixiu bracelet, it doesn’t come across as tacky – it’s not for YPs (young punks), for example. That being said, I do feel that the necklace is less unique than Hoseiki’s Pixiu bracelets. It’s also not exactly my style, though that is of course subjective.

The Plethora’s Men’s Wealth Necklace is also a tad pricey – after the promo code, it costs $168. If you’re a believer in the necklace’s feng shui abilities to invite wealth, then that’s a small price to pay. However, if you are to examine the necklace purely as a fashion accessory, then there might be other more compelling options in the market for the price.

Conclusion – so Hoseiki’s feng shui accessories “shiok” or not?

Once again, I have to reiterate that I’m reviewing Hoseiki’s accessories for what they are, not their feng shui values. I’m not going to write that I suddenly struck the lottery after wearing the brand’s accessories (although if I suddenly stopped updating the blog, you would know why). I genuinely like the craftsmanship, looks and uniqueness of the Covenant bracelet. Chinese or oriental-themed accessories are in vogue, and the Covenant bracelet separates itself from other similar bracelets in the market due to its striking and modern looks. I also enjoyed the Plethora’s Men’s Wealth Necklace, though it is more generic than the Hoseiki’s Pixiu bracelets.

Those interested in Hoseiki’s products can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK15” to enjoy 15% off all Hoseiki products online. After the discount, the “Special Eyes” bracelet costs $456, while the Plethora’s Men Wealth Necklace costs $168. The accessories come packaged in a nice gift box as well – perfect for Christmas!

View Hoseiki’s full range of offerings here.

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P.P.P.P.S Shiok is a common word Singaporeans use to express admiration or approval. As of 2016, you can find the definition of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary.