Hello everyone! In this listicle, I’ll be covering 7 aesthetic clinics that I’ve personally visited that also cater to men. Currently, most online reviews/articles are by women, covering aesthetic treatments meant for women.

That has always struck me as strange, given that men are more susceptible to cosmetic blemishes (acne, scarring, etc) than women. As such, I’ve recently embarked on a journey to learn more about aesthetic treatments for men – and these are 6 of the best clinics I’ve personally visited.

1) DrHaach

For those seeking laser treatments at affordable rates, DrHaach is a great way to get started in aesthetics.

Treatments done: Hyser laser and Chemical Hypeel for acne scars, Haach Perfect Gentlemen Cleanse facial for maintenance.

Why I like them: Over at DrHaach, I appreciate Dr. Kenneth’s amiable nature and expertise – the Hyser laser + Chemical Hypeel treatments were effective without being time-consuming. Note that technically, all laser procedures should be done by a MOH-certified doctor. I’ve seen advertisements by beauty salons where laser treatments are administered by beauticians, and that simply should not be the case. DrHaach also shares the same space with its sister brand Haach, where I loved the pampering yet functional nature of Haach’s Perfect Gentlemen Cleanse facial.  I found it interesting that the brand has a facial targeting men – which actually makes sense, considering men face breakouts more often than women. I view it as an excellent maintenance facial and a nice little treat for oneself too. And given that both DrHaach and Haach are located on the same premises, it’s a clear “one stone two birds” scenario.

Price: Those interested in the DrHaach laser treatments can take advantage of affordable trial prices – a trial session of Hyser at DrHaach costs just $39, making it possibly the cheapest laser trial in town. The trial session is non-committal, so you can go down to try out the aesthetic treatment for yourself before deciding if it’s up your alley. Simply book your initial trial session at this link here, and Wah So Shiok readers not only get to enjoy the affordable trial price, but also a 10% discount on future sessions (even on package prices).

Review: I did a detailed review of DrHaach/Haach’s services here.

2) DrPlus

Interestingly, Dr. Kenneth also has his own aesthetic clinic named DrPlus, located in SBF Medical Suites (near Telok Ayer/Tanjong Pagar) where he focuses on collagen-infused aesthetic treatments, as well as men-centric treatments such as laser hair removal and Valor Plus (which helps combat erectile dysfunction).

Treatments done: Laser hair removal, Valor Plus for penile maintenance/erectile dysfunction

Why I like them: I had a positive time with Dr. Kenneth at DrHaach, and I’m pleased to report that extends to him at DrPlus as well. In some senses, I prefer Dr. Kenneth at DrPlus – DrPlus felt more personal and laid-back (making it perfect for potentially awkward treatments such as the Boyzillian or Valor Plus) than the big chain image of DrHaach. It’s like going to your neighbourhood GP clinic versus going to Raffles Medical. There’s nothing wrong with Raffles Medical of course, but I personally have a slight preference for the homely feel of the neighbourhood GP clinic. As for the results, I’ve found my body hair to be growing thinner and slower after the laser treatments, while the Valor Plus treatment was also noticeably effective. 

Price: Wah So Shiok readers get to enjoy special trial prices – $9.90 for underarm collagen laser hair removal, $39.00 for Valor Plus, and $180 for the Collagen Plus facial. Should you choose to sign up for further sessions after the trials, readers also get an exclusive 20% discount on regular treatment prices, which also extends to other treatments such as Botox, HIFU, Threadlifts, etc. Simply state that you were referred by Wah So Shiok in the booking message, and you’ll get to enjoy the affordable trial sessions and discounts. As always, the trial sessions are non-committal, so feel free to go for one and determine for yourselves if the treatments are effective afterwards. 

Review: I did a detailed review of DrPlus’ hair removal and Valor Plus treatments here, and its Collagen Plus facial here.

3) Asimont Clinic

If budget is a concern, Asimont Clinic offers an upscale experience at affordable trial prices.

With Dr. Alfred Li of Asimont Clinic.

Treatment done: Sylfirm X RF Microneedling

Why I like them: I really enjoyed the Sylfirm X RF Microneedling treatment. It’s brief (the treatment process was around 20 minutes), and has little side-effects, making it a great lunchtime treatment option. While Asimont isn’t the only clinic locally to offer Sylfirm X, it does offer it at a relatively affordable price (especially considering its Orchard location), done by the steady Dr. Li. I also have to give props to the Asimont assistants, who called me the next day to check if the redness had quelled. It’s the little touches like these that separate great aesthetic clinics from average ones.

Price: Those looking to try out the Sylfirm X treatment can quote “WAHSOSHIOK” while making your appointment to enjoy a special trial price of $238. To secure the trial price, simply fill in this booking form. The trial price is very attractive – in fact, it might be one of the cheapest in the local market.

Review: I did a detailed review of Asimont Clinic’s treatments here.

4) Lux Aesthetic Clinic

If you prefer a female aesthetic doctor, I would recommend Dr. Kellyn Shiau of Lux Aesthetic Clinic.

Treatments done: Q-switch laser treatment for acne scars, Hydrafacial for maintainance

Why I like them: I was initially worried that Dr. Shiau would come across as too posh (given her high-profile media features), but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she is actually very down-to-earth. We had a short conversation during the Q-switch treatment, and when asked why she decided to specialise as an aesthetic doctor, she replied that she found aesthetic medical work eminently satisfying as she’s helping others (including me) increase their self-esteem and enhance their confidence. Honestly, most aesthetic clinics have the same laser/aesthetic machines and treatments, so efficacy-wise it’s not going to differ by much. It’s the doctor that makes a difference, and it’s always great to have one who’s passionate about their craft.

Price: For first-time customers, you can quote the promo code “WAHSOSHIOKLUX” in-store to enjoy a free consultation with Dr. Shiau, which would allow her to analyse your skin condition and recommend suitable treatments. Price is admittedly on the higher side – and there aren’t trial sessions available – but I suppose expertise cannot be valued in dollars and cents.

Review: I did a detailed review of Lux Aesthetic Clinic’s treatments here.

5) Gangnam Laser Clinic

As its name suggests, Gangnam Laser Clinic specialises in laser treatments, offering a bevvy of laser technologies that are popular in Korea, including Pico Laser (currently in vogue), Ultra Yellow Laser, and skin boosters.

With Dr. Khaw of Gangnam Laser Clinic.

Treatments done: Pico laser and skin booster for acne scars

Why I like them: As Gangnam Laser Clinic (GLC) specialises in laser treatments, it offers certain laser treatments that other aesthetic clinics do not (the aforementioned clinics do not offer Pico laser, nor yellow laser). If you’re keeping up with the latest trends in aesthetics and want to try them out, GLC is a great place to start your aesthetic journey. I was attended to by Dr. Daniel Khaw, who shared with me that he used to be a psychiatrist before transitioning to becoming an aesthetic doctor. When I questioned his seemingly unconventional career change, he relayed that both are actually similar as both professions help patients feel better about themselves. That really struck a chord with me, and I could sense his interest in improving not just the physical condition of his patients, but also their mental state as well.

Price: Readers who are interested in trying out Gangnam Laser Clinic can enjoy a promotional trial price of $118 for the Pico Laser treatment. Should you take up a package afterwards, you can still quote “WAHSOSHIOK” for 10% off the package price, and on other treatments such as the skin booster procedure (for new customers only). Simply book via the hotline at: 6536 8393 | 9727 8421 (WhatsApp) for One Raffles Place, or 6275 3381 | 9727 4541 (WhatsApp) for Harbourfront Centre to enjoy the discount.

Review: I did a detailed review of Gangnam Laser Clinic’s treatments here.

6) ONLY Aesthetics

If you’re looking for slimming treatments, ONLY Aesthetics is one of the go-tos in that category.

Treatments done: ONLift for face slimming, ONLISsculpt for tummy slimming

Why I like them: I was especially impressed by the immediate effects of ONLift – I can see it coming in handy if you’re planning to impress a date in a pinch, or simply as a maintenance treatment. Facial fat is one of the hardest to lose as well, so I can definitely see the value of ONLift. I would say that ONLISculpt is more of a mixed bag as it’s more uncomfortable than ONLift, while the effects are also less obvious. That’s not to say that results won’t be more evident after multiple treatments, but that will also be cost-prohibitive. It’s perhaps best for those that have already tried dieting (and either hated it or simply couldn’t stick to it) as well as regular exercising, but still can’t lose that belly fat – a last resort, rather than a first option.

Price: Those wanting to try out either treatment can take advantage of a trial price – $598 for ONLISculpt, and $798 for ONLift. If you’re satisfied with the results and would like to continue the treatments, you can quote “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off your first package for ONLY-branded treatments (excluding hair removal, Coolsculpting, doctor treatments and products). The only caveat is that bookings must be made directly to ONLY Aesthetics’ Lead Team for the discount to be applicable – either to Sarah at 81237714, or to Jaz at 83614868. The bookings are applicable for any of the brand’s 6 locations across Singapore.

Review: I did a detailed review of ONLY Aesthetics’ treatments here.

7) DrScalp

While DrScalp isn’t an aesthetic clinic, hair woes (hair loss, greying hair, etc) are clearly aesthetic problems as well. For those seeking hair-related treatments, my recommendation would be to go to DrScalp – they use AI technology in examining your scalp, setting them apart from regular hair salons.

Treatments done: Hair detoxifying treatment, Men’s haircut

Why I like them: Hair treatments/haircuts are a dime a dozen – if you’ve been to even a neighbourhood hair salon, chances are that you would have been pushed a hair treatment deal. Incorporating artificial intelligence technology into the process, however, is decidedly rarer and therefore should be lauded. I enjoyed the futuristic ambience of DrScalp, the hair treatments, as well as the haircut at the end. In essence, DrScalp is a one-stop shop for all things hair/scalp-related, and they do so at a fairly reasonable price.

Price: Those interested in trying out DrScalp’s hair treatments can take advantage of affordable trial prices – $59 for a hair detoxifying treatment, which also includes a $50 return voucher that can be used to offset hair services (men’s haircut costs $51, while women’s haircut goes for $61). In other words, it would cost only $60 for both the hair treatment and a haircut ($70 for females), which is a fairly affordable way to try out DrScalp’s services. These trial sessions are non-committal, so you can go down to try out the treatment/haircut for yourself before deciding if it’s up your alley. Simply book your initial trial sessions at this link here, and Wah So Shiok readers not only get to enjoy the affordable trial prices, but also a 10% discount on future sessions (even on package prices). 

Review: I did a detailed review of DrScalp’s treatments here.


That sums up this short listicle on the 6 best aesthetic clinics that cater to men. I’ve personally visited all of them, and put my own skin on the line. After doing so, I can confidently attest to the merits of all 7 options listed in this article. Whether you’re looking for acne scar, slimming, hair removal, hair loss, or even erectile dysfunction treatments, these 7 options will have something for you. It’s time to break out of gender stereotypes – men can embrace aesthetic treatments as well.

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