Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll review my experience at the Blossom Lounge in Changi Airport, Terminal 4.

Blossom Lounge is the sole Priority Pass lounge in Changi Airport, Terminal 4. I’ve previously reviewed Marhaba Lounge (another PP lounge) in Terminal 1, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. Let’s see if Blossom Lounge in Terminal 4 fares better.

Blossom Lounge – Video

If you’re interested in seeing some hands-on footage of my experience at Blossom Lounge, do watch the Youtube video below:

Blossom Lounge – Review

For one, Blossom Lounge looks to be better maintained than Marhaba Lounge – probably because it’s much newer.

It has a dedicated dining area that’s pretty spacious – roomier than the aforementioned Marhaba Lounge. I estimate that about 50 guests can be accommodated in the dining area easily.

However, there was less variety as compared to Marhaba Lounge. The only hot food provided was fried fish and mixed vegetables with beancurd.

During my visit, the lounge offered a daily special, which happened to be Laksa. Although Blossom Lounge isn’t Halal-certified, it does state that no pork or lard is used in its cooking.

Rounding up the cooked offering was a curry, yellow rice, and mushroom soup.

There’s also cereal, toast, and a few confectionary options (muffins, cakes, etc). Interestingly, there’s even a toaster for those who prefer their bread freshly toasted.

Of course, there’s a salad bar that’s filled with fresh vegetables and pasta. And unlike in the Marhaba Lounge, I didn’t spot any flies around the area.

There’s even Udders Ice Cream available as dessert, which is a thoughtful local touch. However, only the Belgian Chocolate flavour was available – not that I minded, because who doesn’t like chocolate?

Moving on to the beverage offerings, Blossom Lounge has a decent selection available. A few variants of Yeo’s drinks (another local touch) are available, while tonic water is available (presumably as mixers) too. There’s also Cheers beer, as well as Taiwanese grape beer (my personal favourite).

White wine comes in the form of the Prestigum Cuvee Speciale, which I’ve never heard of. It doesn’t even have a rating on Vinio, though a review described it as “flavoured water”.

Red wine is by the same nondescript brand, with a few other hard liquor offerings (gin, whiskey, vodka) available. Tea offerings are by the English Tea Shop (it was not bad – I surreptitiously swiped a few for my flight), with coffee being dispensed by a Lavazza coffee machine.

And if you simply need a quick fix, the ever-reliable Shin Ramyun is available as well.

Here’s the part where I dabble in food reviewing. Firstly, the confectionary was alright – definitely not freshly baked, but passable. The Tyrell’s chips were…Tyrell’s (a premium brand of potato chips), so they were a joy to eat. The pesto pasta was interesting as well, with the pesto giving an added dimension to the usual plain pasta you see at salad bars. I also liked the rice, which was soft and very easy to eat. I loved the beancurd – they were my favourite. On the other hand, the fried fish was soggy and underwhelming, though the sweet and sour marination was decent. Unfortunately, the mushroom soup with croutons was terrible – undrinkable. To wash out the taste, I went for two servings of Taiwan beer, where the sweet grape flavour washed out the gritty remnants of the (undoubtedly) canned mushroom soup.

The Laksa was also commendable, with a nice lemakness that was eminently inviting. While it isn’t quite Katong Laksa, all the ingredients were cooked nicely, and the broth had a depth of flavour. It’s an authentic bowl of laksa, and I saw quite a number of tourists slurping it up. Once again, I paired it with the Taiwan beer to cut through the spice.

Although I was fairly full by then, I went back for a third helping of beancurd and rice. The beancurds had a nice char to them, and was seasoned well. Paired with the flavoured rice, the combination was addictive, especially when combined with a gin and tonic.

To finish off the meal, I helped myself to Udder’s Belgian Chocolate ice-cream, as well as a glass of whiskey on the rocks. I was slightly woozy afterwards – the best way to calm pre-flight nerves.

After I’d had my fill, I managed my food coma by browsing through the magazine selection. Blossom Lounge had significantly more titles than Marhaba Lounge, and I found myself pouring through the latest edition of Revolution while waiting for my flight.

Blossom Lounge has these cosy reading booths (equipped with a reading light and a small side table), where I found myself tucked in, sipping on a second glass of whisky while pouring through Revolution. It’s a class above my experience at Marhaba Lounge – this is what a lounge experience should feel like.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Blossom Lounge. Truth be told, I didn’t have high expectations given that it was located in Terminal 4, otherwise known as the “Budget” Terminal. Yet, the experience was anything but budget. The food offerings (though limited) were mostly tasty, with some surprisingly atas offerings such as Tyrell’s chips, Taiwan grape beer, and Udder’s ice cream. The atmosphere felt classy too, with a wide variety of magazines available and upscale booths that were both comfortable and private. I definitely will return to Blossom Lounge whenever I’m travelling out of Terminal 4 – it’s a near-perfect pre-flight experience.

Blossom Lounge Opening Hours: 24 hours.

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