Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing my recent staycation experience at Novotel Singapore on Kitchener Road.

Plenty of new hotels have opened in the past 6 months, with Novotel Singapore on Kitchener being one of them. A four-star hotel located in the heart of Farrer Park, I decided to book a stay to try out this “new” hotel. Let’s see how my stay went.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener – Video Review

Those interested in viewing some hands-on footage of my stay can watch the Youtube review of Novotel Singapore on Kitchener below:

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener – the Brand

Previously known as ParkRoyal on Kitchener Road, the building was brought under the Novotel (and therefore Accor) family late last year. Located along Kitchener Road (opposite City Square Mall), Novotel Singapore on Kitchener is a 4-star establishment boasting 543 rooms. It’s a full-fledged hotel, equipped with a gym, pool, and restaurant.

Despite a recent renovation and its full-fledged status, rates at Novotel Singapore on Kitchener are relatively affordable, going for around $227 per night on the Accor website. I thought that was a good rate, and as I’m an Accor Gold member (which comes with early check-in/late check-out, room upgrade, and complimentary welcome drinks) I decided to give the hotel a shot.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener – Review

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener is a stone throw’s away from Farrer Park MRT, and a short car ride away from most major tourist destinations in town.

Located directly opposite City Square Mall, the hotel is hard to miss, with its immaculately manicured lawns generating a positive first impression.

Once inside, the foyer is rather huge, with numerous check-in counters available. Given the hotel’s size, that’s to be expected, with queues largely manageable. I arrived at around 2 pm to take advantage of my early check-in but was told my room was not yet ready.

Instead, I was directed to the hospitality lounge, where I could wait for my room to be ready. While it’s never pleasant to have to wait, I have to commend Novotel Singapore on Kitchener for having a dedicated lounge for guests to wait and relax. Equipped with power ports, a vending machine and even a water dispenser, I saw some guests furiously typing on their keyboards in the lounge, while others simply scrolled through Tiktok.

After an hour’s wait, I was informed that my room was finally ready. I booked the lead-in Superior Room, and was initially upgraded to the Family Room due to my Accor Gold status (which usually guarantees a category room upgrade). However, due to the wait and therefore being unable to fulfil my early check-in, the counter staff kindly upgraded me a category higher to the Executive Suite room.

I’m pleased to report that the Executive Suite is fairly spacious at 48 square metres, which is larger than some one-bedroom condos. It’s almost twice the size of the Superior room, which is already decently roomy at 28 square metres.

Being a suite, the room comes with its living area, which comprises a TV, two sofas, and a table. The living area is quite large (about the same size as the bedroom), making it perfect for those looking to host a small party.

Not only can you link your smart devices to the TV (to play music, Netflix and chill, etc), but there’s also a QR code that guests can scan on their phones. This connects guests with the hotel’s live chat service, through which guests can make requests (such as asking for more towels, pillows, etc). I’ve tried the system, and unfortunately found it to be a mixed experience – sometimes my requests went unfulfilled, and other times there was a long wait. If you require amenities urgently, I would still recommend calling the front desk directly.

Business travellers will be pleased to know that there’s an ergonomic chair and desk in the suite. There are also numerous power ports, so guests can type away on their laptops in comfort.

There are also plenty of refreshments provided, such as Dilmah tea, Nescafe instant coffee, and Nespresso coffee capsules – all the caffeine you need to power through your work trip.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener opted for a modern open wardrobe during its recent refurbishment of the rooms. It’s an aesthetic touch that I appreciate, as the sleek wardrobe gives the room an upscale feel. A safe and in-room slippers are also provided, along with a spacious bag rest for your luggage and bags.

And if you need to iron your clothes before your business meeting, the room also comes with an iron and ironing board, which is cleverly stored out of sight.

The highlight of the Executive Suite has to be the bedroom. I love the minimalist but classy decor – it looks like a condo showroom. It’s understated luxury, without feeling over the top. And although not the largest, it’s quite a decent size too, with a King-sized bed fitting with no issues. My only knock is that it’s not a true King bed, but rather two single beds joined together.

Second TV in the bedroom.

There’s a secondary TV in the bedroom – perfect for couples to enjoy a nice Netflix and chill moment. There are also bedside lighting and power ports on both sides, allowing guests to charge their electronics on their respective sides.

The view.

While I was given a relatively high floor (14th), the view was nothing to shout about.

Gleaming bathroom.

On the other hand, the bathroom is worth mentioning. Decked out in faux white marble, the bathroom exudes an atas feel, and is quite spacious too. In particular, I like the concealed cistern toilet bowl, which comes with an in-built bidet.

Separate bathtub and shower spaces.

Unlike most 4-star (and even some 5-star) hotels, the Executive Suite features separate bathtub and shower spaces. Combined shower and bathtubs are a pet peeve of mine, so I’m happy to see that’s not the case here. The shower area is even enclosed in glass to prevent any spillage into the bathtub – thoughtful design.

Grohe showerheads.

The shower area is decently sized, and able to fit two people without much difficulty. Both a rain shower and a handheld showerhead are available, while the Grohe fixtures mean that temperature control and water pressure are spot on.

The amenities are from a brand called Deep Nature Spa, which seems to be a French cosmetics label. While not as luxurious as the Le Labo amenities from Fairmont, they get the job done with a refreshing after feel.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener is one of the latest hotels to jump on the sustainability bandwagon, eliminating plastic water bottles in rooms. While we have seen this before in other hotels (such as Village Hotel Bugis), Novotel Singapore on Kitchener goes one step further by providing a filtered tap in the toilet for your drinking needs.

The hotel’s commitment to sustainability extends to its toiletries, which come packaged in eco-friendly recyclable bags. Hand wash and body lotion are also provided, courtesy of Deep Nature.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener – Amenities

Being a full-fledged 4-star hotel, the premises come replete with a host of amenities.

Firstly, there’s an impressively equipped gym. Like the Executive Suite, all the equipment looks modern and new – just look at the widescreen treadmills.

While not as big as Fairmont, the gym at Novotel Singapore on Kitchener is well-equipped, with all the machines and free weights that you need for a full-body workout. Aside from a rowing machine and treadmills, there are also cable flies, a smith machine, lower body machines, and two benches for free weight workouts.

There’s also a yoga room, stocked with medicine balls and yoga mats. If you prefer callisthenics exercises, this might be the room for you – it even comes with a pool view.

The pool itself is decently sized, with a relaxing open-air atmosphere. It’s not quite a rooftop pool – not many views to speak of – but it will do the trick for those looking to put some laps in. There are also plenty of lounge chairs and cabanas along the pool for guests to rest and relax.

There’s even a kids pool, though a jacuzzi is noticeably missing. However, I appreciate the meticulously manicured flora, which gives the pool a resort-esque vibe.

I wonder if it’s in use…

I also passed by an ‘Executive Lounge’, though it doesn’t appear to be used – the room is barely furnished with no staff present. I imagine Novotel Singapore on Kitchener may convert this into an actual lounge room soon, serving canapes and drinks to suite guests.

There’s also a laundromat room, allowing guests to wash their garments if necessary.

I also want to highlight the vending machines and ice dispensers that are placed on every floor – they provide convenience for guests, who don’t have to trek to the nearest 7-11 just for some snacks and cold drinks.

My only knock is my experience at CALI, which is the hotel’s main restaurant (they do the in-room dining as well). As an Accor Gold member, I was entitled to welcome drinks at the property’s restaurant. At Fairmont, that meant cocktails at the breathtaking SKAI bar, but at Novotel Singapore on Kitchener, the welcome drinks were tiny cups of store-bought Iced Lemon Tea (which was served with no ice) and orange juice. The food was sub-par as well, with the Carbonara bafflingly bland, though the Indian food was slightly better. Still, the experience was underwhelming – I would have expected at least glasses of wine or spirits, given the stature of the hotel. Even ibis Styles Singapore Albert served cappuccinos and lattes as welcome drinks, and that’s a three-star establishment.

Conclusion – so Novotel Singapore on Kitchener “shiok” or not?

Overall though, I have to say that my stay at Novotel Singapore on Kitchener was a highly positive one. Firstly, the Executive Suite is spacious, newly renovated and well-equipped, making it perfect for both business travellers and those looking to host a party. Secondly, the room is clean as a whistle – I didn’t find any stains or cleanliness lapses throughout my stay. Thirdly, Novotel Singapore on Kitchener boasts a wide range of amenities, except for the noticeable absence of a spa. Fourthly, I also liked the location of the hotel, especially for a staycation since there are many suppers and late-night shopping spots nearby. Lastly, the service was commendable too, especially for a four-star establishment. I would say that the service is slightly more personable than that of Fairmont, with the counter staff generally being more flexible as well.

However, the biggest boon for the hotel is its very reasonable pricing. At ~S$200 a night, it’s one of the most bang-for-buck hotels that I know of. There are other four-star hotels around the same price (such as Furama City Centre and Riverfront), but those tend to be older hotels with dated rooms. Given the refreshed nature of Novotel Singapore on Kitchener, as well as its convenient location, it’s currently my top value proposition for staycations – I will be back.

Novotel Singapore on Kitchener Location: 181 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208533

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