Hello everyone! In today’s listicle, I will be rounding up 5 affordable fountain pens which you can get here in Singapore. Often, people shy away from fountain pens because they have the impression that fountain pens are expensive and inaccessible. That need not be the case, and you can easily get great fountain pens that write outstandingly for well under $100.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a good fountain pen.

Without further ado, these are 5 of my favourite fountain pens for under $100! Pens are arranged in ascending order of price. All of the pens mentioned below can be purchased from local stationery purveyor, Cityluxe.


For those who want to see some hands-on video footage of the fountains pens, do watch the Youtube video below!

Hands-on footage of what I consider to be the best 5 fountain pens one can get for under $100.

1) Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco is often described as the “go-to” starter pen for budding pen enthusiasts. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the pen world, consider the Kaweco Skyline Sport!

The Kaweco Sport Skyline, seen here in Macchiato colour.

Description: “Today there is a contemporary version of the Kaweco Sport – the SKYLINE series. The silver accents, i.e. the silver imprint and the silver metal logo on top of the cap make all the difference. The name SKYLINE represents the colour silver, as well as lifestyle and fashion in major cities around the world.”

My opinion: The Kaweco Sport is one of the few writing instruments that have been successful in the market for decades without big changes. The original Kaweco Sport was introduced in 1935, with the design remaining virtually unchanged since its introduction. One of its most beloved attributes is its compact size, which is just 10.5cm when closed. This means that it will easily slip into the breast pocket for your suit, or the pen pocket of your shirt! It also comes in a multitude of interesting colours, with my favourite being the salmon-pink Macchiato colourway seen above. It writes very smoothly as well, given its low price point. In fact, it’s so popular that there’s a ton of reviews out there on the Kaweco Sport – I’ll link some down below!

When posted, it is the perfect length for writing.

Reviews: The Pen Addict, A Better Desk, The Pen Company, Penhabit, Hand Over That Pen, The Nerdy Student

Price (after promo code): $35

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s web-store. As Cityluxe is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off storewide!

2) TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

The TWSBI Eco is a great beginners-friendly pen with an iconic aesthetic.

The TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Clear.

Description: “The TWSBI ECO (short for “economical”) provides the same high-quality, high-capacity piston filler as the TWSBI Diamond 580 at an even lower price. It features a sleek, transparent barrel and a hexagonal screw-on cap that can be posted securely on the back of the pen. The pen comes in an attractive clear plastic case with a clean, modern design. For protection, the plastic case is packaged in a cardboard box.”

My opinion: TWSBI is a Taiwanese brand that’s famous for its iconic transparent fountain pens. Not only are transparent cases aesthetically striking – imagine how the pen will look when filled with say, aquamarine ink – there’s a practical benefit too, as the user will know when the pen is in need of a refill. This particular Eco variant is specifically made for beginners who want to try out the world of fountain pens, but it makes for a great everyday pen for seasoned enthusiasts as well. In addition, TWSBI pens also come packaged with a wrench and silicone grease (see photo above) for long-term care and maintenance. The TWSBI Eco is pretty affordable, but it’s engineered to last a long, long time. Like the Kaweco Sport, the TWSBI Eco is renowned to be a great low-cost pen – there’s plenty of reviews on it online!

Really attractive transparent case and cap!

Reviews: The Pen Addict, Everyday Commentary, Gentleman Stationier, Pastor and Pen, Alt Haven, Stylographika, Blade Reviews

Price (after promo code): $37.80

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s web-store. As Cityluxe is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off storewide!

3) Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

The Lamy Safari needs no introduction – it’s easily one of the most iconic fountain pens ever built.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, seen here in Violet.

Description: “The LAMY safari is a timelessly modern pen for the young — and the young at heart — and is in a class of its own. It created a stir during its market launch at the beginning of the eighties with its avant–garde design and its prominent, spring–loaded clip. It also features extraordinary robustness. Additional writing systems and continuously new product colours have made the LAMY safari a global success and a modern design classic that has established itself as a much sought–after lifestyle product in many countries around the world.”

My opinion: LAMY is easily the most “famous” brand on this list – even those who aren’t pen enthusiasts should have seen one before, much like how a Seiko watch is recognizable by even non watch enthusiasts. It is a design icon, and perfectly captures the avant-garde zeitgeist of the eighties. Although originally designed for students (which explains why it’s available in a multitude of bright colours), its smooth writing experience and general reliability make it the perfect workhorse pen for everybody. Again, there are tons of reviews out there on the LAMY Safari – I’ll link a few below!

Easily one of the most iconic fountain pens ever made.

Reviews: Little Coffee Fox, BluChickenNinja, The Pen Addict, New York Mag, Gentleman Stationier, On Pens, Best Fountain Pen

Price (after promo code): $39.70

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s web-store. As Cityluxe is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off storewide!

4) Monteverde Aldo Domani Fountain Pen

For those looking for an affordable “serious” pen, do check out the Monteverde Aldo Domani!

The Monteverde Aldo Domani, seen here in Black.

Description: “These fine writing instruments are being used around the world and are reveered for their high level of comfort. Their mid-sized profile and smooth finish make them a favorite for those desiring an easy and pleasurable writing experience.”

My opinion: While not exactly eye-catching, the Monteverde Aldo Domani is, in my opinion, a great entry-level fountain pen for the burgeoning pen enthusiast. It’s well finished, has a nicely signed nib, and comes with a cartridge converter for maximum convenience. Most importantly, it writes smoothly, especially when posted. As compared to the abovementioned fountain pens, the Aldo Domani is more serious, and thus more appropriate as a business pen to be used in the office, signing contracts, cheques, etc. It also comes in a very nice box, making it a viable gift option as well!

A nice starter “business” pen.

Reviews: Wah So Shiok, The Pendit, Larry’s Fountain Pen, Pen Chalet

Price (after promo code): $54

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s web-store. As Cityluxe is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off storewide!

5) Conklin Duragraph Elements Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for an aesthetically striking fountain pen – one that will make jaws drop – the Conklin Duragraph Elements Fountain Pen is a great choice that won’t break the bank.

The Conklin Duragraph Elements Fountain Pen, seen here in the Water variant.

Description: “Earth, water, fire – the classical elements that ancient cultures used to describe forces of nature. The latest Conklin limited edition represents the dynamic beauty of each element. Semi-translucent resin cap and barrel are fashioned in three different color patterns with matching trims. Each pen is engraved on the barrel with the collection name and the edition number. The Conklin Elements is limited to 1898 pieces per color. Fill the pen with your choice of international-size ink cartridges or with bottled ink using the included converter. The pen is packaged in a matching commemorative box sleeve with the corresponding serial number of the pen.”

My opinion: My jaws dropped when I first saw the Conklin Duragraph Elements “Water” Fountain Pen. Look at it – it’s a work of art! It reminds me of those stained glass found in churches and chapels. This is definitely a pen that’s perfect for special occasions. Whether as a gift, or something to commemorate a milestone, the Conklin Duragraph Elements “Water” is a pen that will make a lasting impression. The price is very reasonable as well, especially considering that these pens are limited edition with an engraved edition number! Simply put, this is one that looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is.

Though the Elements collection comes in three versions – Fire, Water, and Earth – the “Water” variant is definitely my favourite.

Reviews: The Gentleman Stationier, Pen Chalet, Alt Haven, The Poor Penman, Pen Habit

Price (after promo code): $75.60. It also currently comes with a free 30ml bottle of Monteverde ink!

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s web-store. As Cityluxe is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off storewide!


That sums up this listicle of affordable fountain pens in Singapore! In many senses, fountain pens are exactly like mechanical watches. Sure, there are cheap ballpoint pens that will get the job done at a fraction of the price, but they simply don’t exude the same enjoyment as fountain pens do. There’s a sense of class and workmanship to fountain pens that I really appreciate, but unfortunately, usage of fountain pens has drastically declined in this digital age. Hopefully, through reviews on this platform, I’ll be able to reverse a little bit of that decline.

All these bang-for-buck fountain pens are available at Cityluxe.

This listicle is written in collaboration with homegrown stationery purveyor, Cityluxe. They offer a wide range of stationery online, such as notebooks, fountain pens, ink, etc. In fact, all the abovementioned fountain pens can be found over on Cityluxe’s web-store. They also have a physical showroom, where you can pop by to try out the pens first!

For those interested, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK10” to enjoy 10% off all purchases from Cityluxe. In my opinion, all of the 5 fountain pens mentioned in this article are great bang-for-buck – you won’t go wrong with any!

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Cityluxe’s physical showroom address: 12 Little Road, #05-02 Singapore 536986 (Free Visitor parking)

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