Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing a pair of tees and sneakers from local shoe and accessories label Arden Teal.

Although Arden Teal started with dress shoes, it has since grown from strength to strength, first expanding to sneakers, then bags, and now clothing with its own line of polo tees and T-shirts. The brand kindly sent over some for me to review – let’s see if they are any good.

Arden Teal – the Brand

I’ve previously covered the brand story of Arden Teal in my first review of their shoes. For those interested in learning more about Arden Teal, do check out that article here. Since then, I’ve reviewed another pair of their dress shoes here, their blake-stitched shoes here, their bags here, their boots here, and most recently their loafers and briefcase here.

Arden Teal Tees – Review

The Tees come in two variants – the Organic Polo, and the Organic Tee.

As their names suggest, both the Organic Polo and Tee are made from organic cotton, which Arden Teal says “will feel buttery soft against your skin”. Other benefits include enhanced durability, slower fading (for coloured tees), and fewer wrinkles. The brand also describes the cotton as “premium weight”, which means it has a slight heft to it that gives it a sense of premium.

After a few wears, I can attest to several of the brand’s claims. The cotton fabric is definitely comfortable on the skin, and there’s an upscale feel to it that reminds me of Benjamin Barker’s polo tees. Due to its weight, it’s less wrinkly than usual cotton shirts. The brand also says it’s GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which means no chemical treatment was applied to the fabric, resulting in it being hypoallergenic. Given that I have sensitive skin, that’s extremely important to me, and a definite plus in my books.

Arden Teal shared with me that their tees were formulated with the Asian fit in mind, and it shows. I really liked the way the shirts fitted my body – it’s snug enough to look fitting (especially around the arms), but still comfortable enough for movement.

The shirts are also unbranded. Some may prefer an ostentatious logo on their T-shirts/Polo tees, but I personally prefer the unbranded design of the Arden Teal tees. It’s similar to tailored clothing – the quality of materials and fit speaks for themselves, no logo needed.

Little details such as double-stitching also elevate the tees above regular tees that one might find at Uniqlo. It’s a small detail, but one that showcases thought.

For the Organic Polo, I found myself wearing it standalone, allowing its silhouette to really shine. Note how the sleeves wrap my arms nicely, making me look more muscular than I actually am. While it can also be worn tucked out, I found it to work best while tucked in smartly, especially when paired with a nice pair of trousers. And although the Organic Polo comes in multiple colourways, I gravitated towards the Moss variant, which resembles the green of Arden Teal’s shoe boxes.

In contrast, I found myself using the Organic Tee mostly as a base piece for layered looks, particularly when I wear a suit. This Muave colourway in particular adds a nice pop of colour, especially when paired with earth-tone clothing.

Nevertheless, the Organic Tee is still equally viable as a casual tucked-out shirt.

However, if I had to pick one, I would choose the Organic Polo over the Organic Tee, largely due to the pricing. The Organic Polo costs $49, while the Organic Tee is priced at $45. For a mere $4 difference, I believe it’s a no-brainer to opt for the Polo over the Tee. The Organic Polo looks smarter, and pairs well with Arden Teal’s range of formal shoes. It’s also a good value proposition, especially when compared to its competition (e.g polo tees from Benjamin Barker).

Arden Teal Isidro Sneakers – Review

Arden Teal also sent me their latest sneaker, named the Isidro.

Unlike the Loreto sneakers that I reviewed previously, the Isidro sneakers are made from waxed Argentinean suede leather, instead of full-grain leather. It’s immediately reminiscent of the iconic Puma Suede sneakers, albeit in a more atas guise.

One of the more upscale touches is the use of leather lining, instead of the usual polyester seen at this price range. As leather is natural, the leather lining is more breathable and durable than regular synthetic lining, resulting in increased comfort.

The sole is made of rubber, with an anti-slip design to prevent any accidents. The sole is thick and comfortable, and in my 2 months of wearing it has yet to show significant signs of wear.

Like the Loreto, I really appreciate the minimalist styling of the Isidro. Once again, there’s a lack of any branding, giving the sneakers a really clean silhouette. Yet, due to its suede texture, the Isidro remains visually interesting.

Details such as the stitching is well-done – the stitching is neat and tidy, without any visible loose threads. The suede material does make the Isidro vulnerable to scuff marks, but personally, I find that it gives the suede character and adds further visual interest.

And at S$135, the Arden Teal Isidro sneakers are cheaper than the Puma Suede Classics, despite being decidedly more upscale. With quality construction and materials, the Isidro is a no-brainer especially when compared to similarly priced fast-fashion options. If you’re a fan of suede as well as a minimalist design, this pair of sneakers will serve you well.

Conclusion – so Arden Teal tees and sneakers “shiok” or not?

Definitely so. I think the Arden Teal Organic Polo and Tee are good products, with the Organic Polo being particularly good value. It’s made from premium materials, looks smart, and elevates my rather average frame. The suede Isidro sneakers act as the perfect counterpart for the leather Loreto sneakers, while remaining minimalist and upscale. It’s stylistically versatile as well – great with a casual outfit, but elegant enough to be paired with a suit for a smart casual look.

Those interested in purchasing the abovementioned products can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 12% off all items storewide. After the discount, the Organic Polo would be S$44, the Organic Tee would be S$40, and the Isidro sneakers would be $121. I heartily recommend the Organic Polo and the Isidro sneakers – both are now staples in my wardrobe. Sometimes, less is more.

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