Hello everyone! Recently, I’ve been getting an increasing number of requests to do a gift guide, and I thought there was no better time to do one than now with Father’s Day just around the corner. In this gift guide, I’ve curated a selection of products (watches, shoes and briefcases) by Singaporean brands that would make for great gifts for Dads of all walks of life. Support local and show your appreciation for Dad at the same time – what’s not to like?

Without further ado, let’s dive into this gift guide!

1) For the nature loving Dad

Does your Dad have a keen love for nature? Perhaps he grew up catching spiders and tadpoles in his kampung, and fondly recounts to you the times he spent staring at the stars whilst outfield in the jungle with his army kakis. If so, it is likely that he would have a keen appreciation for the following product recommendations, all of whom harness natural materials to create something beautiful!

Watch: Vilhelm Talos

The Vilhelm Talos in green, priced at $989 USD/ ~S$1367 SGD (after promo code below).

The Vilhelm Talos is a beast of a watch – it combines bronze, forged carbon and steel in its tri-material case construction. The key allure of the watch is certainly its bold bronze case, and the transformative effect patina has on it over time. For the uninitiated, patina refers to the natural chemical process of bronze reacting to atmospheric elements such as oxygen and rain. This results in the bronze gradually developing a darker hue, with an unique aged look. In addition, the Talos is also an immensely tough watch – it’s powered by a reliable Swiss movement (the Sellita SW-200), and boasts 500M of WR resistance! Paired on a high quality silicone strap, the Talos is a great sports watch that can easily withstand the trials and tribulations of one’s daily adventures. To top it off, there’s even a green version of the Talos – the perfect watch for the nature loving Dad that loves hiking out into the wilderness! For more details, do read my review of the Vilhelm Talos here.

Where to buy: Check out Vilhelm’s range of products here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all Vilhelm watches!

Shoes: Arden Teal

Arden Teal shoes are priced at S$112.50 (after promo code below).

Everyone should have at least one good pair of dress shoes. Unfortunately, dress shoes tend to be one of the products that men skimp on, or at the very least lack an appreciation for. To right that wrong, here’s a chance to gift your Dad a pair of dress shoes that should last years! Arden Teal uses full grain Argentinean leather in the construction of their shoes, which – like bronze – will patina over time, developing a natural darker hue. In addition, their shoes are also hand-painted and hand-burnished for that additional human touch. With several styles to choose from, pick the one that fits the character of your Dad the most! For more details, do read my review of Arden Teal’s shoes here.

Where to buy: Check out Arden Teal’s range of products here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all Arden Teal shoes!

Briefcase: LAVNG

The LAVNG soft leather briefcase, priced at S$386 (after promo code below)

If your Dad loves nature, he will definitely adore the Midnight Green briefcase from local brand LAVNG. I mean, how often does one see a green briefcase? In addition, LAVNG’s soft leather briefcase are handcrafted from full grain organically tanned leather. This means that like the Vilhelm Talos and the Arden Teal shoes, LAVNG’s briefcase will patina naturally over time into a darker hue for an aged look. That was exactly what happened to my Forest Green briefcase (pictured above) after months of usage! Lastly, being environmentally friendly is a key brand value over at LAVNG. As such, the leather they use are biodegradable and tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols. A beautifully crafted briefcase that’s environmentally friendly – great for environmentally conscious Dads! For more details, do read my review of LAVNG’s products here.

Where to buy: Check out LAVNG’s full range of products here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all LAVNG products!

The Vilhelm Talos, Arden Teal shoes and LAVNG soft leather briefcase share two things in common – all three are made from quality natural materials that will patina beautifully over time, and are also sturdily built to withstand heavy-duty usage. I personally think all three are superb picks for nature loving Dads who aren’t exactly gentle on their belongings!

2) For the frequently travelling Dad

Is your Dad a frequent traveler? Is he a busy business executive, and often fly overseas for business trips? Maybe you don’t get to see him at home often, and want to showcase your appreciation for him with a nice gift this Father’s Day. If so, there’s nothing better than getting Dad something useful to accompany him on his frequent trips overseas!

Watch: BOLDR Globetrotter

The BOLDR Globetrotter “Batman”, priced at ~S$991 (after promo code below).

One can argue that there’s no better companion for a frequent traveler than a GMT watch. For someone who often find himself far away from home, having the GMT function (which allows one to immediately tell the time at home as well as the local time) is paramount. Whilst automatic GMT watches often costs 4 figures, the BOLDR Globetrotter comes in nicely at under S$1000, and even packs features such as Swiss Superluminova lume and a ceramic bezel! It’s striking angular case design is well finished too. With the BOLDR Globetrotter on his wrist, your Dad will always be cognizant of the time back at home! For more details, do read my review of the BOLDR Globetrotter here.

Where to buy: Check out the full range of the BOLDR Globetrotter here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all BOLDR Globetrotter models!

Shoes: Scofield Minimalist

The Scofield Minimalist, priced at S$98 (after promo code below).

No one wants to walk through the long, crowded aisles of an airport in dress shoes – they are just not the most comfortable footwear to walk in. Personally, I believe the Scofield Minimalist to be a great comfort alternative. Being a sneaker, it will definitely be more comfortable to traverse long miles in as compared to dress shoes. In addition, Scofield utilises lamb skin for the inner lining, which further enhances comfort. However, the clean silhouette of the Minimalist is so versatile that it pairs well with even suits! Don’t just take my word for it – fashion magazine D’Marge did an entire article on it. For more details, do read my review of the Scofield Minimalist here.

Where to buy: Check out Scofield’s full range of shoes here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all Scofield shoes!

Briefcase: Faire Leather

The Faire Leather Travel Briefcase, priced at S$539 (after promo code below).

Designed from the ground up to be a “polished and sleek luxury travel bag that is perfect for working professionals”, the Faire Leather Travel Briefcase is likely to be the best affordable travel briefcase one can find on the market currently. It features numerous compartments catering to the business traveler such as a business card compartment, a trolley slot strap designed to fit perfectly onto carry-on luggage, a passport pocket and even sleeves for sim cards! In addition, the briefcase also doubles as a leather tech organiser with dedicated compartments for laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even portable chargers, making sure that all items are easily accessible – ideal for the busy, frequent travelers. For more details, do read my review of the Faire Leather Slim Briefcase (the slimmer version of the Travel Breifcase) here.

Where to buy: Check out Faire Leather’s full range of products here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all Faire Leather products!

All three products mentioned above are made from quality materials, great value propositions, and will be great complements to the frequent traveler. Showcase your appreciation for Dad by gifting him something to make his frequent travels abroad more enjoyable!

3) For the creative Dad

Does your Dad lean more towards the creative side? Perhaps he’s a writer, a designer, or something of the like. If your Dad is someone who appreciate innovation in design, the following products should do the trick in releasing his debonair side!

Watch: Humism

Humism Dasein

My review of the Humism Dasein is now out! Check it out over at www.wahsoshiok.com. I love this watch to bits.For those interested, the promo code "WAHSOSHIOK" will entitle you to a FREE silver Milanese Mesh strap, like this one seen in the below video! Simply add the watch of your choice and the Silver Milanese mesh strap to cart, and apply the abovementioned promo code upon checkout to enjoy the free strap.

Posted by Wah So Shiok on Saturday, March 2, 2019
The Humism Daesin, priced at $298 USD/ ~S$409

Humism watches are truly art pieces on the wrist. Drawing inspiration from the kinetic art movement of the last century, Humism transforms the simple act of telling time into a mesmerising affair. In fact, the effect is so striking that I had to include a video of the Daesin in action – a mere photo wouldn’t have done the watch justice. It’s minimalist, it’s refreshingly unique, and it’s also incredibly affordable to boot! Gift this to Dad, and watch it (pun intended) become a conversation starter with his friends and colleagues. Humism is also offering free international shipping for all orders until Father’s Day, so if you’re planning to get a Humism watch either for yourself or Dad, there’s no better time to pull the trigger than now! For more details, do read my review of the Humism Daesin here.

Where to buy: Check out Humism’s full range of watches here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” entitles you to a free Silver Milanese mesh strap! Simply add the watch of your choice and the Silver Milanese mesh strap to cart, and apply the abovementioned promo code upon checkout to enjoy the free strap.

Shoes: W.H.Y & Co Qi

The W.H.Y & Co Qi, priced at S$197 (after promo code below).

W.H.Y & Co is a local artisan shoe label that meticulously hand-paints each pair of their shoes. The result is unique, adventurous designs that one won’t see elsewhere for under S$200. Take the Qi for example – it’s an off-black design that stands out from the crowd. Other designs such as the Kenneth boots as well as the Bottega Veneta inspired Alan are perfect additions to the dapper gentleman’s collection as well! Due to the fact that each pair of shoes is individually hand-painted, no two pairs of shoes (even if they are the same design and colourway) look the same. Lastly, W.H.Y & Co shoes possess both style and substance – their shoes are blake-stitched for added durability, and are crafted from European full-grain leather. Gift a pair of W.H.Y & Co shoes to Dad, and he will definitely be the envy of everyone in the office! For more details, do read my review of the W.H.Y & Co Qi here.

Where to buy: Check out W.H.Y & Co’s full range of shoes here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all W.H.Y & Co shoes!

Briefcase: Gnome & Bow Milton Reversible Briefcase

The Milton Briefcase, priced at $313 SGD (after promo code below).

The Gnome & Bow Milton Reversible Briefcase (from their critically acclaimed Jekyll’s Hyde collection) is probably my favourite briefcase to carry out currently. I simply think it’s one of the most ingenious designs I’ve ever come across! The briefcase is reversible, with two forms – the more formal “Jekyll” look for office hours, and my preference the “Hyde” look (pictured above) for the after-work hours at the bar. I absolutely adore the Victorian mosaic design as well! While the Milton Briefcase might look small, it’s actually has two compartments – one for a 14 inch laptop, and another for everything else. If that’s still too small for your Dad, the Strand Briefcase (currently on sale!) features the same reversible concept but with more room. I guarantee your Dad doesn’t have briefcases like these in his collection – precisely why you should get him one this Father’s Day! For more details, do read my review of the Gnome & Bow Milton Briefcase here, and the Strand Briefcase here.

Where to buy: Check out Gnome & Bow’s full range of products here. For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” will grant you 10% off all Gnome & Bow products – even the Strand Briefcase that’s currently on sale!

All three products mentioned above share one thing in common – bold, innovative design. These are products that are strikingly unique, and adds a little panache to the individual. Perfect for the Dads that love things that are different!


That rounds up this gift guide! I’ve given my picks for three different types of Dads, and for three items that I feel every man needs – a good watch, a good pair of dress shoes, and a good briefcase. All my recommendations are from local brands as well. Singaporean brands often don’t get the credit or spotlight that their international counterparts do, which is a pity given the quality of product design here in our little red dot!

As always, do remember to use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy discounts and freebies from the brands above. Happy Father’s Day!

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