Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! On this shiok Sunday, I’m excited to introduce BHUMAN, a Singaporean skincare brand that focuses on environmental sustainability.

BHUMAN’s environmentally friendly facial cleanser.

This is the first time I’m featuring a skincare brand, and I’m absolutely stoked to do so! Skincare is an area which I’ve been looking to cover for quite some time now. A tailor once told me: “Nobody notices your clothes first – it’s the face that makes the first impression”, and encouraged me to take care of my skin. Unfortunately, most men don’t know much about skincare, and there’s a lack of information online regarding men’s skincare as well. Hopefully, Wah So Shiok will be able to fill that information gap!

I couldn’t be happier for BHUMAN to be the first skincare brand featured on Wah So Shiok. I first met BHUMAN during the TAFF Trunk Show, and absolutely loved the sustainable vision of the brand. BHUMAN just launched on Kickstarter here, where very few early bird slots are left. Let’s take a look at their launch product, BCLEAN, in greater detail!


The brand’s maiden product is BCLEAN, a powder facial cleanser that encapsulates the brand’s vision of combating climate change through their products.

The BCLEAN – a powder facial cleanser.

Did you know – most skincare products actually consist of at least 80% water! This results in a larger than necessary transport carbon footprint, which exacerbates CO2 inputs due to increased carbon emissions. It didn’t make sense to Yeeli, the founder of BHUMAN, who decided to make BCLEAN in a powder form to significantly reduce its transport footprint. Having worked as a consultant to major beauty brands previously, she was frustrated at how environmentally unfriendly current skincare products are.

No single-use plastic with BHUMAN!

Not only do traditional skincare products rack up a large transport footprint, they often also made from single-use plastic, contributing to environmental waste.

Bamboo bottle, aluminium refill.

To combat this, BHUMAN’s bottles are made up of sustainable bamboo instead of single-use plastic. Fun fact – bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, making it one of the most sustainable materials available. It’s undoubtedly gives the bottle a more premium feel as compared to plastic. It’s also naturally anti-bacteria! In addition, refills are available in the form of aluminum bottles. Once the bottle runs out – BHUMAN states that the 30g bottle is good for 120 washes, or about 2 months if you wash twice every day – you can simply purchase the aluminium refill for $15 USD. Not only is it environmentally friendly (aluminum is one of the most recycled materials on the planet), it’s economically friendly too! Talk about two birds with one stone.

Made from 97% natural ingredients.

According to the brand, BCLEAN is formulated with 100% plant-based ingredients and officially certified at 97% natural. BHUMAN doesn’t test on animals, and is 100% cruelty-free. As for the ingredients, the BCLEAN facial cleanser chiefly consists of Acerola Cherry, Thanaka, and Niacinamide Vitamin B3.

All the good stuff.

Let’s go through them one by one. Firstly, Acerole Cherries (from the USA) is a superfood for your skin that “reduces oxidative stress from environmental free radicals”. Secondly, Thanaka is a plant-based ingredient derived from Thanaka trees in Thailand and Myanmar, known for its anti-bacterial benefits. Lastly, Vitamin B3 is a skin-restoring ingredient that’s great for aging or blemished skin, and has been proven to “improve the appearance of pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface”.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The product is easy to use – one simply have to pour a tad bit of the BCLEAN powder into the palm, add a bit of water, rub your palms together to create foam, and wash your face with it! Even a kid (or a young acne plagued teen) could use it.

A GIF for those who are still confused.

In case you’re still not convinced, the above GIF should show you how easy it is to use the BCLEAN powder cleanser. I personally tried it once at the TAFF trunk show, and found the user experience to be pretty simple. Just be careful not to add too much water, which was my mistake when I tried it the first time around.

Comes with the quote “B the change you want to see”.

All Kickstarter bottles will come with the quote “B the change you want to see”, which BHUMAN says was the most popular choice in a pre-launch survey they did. If you opt for the Ambassador Pack, you can choose to have a custom quote of your choice engraved.

A noteworthy effort.

Overall, I think that BHUMAN is a noteworthy effort. The beauty/skincare industry is a very crowded space, and there are plenty of brands that sell facial cleansers. However, BHUMAN stands out from the crowd with a unique focus on being environmentally friendly, which is definitely commendable in today’s day and age. If you care for the environment as much as you care about your skin, you definitely should check BHUMAN out.

Back BHUMAN on Kickstarter here.

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