Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! On this shiok Saturday, I’ll be showing you guys my personal watch collection.

Some of the watches in my personal collection. Do check out the Youtube video below!

I did a similar article previously here, but as it has been over a year since that article I thought I would provide an update! All of the timepieces featured in this article are paid for with my own time, and they all hold sentimental value to a certain extent. I’m going to bring you guys through the watches in my collection, the reasoning behind my purchases, which pieces I’m keeping, as well as what I’m letting go. Hopefully, this would be a good insight into my personal taste in watches, and my watch collecting philosophy.

My Watch Collection – Video

For those who are interested in seeing some hands-on footage of my watches, do check out the Youtube video below!


These are the timepieces that I wear on a regular basis.

Omega Speedmaster Professional “Chocolate”

My Omega Speedmaster Professional “Chocolate”.

I’ve always wanted a Moonwatch – I see it as the iconic chronograph, the watch that every enthusiast should have. Easily one of the most iconic designs in watch history (virtually unchanged since the 1960s), I searched for one on the pre-owned market when news surfaced that Omega was discontinuing the current generation of the Moonwatch with the 1861/1863 movement. Fortuitously, I managed to chance upon this “chocolate” version. I’ve always kept my eye out on the “chocolate”, after reading a fantastic piece on this particular reference by Sumit of Revolution. Buoyed by the knowledge that prices of this particular reference are rising on the pre-owned market, I pulled the trigger, and I’m happy to say that I’m now a Moonwatch owner! I love how subtle the chocolate dial is – many mistakes it as the regular black-dial Speedmaster – and also how it resembles the tropical dials of vintage Speedmasters.

Jaeger Le-Coultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin

My JLC Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin.

JLC is hands-down one of my favourite Swiss maisons. I think the brand is critically underrated. Their designs are iconic (none more so than the Reverso) and their technical prowess is unmatched – they are not called the watchmakers’ watchmaker for nothing! I was actually looking to purchase a Cartier Tank Solo XL, but happened to see this particular Reverso for about the same price. I immediately pulled the trigger. I love the Art Deco lines that flank the dial, the guilloche texture present, and how thin the watch wears on the wrist. It’s now my go-to dress watch.

Tudor Black Bay Dark

My Tudor Black Bay Dark.

I don’t really have many sports/dive watches in my collection – my personal watch taste veers towards dress watches. However, I was immensely attracted to the heritage aspect of the Black Bay. In particular, I fell in love with the stealthy aesthetic of the Tudor Black Bay Dark. I think it’s the perfect blend of heritage and sport. While Black Bays are a dime a dozen nowadays – including the much-lauded 58 – the Black Bay Dark is a rarer reference, one that I don’t see often, at least in the local watch community. While it is technically still in production, I’ve been told that supply is getting harder to come by as well. It’s now my go-to sports watch!

Nomos Tangente “The Hour Glass” Red Dot Edition

My Nomos Tangente “The Hour Glass” Red Dot edition.

I’ve always loved Nomos as a brand – I think they are criminally underrated. At the 2-3K price point, you will be hard-pressed to find another brand that offers in-house movements and an iconic design. I really do love the Bauhaus design of the Tangente, and have always wanted to get one. However, I actually got this particular reference because of its Red Dot spin. Made in collaboration with The Hour Glass, this Tangente has a red dot at 6 o’clock, a reference to Singapore’s moniker as a little red dot. I was supposed to go overseas for a period of time early on this year (before COVID scrapped those plans) and wanted a watch that reminded me of home – and this Nomos Tangente seemed like the perfect choice.

Longines Heritage 1945

The Longines Heritage 1945.

While this is not one of my more expensive watches, it’s definitely one of my favourites. I love the back story of the watch. Ben Clymer (founder of Hodinkee, as we all know) posted a picture of a vintage 1945 Longines timepiece that he personally owned on his Instagram page. Longines saw it, liked it, and decided to re-introduce the design. I personally love how the slender blued hands pop on the textured copper brushed dial. In addition, the sunburst sub-dial gives the watch a nice contrast in texture. I got this for myself to commemorate my 22nd birthday too, so there’s sentimental value attached as well.

Tissot Porto Z

My Tissot Porto Z.

I’ve always liked Franck Muller watches, but let’s be real – FM watches are largely overpriced for what they are. I consider the Tissot Porto Z my budget “Franck Muller” watch. It has the trademark numerals, the iconic guilloche patterning, and the signature tourneau case. Powered by a lovely handwinding ETA movement, I wear the Tissot Porto Z on days where I want a change from my JLC Reverso. It’s a limited edition as well, so there’s not many out there in the wild. I quite like Tissot as a brand – I think they provide great value for money.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

My Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical.

I’ve always wanted a Hamilton – the brand is full of heritage, and their watches are full of value. I love that the Khaki Mechanical is a model with historical significance (it was the model that American soldiers wore during the Vietnam War). I also appreciated the new H-50 hand-wound movement that can be found in the Khaki Mechanical, which provides a stunning 80 hours of power reserve. Paired with a leather NATO strap (from Cozy Handmade) this white-dial variant simply looks incredible. It’s currently my beater watch, the watch I wear overseas (when we could still travel), or simply in instances where I want to wear something respectable, but not too valuable.

Seiko Cocktail Time “Irish Coffee”

My Seiko Cocktail Time “Irish Coffee”.

At the S$500 price point, I believe Seiko makes the best looking dials out there. Just look at the Irish Coffee! The texture is amazing – it reminds me of old parchment, or worn-in leather. I remember being mesmerized by the dial when I first saw the watch. While Seiko is more known for their dive watches at the affordable price point, I think the Cocktail Time line is very underrated. There are a lot of gems there – go check them out!

Seiko Cocktail Time “Matcha”

My Seiko Cocktail Time “Matcha”.

For the longest time, I had a “one watch per brand” rule. The Seiko Cocktail Time “Matcha” was the watch that made me break that rule. When I first saw the watch featured in Monochrome, I instantly fell in love with it. Those that know me personally know that I love everything matcha – the drink, ice cream, mochi, everything. When I saw how the dial resembles the look of matcha powder, I knew I had to get the watch.

Mido Multistar

My vintage Mido multistar.

One of the only vintage watches that I still wear, I absolutely love my Mido Multistar. I loved the faceted applied indices, as well as the day/date complication at 3 o’clock. I also appreciated how – even though this model was from the 70s – the design of the Multistar is still present in several of the modern Mido timepieces today. It’s a watch that simply oozes underrated charm, and I absolutely adore it. Due to its gold-filled case, it’s a watch that I wear when I want a bit more bling on my wrist. There’s a unique complication too – you change the date by pressing the crown, like a button. Overall, it’s just a very unique watch.

Swatch “Singapore Tale”

My Swatch “Singapore Tale”.

I think everyone should have a Swatch – the brand played an instrumental role in helping the Swiss watch industry overcome the quartz crisis. This particular design is by local artist Tan Zi Xi, and it pays tribute to Singapore’s most iconic landmarks, symbols and food. I immediately connected with the watch when I saw it, and purchasing it was a no-brainer. I love the white/blue aesthetics of it, which gives off the impression of the watch being ceramic/enamel. It’s not something I wear often, but it’s a fun and quirky watch – the raison d’etre of Swatch watches!

G-Shock M5610

My G-shock M5610.

While the “Casioak” is all the rage recently, I still have a preference for square G-shock watches. The original G-shock was square – it’s the quintessential design of G-shock. This particular reference isn’t anything special. It’s not some limited Bamford edition, or something that sells out instantly like the new Casioak. Instead, this watch holds sentimental value as it was given to me by my ex in my previous (and to date first and only) relationship. As such, I don’t think I’ll ever sell this watch.


However, like most watch enthusiasts, there are some watches that I no longer connect to and thus am looking to sell.

Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Moonphase

My Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Moonphase.

Now, I know I waxed lyrical about the Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Moonphase recently. I stand by what I said – it is a beautiful, well-crafted watch. However, it is not a versatile watch. The FC is undeniably a dress watch, and in that same space, there are unfortunately other timepieces in my collection that I’m more drawn to at the moment, such as the JLC Reverso, the Tissot Porto, and even the Mido Multistar. I have this in full set, with the original strap unworn – if anyone’s interested, hit me up!

My Laco Engraved Dress Watch.

This was an impulse buy. Laco is a brand more commonly associated with pilot watches, so I was immensely intrigued by a Laco dress watch, as well as its engraved bezel. I loved the printed Roman numerals as well – it reminded me of a Rolex Buckley dial. However, while it is stunning in the metal, I realised that I preferred looking at it in the watch box rather than actually wearing it. If anything, it’s a bit too dressy for my tastes – it’s something that will probably suit someone who’s more advanced in age a little better. As it doesn’t suit my personal style, I’m unfortunately letting this go with a heavy heart. Again, if anyone’s interested in this, do let me know!

My Orient Sun and Moon v3.

This is another reluctant sale. I genuinely love the dial of the Orient Sun and Moon v3 – I think it’s the best dial you can find under S$300. Look at the amount of depth and texture! However, it is again a dress watch, and as I said previously there are other dress watches that I gravitate to at the moment. I bought this watch about two years ago, when I was more early on in my watch collecting journey. The purchase then made sense, and I enjoyed wearing the Orient. However, now that I’m more advanced in my watch collecting journey, I think the time has come to let go of this piece. Send me an email if you’re interested in this piece!

My Omega Geneve.

I bought this for myself for my 21st birthday. Like most watch enthusiasts, I wanted to purchase a watch to mark the occasion, but unlike most watch enthusiasts, I didn’t have much money. I didn’t have the funds to get myself a Rolex, or even rich parents to gift me a modern Omega. I had a budget of just $500, but nevertheless, I wanted to get myself something respectable, a watch that I would still wear proudly a decade later as I reminiscence about my youth. I actually struggled quite a bit on whether I wanted to let this piece go, as it has great sentimental value. However, after I got my Omega Speedmaster, I knew that the Omega Geneve would likely be neglected. Instead of having it collect dust in the watch box, I decided to let it go to someone else instead. I was not the first owner of this watch (it’s a vintage piece after all), and I think it is fitting that I’m not its last too. I’m happy to be a mere pitstop in the watch’s lifetime.


That sums up my personal watch collection! I hope that such an article has been intriguing. I’m planning to do another SOTC (state of the collection) article at the end of the year, just to see which pieces have left my collection, and what new additions there are. If you want to see that, do follow my social media channels and check this website periodically!

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