Hello everyone and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the latest accessories from homegrown label Obbi Good Label.

I’ve reviewed products from Obbi Good Label before, namely the OGL 9981 tote bag and OGL Fab Military Webbing watch strap in 2020, as well as the OGL 9981 Aviator X bag, the Scout 125 leather belt and the WTC handstitched leather zulu watch strap in 2021. This year, Obbi Good Label launched its new OriGinaLe accessories line, and kindly sent a pair – and a watch strap – over for review. Let’s see if they are any good.

OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility Tote/Backpack – S$199

First up is the intriguing OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility bag, which transforms between a tote bag and backpack.

According to Obbi Good Label, the OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility Tote/Backpack “is an Outdoor-Style Backpack that can be converted to a Tote Bag by adjusting the back straps”.

The bag is crafted from what the brand calls ‘OriGinaLe Tech’ fabrics, which is an all-weather material that’s similar to Cordura fabrics. Obbi Good Label elaborates on its website that ‘OriGinaLe Tech’ fabrics are “synthetic fiber-based fabric, plain-woven, non-coated, high performance materials most suitable for outdoor adventure products”. The material is supposedly tearing and abrasion-resistant for greater durability, and also lightweight and easy to clean.

I found the texture of the ‘OriGinaLe Tech’ fabric to be similar to Cordura, but not identical. It seems lighter, and is smoother to the touch. It’s also water-resistant, which is a great boon in rain-prone Singapore. Furthermore, I’ve been using the bag for 2-3 months now, and have yet to see a scratch or a nick on it – a testament to its robust nature.

Though the bag is mostly black, an OGL branded brass D-ring adds a pop of colour. Its patina nature also results in a slight vintage look.

Another rustic touch comes in the form of a thin piece of leather that’s attached to the zipper. It also allows the zipper to be more easily pulled, thus also serving a practical purpose.

Although not technically branded (YKK, etc), the zipper works without a hitch and I never faced any issues with jamming, getting stuck, etc. It also has a rubbery construction for added waterproofing, which reinforces the all-weather billing of the OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility Tote/Backpack.

The straps are made from ballistic nylon – meaning they are rugged and durable – with a smooth texture. They are also slim, which allows easier sliding adjustment for switching the bag from being a tote bag to a backpack.

The interior is padded for added protection, and there’s another OGL brass D-ring – useful for hanging keychains, etc.

The capacity of the OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility Tote/Backpack is decent – you can store a fair amount of items in it, making it suitable for a trip to the gym. However, there’s no laptop compartment, which limits its practicality (as an office/school bag) significantly.

I personally found it to be a tote bag first, and a backpack second. It definitely functions much better as a tote bag – the ballistic nylon straps distribute weight well and feels nice to carry.

However, the ballistic nylon straps are slim and lack padding, which makes it awkward when carrying the bag in its backpack form. Unlike standard backpacks, there’s also no padding or breathable mesh at the back of the bag – not ideal for long periods of wear. It’s a nifty feature to have, but unfortunately it’s simply not that practical as a backpack.

OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet – $72

Next is the OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet.

Like the bag, the OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet is also fashioned from the all-weather ‘OriGinaLe Tech’ fabrics. This means that it’s similarly durable and water-resistant, as well as being lightweight and easy to clean.

Other familiar touches include the OGL-signed brass D-ring (again useful for attaching keys, wallet chain, etc) and the leather strap that’s attached to the zipper. Once again, the zipper is rubbered for enhanced waterproofing.

The interior is also padded, which the brand says has become a “signature crafting move”. There’s an internal separator inside, allowing you to separate your cash from your cards, etc.

I quite liked the OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet. It’s very different from the previous wallets that I’ve reviewed (from Gnome & Bow, Faire Leather, Oxhide, etc), and has a distinct EDC vibe. Rugged bags aren’t that uncommon, but robust wallets are still a rare sight. For those looking for an adventure-ready wallet, the OGL OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid Wallet would be perfect for your needs.

OGL WTC Marine Nationale Parachute Watch Strap – S$43

Obbi Good Label knew I’m a watch fan, so the brand also sent over one of its watch straps.

This is OGL’s take on the Marine Nationale (MN) strap. For those uninitiated, MN parachute straps were first worn by French divers who used the straps from their parachutes for their watches. Made from elastic nylon material, MN straps are loved for their comfort, and are often paired with dive watches. I decided to pair it with my Seiko 5 One Piece “Luffy” – after all, Luffy is a pirate, which makes the MN strap a fitting complement.

I’ve reviewed MN straps before, namely from Straposphere and Luff. As compared to the other two brands, the WTC Marine Nationale Strap is slightly thicker and feels more robust, which helps offset bulky dive watches better. It’s also coarser to the touch, and slightly less elastic. I would have liked to see a signed clasp – having the OGL logo engraved on it would make it look significantly more premium.

Still, the strap itself feels durable and sturdy, and definitely reflects the adventure-geared nature of the brand. It’s not as unique as the Fab Military Webbing watch strap I reviewed previously, but it’s much more affordable.

Conclusion – so Obbi Good Label Outdoor Accessories “shiok” or not?

Obbi Good Label has always specialised in making rugged products that are meant to withstand the elements, and these new offerings are no exceptions. I liked the OriGinaLe Outdoor Utility bag – especially as a tote bag – due to its rugged construction and sleek look. I have to say that I preferred it to the 9981 Tote Bag I reviewed previously, which was a tad too vintage in its aesthetic and didn’t have padded interiors. The OriGinaLe Outdoor Zipper Mid impressed as well, with the WTC Marine Nationale Parachute Watch Strap being similarly well-built and robust. All in all, if you’re someone who’s always outdoors and looking for durable products, then Obbi Good Label’s latest products should definitely be on your consideration list.

Those interested in purchasing any of Obbi Good Label’s products can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” for 10% off all items store-wide. After the discount, the reviewed items would all be good value propositions, especially when you consider that they are built to last.

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