Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean watch review! On this shiok Saturday, I’m reviewing a bunch of straps from local strap label, STRAPosphere.

STRAPosphere sent me 4 straps and a watch roll.

STRAPosphere is pretty popular amongst the local watch community, especially for their StrapoFIT curved end rubber straps designed for Seiko dive watches. Let’s see if some of their other strap offerings are any good!

1) StrapoMARINE – $25 USD

Firstly, we have the StrapoMARINE – one of STRAPosphere’s best sellers.

I paired the StrapoMARINE on my customised UNDONE Type XX.

Marine Nationale straps have skyrocketed in popularity recently, with enthusiasts loving MN straps for their comfort and vintage style. The “parachute” strap, as these straps are commonly referred to today, were worn by the French divers of old who made them using elastic parachute material and parachute hardware, hence the moniker.

Comfortable and well-built.

Made from highly elastic nylon webbing, the StrapoMARINE strap feels premium and comfortable on the skin. I’ve tried other affordable MN straps before, and the StrapoMARINE easily triumphs in the quality of their fabric, which feels densely weaved and durable. I’ve also handled the much pricier Erika’s Originals MN straps (75 euros), and to be honest – in my opinion – I don’t think there’s a significant difference between the StrapoMARINE and the MN straps from Erika’s Original.

Hardware feels sturdy, and the stitching is tidy.

The hardware is sturdy, brushed finished and nicely engraved with the brand name. The stitching is executed well too, tidy without fraying or loose threads.

Love the bolder aesthetics.

I also like the double line contrast stitching in the middle, as compared to the usual single line contrast stitching found on most MN straps – it makes for a bolder aesthetic, which I love!

Great bang for buck MN strap.

Overall, I think the StrapoMARINE – at just $25 USD – is a great bang-for-buck alternative to those who find Erika’s Originals MN straps too pricey. Along with the Elastico MN straps by Luff, I think the StrapoMARINE is one of the best value propositions in the realm of MN straps today.


  • 235 mm long without buckle 
  • 1mm thick elastic nylon webbing
  • Suitable for wrist sizes from 5.5inches up

Inclusive of:

  • 1 x 20/22mm StrapoMARINE elastic nylon with brushed stainless steel hardware with engraved logo 
  • 2 x 20/22mm 1.8mm spring bars

2) StrapoBELT 3.0 – $21 USD

For those who prefer a more casual look, the revamped StrapoBELT should suit your needs!

I paired the StrapoBELT on my Klein Otus.

STRAPosphere calls the StrapoBELT 3.0 “the traditional perlon strap, on steriods”. Inspired by their 2.0 single pass NATOs, the StrapoBELT 3.0 features enhanced wearability and versatility, whilst retaining the beloved texture of the perlon weave. Due to the single pass design, the watch will stay close to the wrist, allowing for a slim profile.

Lovely texture.

I have to agree – the texture of the StrapoBELT 3.0 is really quite lovely to look at. Then rugged texture of perlon is aesthetically very pleasing.

Hardware is pretty solid.

Like the StrapoMARINE, the stainless steel hardware is sturdy and signed with the STRAPsphere brand name, which is a nice tough. The StrapoBELT 3.0 also features a moving keeper to prevent ‘ugly strap tails’, which refers to the excess strap that one usually has to tuck in on these NATO/fabric straps.

Not the most comfortable strap to wear.

Unfortunately, it’s also pretty rough to the touch, and isn’t the most comfortable to wear on the wrist. As aforementioned, the single pass design of the StrapoBELT 3.0 means that the watch stays close to your wrist, which also means that there’s a lot of contact between the perlon strap and your skin – it can get uncomfortable at times.

If you find the StrapoBELT 3.0 perlon strap too rough for you, check out their lovely StrapoBelt 2.0 NATO straps!

Overall, I think the StrapoBELT 3.0 is a durable perlon strap that is lovely to look at, but just a tad too rough on the skin for my liking. It’s a taste thing, but I personally think I would have preferred the StrapoBELT 2.0 NATO straps better – they have one in a lovely “Monte Carlo” design that I think is just superb.


  • 310 mm long without adjustable buckle 
  • 1mm thick perlon weave nylon
  • Hole-less design with ability to buckle up anywhere for the perfect fit
  • Suitable for wrist sizes from 5.5 inches & up

Inclusive of:

  • 1 x 20/22mm StrapoBELT 3.0 adjustable perlon with brushed stainless steel buckle, moving keeper with engraved logo 
  • 2 x 20/22mm 1.8mm spring bars

3) StrapoLEATHER Vintage 3.0

If fabric straps aren’t your kind of thing, STRAPosphere also offers leather straps!

I paired the StrapoLEATHER vintage 3.0 with my Ci Ga Design watch.

STRAPosphere calls their StrapoLEATHER collection the “most versatile strap in [their] collection”. In particular, the Vintage collection is meant to exude an “old school charm: from divers to dressy pieces alike.”

Nice rugged texture.

Made from calf leather, the surface of the StrapoLEATHER Vintage has been artificially aged to give the strap a worn, rugged look. I quite like it – I found the aesthetics intriguing, a look that I’ve personally not seen offered by other strap labels. For some reason, it reminds me of the cracked leather on old sofas.

Hardware is sturdy and the stitching is tidy.

As with the aforementioned straps, the stainless steel hardware is sturdy, and the stitching is tidy without any fraying or loose threads. The keepers are stitched for added durability as well, which is a nice touch given the low price point of the StrapoLEATHER.

Pretty comfortable on the wrist.

On the wrist, the StrapoLEATHER 3.0 is pretty comfortable due to its use of sheepskin lining. One of my personal pet peeves with affordable leather strap is the common use of cheap, cardboard-like lining that is rough on the skin and peels away over time. Luckily, the sheepskin lining of the StrapoLEATHER 3.0 feels much more supple on the wrist.

Great affordable leather strap.

All in all, I think the StrapoLEATHER 3.0 is a great value proposition. The price point is very affordable, yet the strap is well-constructed. STRAPosphere offers the StrapoLEATHER is several intriguing designs as well, so if you’re looking for a striking leather strap that won’t break the bank, I think the StrapoLEATHER 3.0 is worth checking out!


  • 20mm strap: 118 x 75mm long without buckle, tapers to 18mm at buckle
  • 22mm strap: 120 x 75mm long without buckle, tapers to 20mm at buckle

Inclusive of:

  • 1 x 20/22mm StrapoLEATHER with laser engraved brushed stainless steel buckle
  • 2 x 20/22mm 1.8mm spring bars

4) StrapoMESH – $19 USD

STRAPosphere also sent me one of their rubber offerings – the StrapoMESH.

I paired the StrapoMESH on my Advisor Ascent.

According to STRAPosphere, the StrapoMESH “offers wearers a unique yet subtle shark mesh pattern and a sleek profile.” Available in a multitude of colours, it also features quick-release spring bars to allow for easy strap changes – a godsend for someone like me who loves to play around with straps!

Love the texture.

I absolutely adore the texture of the StrapoMESH! It’s striking, bold, and unique in the realm of rubber straps. I don’t think I’ve come across rubber straps from other strap brands with a similar texture. I would say it’s still a relatively subtle texture, but it just adds a nice “oomph” to the watch.

Hardware is surprisingly not engraved.

I was surprised – and a tad disappointed – that the buckle of the StrapoMESH wasn’t engraved with the STRAPosphere brand, unlike the abovementioned straps. However, I did like the circular holes on the strap, which reminded me of port holes.

Really comfortable on the wrist.

Being a rubber strap, the StrapoMESH is pleasantly comfortable on the wrist. I’ve tried the strap out both whilst exercising and in the pool, and the strap remains comfortable throughout various situations. It’s not that thick as well, so the watch remains close to the wrist.

My favourite from the lot.

Overall, I love the StrapoMESH. In fact, not only is it my favourite strap out of the four that STRAPosphere sent me, it is probably my favourite rubber strap till date as well. I adore the shark mesh texture, the thin – but not flimsily so – form factor of the StrapoMESH, the comfort on the wrist, and the low price tag. At just $19 USD, I think the StrapoMESH is an absolute steal.


  • 125 x 75 mm long without buckle 
  • 20/22mm wide with no taper
  • 2mm thick
  • Suitable for most wrist size

Inclusive of:

  • 1 x The StrapoMESH with polished stainless steel hardware with laser etched logo 
  • 2 x 20/22mm 1.8mm quick release springbars

5) StrapoROLL – $32 USD

Last but not least, STRAPosphere also has watch rolls!

The STRAPosphere watch roll in Green.

Perfect for those who like to bring some of their watches along on their vacation, the StrapoROLL is STRAPosphere’s latest addition to its range of watch accessories. To be honest, I was quite stoked when I saw the StrapoROLL on STRAPsphere’s website – it’s not common for strap brands to offer watch storage options, so kudos to STRAPosphere for expanding their range of watch accessories!

Water-resistant canvas and genuine crazy horse leather is used in the StrapoROLL.

Despite the affordable price tag, the materials used in the StrapoROLL are pretty legit. The StrapoROLL is fashioned out of water-resistant canvas, meaning that the watch roll should be pretty durable and last you for years to come – canvas is one of the most sturdy materials out there. The crazy horse leather is quite neat as well, those it’s used sparingly in only the brand tag as well as the strap.

Strap made of crazy horse leather.

In case you’re mortified, the strap is not made of actual horse leather – it was named as such because the same form of leather is traditionally used to make horse saddles. Crazy horse leather is produced by applying a specific kind of wax to a full grain calf leather piece that has been buffed and smoothed out. Over time, the color and texture of the strap will alter, giving the piece an unique, vintage look. Whilst STRAPosphere uses crazy horse leather for the strap across all 3 StrapoROLL variants, I think it suits this green variant the best – there’s a nice rugged, EDC vibe.

Micro fibre flannelette is used as the lining.

Furthermore, micro fibre flannelette is used as the lining on the StrapoROLL – don’t worry, your precious timepieces aren’t going to be scratched! It has a nice velvet like texture, soft and dense to the touch. My only pet peeve is that lint gets accumulated on the micro fibre easily, so you would have to dust it off with a lint roller every once in a while.

Room for 4!

The StrapoROLL has room for 4, fitting watches up to 46mm. I think that’s the perfect sweet spot for a 5 day holiday – coupled with the one on your wrist, that’s a different watch every day.

A great travel accessory.

All in all, I think the StrapoROLL makes for the perfect travel accessory for the watch enthusiasts. It’s pretty sturdy as well – I’m using it every week, and it’s holding up very well. If this green (it’s really more of a forest olive colour) variant is a tad too dull for you, there’s also a lovely Black/Red variant that’s super striking.


  • Approximately 28cm x 23cm (unrolled)
  • Fits four watches* up to 46mm in diameter
  • 12oz heavy duty waxed canvas for high water resistance
  • Lined with soft micro fibre flannelette to protect your timepieces
  • Genuine leather embossed with logo and strap 

Conclusion – so STRAPosphere “shiok” or not?

I would say so. I enjoyed most of the straps that STRAPosphere sent, in particular the StrapoMESH. The StrapoROLL is pretty well-built as well, especially for a watch enthusiast like me who likes to bring along some watches to watch GTGs (get-togethers) sometimes. I think STRAPosphere does a great job at providing quality products at a very affordable price – the most expensive strap I reviewed today costs only $25 USD! If you’re on the hunt for quality watch straps, yet don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, I highly recommend checking STRAPosphere out.

Pretty “shiok”.

For those interested, the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” grants readers 10% off all products from STRAPosphere! In my opinion, that makes most of STRAPosphere’s products an absolute steal. If you’re on the fence, I suggest making use of the promo code to order one or two to test drive – it’s not going to break the bank anyway!

Buy STRAPosphere products on their web-store here.

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