Hi all – just a short op-ed here. It has been over 6 years since I first started Wah So Shiok, and it’s crazy to see how time has flown by. I first started this website as a personal blog, and would never have imagined that I’d still be running it 6 years later.

Since starting the website, a ton has changed in my life. I’ve finished tertiary education, and at some point even got a full-time job. However, Wah So Shiok has always been a passion project, and was something I could never let lie. So as of this month, I’ve decided to double-down – quite literally.

The major inspiration was being invited to Google/Youtube, and mingling with the other content creators there. It spurred me to create more content, as well as stick to a regular schedule. Previously, I used to publish an article and video weekly and update my socials from time to time. Moving forward, I’ll be adhering to a more rigorous content schedule.

More short-form content.

I’ll now be publishing articles twice weekly, on Thursday and Sunday. Non-branded content will be published on Thursday: op-eds (such as this), listicles, personal purchases, hotel stays, etc. Branded content will be published on Sunday, which will mostly consist of the usual product reviews. I’ll also be creating more short-form content – such as the above – which will be posted via Youtube Shorts/Instagram Reels every Monday and Friday. In addition, I’ll also be posting outfit/product shots on Tuesday and Saturday, letting my audiences in on how I style my outfits, as well as which products (perfumes, shoes, watches, etc) I use. It’s a more personal look, and I hope you guys will like the new direction.

Wah So Shiok will be my full-time gig now, which also means I’ll have more free time to attend events. If you see me at one, please feel free to come up for a chat as I would love to hear from you! Thanks for continuing to read and support this website – many of the blogs/websites that were around in 2017 have since winded, so I’m grateful to still be relevant and of value to readers. I’ve many content ideas and collaborations in the pipeline, so do keep a lookout for those.

Launching my own shoe brand.

I’ll also be focusing on related efforts, one of which is launching my brand of dress shoes. The premise for the brand is simple: to offer made-to-order, customisable Goodyear-welted shoes at an accessible price. It’s a project that I’m stoked for – the samples I’ve received thus far look amazing – and I can’t wait to offer them to you guys. I’ll be partnering with some of the tailors to have fitting shoes/samples in-store, with an eye on having a small retail store if the brand takes off.

2024 will be an exciting year for Wah So Shiok, and I thank you in advance for coming along for the ride.

P.S: Check out The Shiok Store here – it serves as a curation of my favourite products from my favourite brands.

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P.P.P.P.S Shiok is a common word Singaporeans use to express admiration or approval. As of 2016, you can find the definition of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary.