Feature: 8 places to get Watch Straps in Singapore!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! In this week’s feature, I’ll be rounding up 8 places in Singapore where you can purchase the perfect handcrafted strap to “zhng” your beloved timepiece. All the companies mentioned below make their straps by hand, including stitching, dyeing, cutting, smoothing and polishing, etc. Do consider supporting your local artisan – being a craftsman is not an easy living in Singapore!

Instead of buying off-the-rack straps, why not support your local craftsmen instead?

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored – none of the companies mentioned below paid me a cent to be included in this article. Through my interactions with other watch lovers, I’ve handled leather straps from all the below-mentioned strapmakers, and have been impressed enough to include them in this article. Without further ado, these are 8 places in Singapore where you can get quality handcrafted leather straps for your watches!

1) Cozy Handmade

As their name suggests, Cozy Handmade specialises in handmade leather straps. The most affordable option on the list, a handmade strap from them can be bought for as little as $38 SGD!

Cozy offers exclusively handmade straps, for as low as $38 SGD!

Who they are: “Passion and inspiration are manifested in each of our personalised creations. All our leather goods are completely crafted by adept hands – from cutting to stitching – while staying true to our brand philosophy of producing elegant, minimalist, functional and durable leather goods.”

My opinion: I think that its amazing for them to offer handcrafted straps for as low as $38 SGD! Their leather quality is quite good as well, given the fact that they use full grain, vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy. Given their price point, bang for buck their straps hard to beat. Interestingly, they stock an extensive range of straps for the Apple Watch as well! However, customisation options are rather limited, with one only being able to choose the lug width size, strap length, and buckle treatment of the strap. For more detailed opinions, do check out my review of them here.

International shipping: Yes, free with orders above $50 SGD.

Price: Starts at $36 SGD (after promo code) for a one-piece strap. Use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” for 5% off all Cozy straps!

Where to buy: Click here.

2) The House of Straps

Another affordable option on the list, The House of Straps (THOS) allows you to customise straps for as low as $36 USD / $49 SGD!

Even at this price point, you’re still getting a painstakingly handcrafted strap.

Who they are: “Every individual is different and every timepiece is precious. The House Of Straps aims to deliver a strap that is fitting to both, offering a large selection of customizable hand made leather watch straps in a variety of styles at a modest price.”

My opinion: I think the value proposition of THOS is superb. For less than $50 SGD, you’re getting a handcrafted, vegetable tanned, full-grain Italian leather strap that you can customise! Usual off the rack vegetable tanned full-grain straps already cost near double of that (Linjer sells their vegetable tanned full-grain straps for $65 USD/ $87 SGD)! What’s impressive is that even at this low price point, handcrafted methods of strapmaking such as saddle-stitching are still being utilized. I honestly think that THOS’ straps are a bargain, and if you’re looking to refresh the look of your watch on a budget, THOS would make for a great choice. For those interested, I published an article on them here.

International shipping: Yes, free with orders above US $50.

Price: Starts at $36 USD (after “WAHSOSHIOK” 10% off promo code) for full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather straps. Currently, THOS also has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, so do check them out there as well!

Where to buy: Click here.

3) Yi Leather

Located in the east of Singapore, Yi Leather has garnered a sizeable customer base these past few years by providing high quality handcrafted straps at an affordable pricing.

One of the more established strapmakers in Singapore, Yi Leather has been making straps by hand since 2014.

Who they are: “YI Leather was founded in 2014 purely out of love with leather products that are handcrafted to suit YOU and each INDIVIDUAL. Sticking to the belief of doing what I love and as a career makes me a happy woman. I decided to take a leap of faith and jumped into an unknown field to begin my journey of leather crafting.”

My opinion: With Yi Leather, you’re mainly paying for the experience and expertise. There are places where you can get cheaper handcrafted straps with similar leather quality (for example, the aforementioned companies above), but I personally find the finishing of Yi Leather straps better. Furthermore, they have a wide range of strap types/colour for you to choose from! Variety is definitely one of Yi Leather’s strength – in fact, they offer sharkskin and crocodile leather straps for just $180 SGD, as well as more unique stitching. In addition to straps, Yi Leather also makes handcrafted leather goods such as cardholders and watch pouches. However, customisation options are limited to just strap width and length.

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at $88 SGD (after promo code) for most straps. Use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” for 10% off all Yi Leather straps!

Where to buy: Click here.

4) Rustic Leather Singapore

A relative newcomer to the strapmaking business, Rustic Leather has been impressing their clientele (and me) by offering high quality handcrafted straps at very competitive pricing.

Rustic leather straps looking dope on that Rolex 15210!

Who they are: “Founded in 2016 with the vision of producing premium and durable watch straps that are 100% hand made, the straps are crafted with quality and customisation in mind. Given the many less-than-satisfactory offerings available in the market, our straps’ quality are personally assured by a single craftsman.”

My opinion: Rustic Leather always remind me of the plucky startup trying to upend the established players by offering high quality offerings at a lower price. I had the chance to interact with a chevre leather strap from them, and was honestly rather blown away by the strap’s premium feel and finishing. I couldn’t believe that it was only $100! No wonder they have already garnered such an extensive following even in this short span of time. If you are keen to get a strap from them, I think it would be best to get one soon – at the rate they are growing, I will not be surprised if their prices increase in the near future!

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at $100 SGD for calf and chevre leather straps.

Where to buy: Click here.

5) J. Myers Company

Established in 2010, J. Myers is one of the oldest and most established companies on this list.

J. Myer’s physical booth (for straps) in Watch Wonderland (a watch shop focusing on microbrand watches).

Who they are: “The J.Myers Company opened its doors with the belief that a well-made object can inspire and make you feel good. Or as we like to elaborate, that special warmth and appreciative buzz that comes with owning and handling well-made products.”

My opinion: Made-to-order straps from J. Myers are only $100 SGD! For that amount, you get to decide the colour of your strap, the colour of the stitching, as well as the strap loops. In addition, J Myers is one of the rare few on this list that boasts a physical presence in a convenient location (Suntec City, located in the central of Singapore). The advantage of this is that you can actually head down over to their booth in Suntec City, see and feel the quality of their leather first-hand, and consult with the strapmaker (Khairul) about available strap options for your watch! What’s best about them is that their pricing is still relatively affordable even with their retail presence in Suntec City. Furthermore, they also hold strap-making classes on Saturdays every fortnight!

International shipping: No.

Price: Starts at $100 SGD for made-to-order calf leather straps (pictured above). Leather academy is $100 SGD for a half-day class.

Where to buy: Watch Wonderland, Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, #01-470/472, Singapore 038983. Khairul (the strapmaker) can usually be found from Sunday to Thursday in the shop.

6) Stone for Gold

Founded in 2008, Stone for Gold can be said to be one of the forefathers of leather crafted goods in Singapore.

Stone and Gold offers one of the most extensive range for exotic leathers in Singapore.

Who they are: “Founded in 2008, Stone For Gold has been manufacturing the finest and exquisite hand crafted leather products available. Using carefully researched techniques and tools to hand make leather, Stone for Gold forges the soft strength of leather into solid goods, creating bespoke goods and limited edition accessories upon request – including wallets, pouches, bags and belts. Short of what the artisans from Scandicci and Florence have at disposal, the quality of leathers and exotic skins offered by this artisanal brand are unmatched in the local industry. Stone for Gold seeks a comprehensive and uncompromising range of materials around the world and continues to push the standards in bespoke craftsmanship, seeking out the best skins and materials to perfect each piece.”

My opinion: For those who love exotic materials, Stone For Gold is your best bet. They offer python, stingray, crocodile, ostrich, watersnake, alligator, hornback and even toad! Naturally, the prices of their straps is higher as compared to the rest due to the exotic nature of material used. In addition to the colour of the strap, one can also choose the stitching and even edge dye colour! For those who are extremely particular about their watch straps, I’ll recommend Stone For Gold. Furthermore, they have been around for more than a decade now – they must be doing something right to remain this popular after a decade!

International shipping: No.

Price: Starts at $180 SGD for shell cordovan straps.

Where to buy: Click hereor at their location: 141 Jalan Besar, #02-01, Singapore, Singapore, 208859, Singapore.

7) Jason & Sherron

The trailblazers of leather crafting in Singapore, Jason & Sherron has been offering handcrafted straps since 2006!

Jason & Sherron are renowned for their Apple watch straps as well.

Who they are: “Jason is a self taught master who practices leather crafting with great passion. Seeing satisfied customers with his handcrafted straps and leather goods motivates him to constantly upgrade his skills and pursue his passion. All straps are 100% handmade with a choice of hand-stitched or machine-stitched finishing. Every strap is crafted from high grade material and has their own unique style and feel. No two straps are the same.

My opinion: Ah, Jason & Sherron. They are perhaps the most well-known name on this list – and for good measure, given that they have been plying their trade since 2006! Part of me definitely respects them for being the forefathers of handcrafted straps in Singapore – if they had not gone on to prove that leather crafting can be a viable business, several of the companies mentioned on this list might not have existed. Granted, their prices are slightly higher than those mentioned above, but you’re paying for their expertise and track record – in a sense akin to paying for a Patek Philippe watch! In addition, they do also have a physical presence over at Far East Plaza, where you can swing by to view their finished products as well as seek their advice on what pairs best with your watch.

International shipping: Yes

Price: Starts at $200 SGD for Italian calf leather straps.

Where to buy: Click hereor at their location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #05-106, Singapore 228213

8) Nomad Watch Works

If all the above are too expensive for you, why not check out Nomad Watch Works? With a wide variety of straps to be had for as little as $7 SGD, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

All straps pictured are from Nomad Watch Works.

Who they are: “Nomad Watch Works carries a wide range of high quality, beautifully designed watch bands and accessories designed to be functional, dependable and stylish. Our site offers a wide selection of custom curated products, all hand selected for their quality and value and each one crafted from the finest materials available. From watch bands to buckles, watch boxes, winders and more, we are the industry’s most trusted online retailer of watch related products for both men and women. If you want the best products, the friendliest customer service and a team of in-house professionals dedicated to your online shopping needs, choose Nomad Watch Works today and experience the difference our quality and value can make for you.

My opinion: If you’re looking for bang-for-buck, look no further than Nomad Watch Straps. Though most of their straps are extremely affordable (<$30 SGD), the quality of their straps are actually pretty decent, and punch way above their weight for their price range! They have a huge variety available as well, from seat belt NATOs, to saffiano leather straps, and even exotic straps made from python leather! I actually reviewed a bunch of their straps – for a more detailed opinion, do read the article here!

International shipping: Yes,

Price: Starts at just $6.30 SGD (after promo code) for a NATO strap. As Nomad Watch Works is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 


That rounds up this list on local strapmakers! Instead of buying something off-the-rack, why not consider handcrafted straps instead, and support local artisans in the process? You do not need to have a huge budget to get into handmade straps – in fact, some of the brands mentioned above sell their straps cheaper than Daniel Wellington do! Whether you’re looking to up the ante on your luxury watch, or simply trying to change the look of your microbrand watch, pairing a handcrafted strap with your watch is a great way to do so. Personally, I enjoy handcrafted straps due to the fact that I can put my own personality into them through the thread, strap loops and edge dye colour – try getting one made yourself, and you will know what I mean!

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