Hello everyone, and welcome to another Singaporean article! In this feature article, I’ll be rounding up 9 places in Singapore where you can purchase the perfect strap to “zhng” your beloved timepiece. All brands mentioned on this list are affordable, and with their straps coming in at under S$120.

Instead of buying overpriced off-the-rack straps, why not support your local strap brands instead?

Without further ado, these are 9 places Singaporean brands which offers quality straps for your watches! Brands are arranged in order of increasing price.

1) Straps House

Offering NATO straps for as low as $6 SGD, Straps House is the perfect for those on a budget!

My pick: Perlon Watch Strap, priced at S$18.

Who they are: “At Straps House, we want you to have a pleasant online shopping experience. Our goal is not just to sell watch & accessories but to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers. We strive to give you the best value for your money, through trustworthy means and scrupulous services standards, and we believe this is the only way to build a community of repeat and loyal customers.”

My opinion: Straps House probably offers some of the most affordable straps on the market. Their NATO straps starts at S$6 (before promo code) – I don’t think you can find a NATO strap cheaper! Despite the low price, their straps are of decent quality, and regularly punches above their price points. For those looking for cheap NATO, Zulu, or Perlon straps, Straps House makes for a good option!

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at just $6 SGD (before promo code) for a NATO strap. As Straps House is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

2) Nomad Watch Works

With a wide variety of straps to be had for as little as $6.50 SGD, there’s bound to be something for everyone at Nomad Watch Works!

My pick: Batik Watch Strap, priced at $29.

Who they are: “Nomad Watch Works carries a wide range of high quality, beautifully designed watch bands and accessories designed to be functional, dependable and stylish. Our site offers a wide selection of custom curated products, all hand selected for their quality and value and each one crafted from the finest materials available. From watch bands to buckles, watch boxes, winders and more, we are the industry’s most trusted online retailer of watch related products for both men and women. If you want the best products, the friendliest customer service and a team of in-house professionals dedicated to your online shopping needs, choose Nomad Watch Works today and experience the difference our quality and value can make for you.

My opinion: If you’re looking for bang-for-buck, look no further than Nomad Watch Straps. Though most of their straps are extremely affordable (<$30 SGD), the quality of their straps are actually pretty decent, and punch way above their weight for their price range! They have a huge variety available as well, from seat belt NATOs, to saffiano leather straps, and even exotic straps made from python leather. I actually reviewed a bunch of their straps – for a more detailed opinion, do read the article here.

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at just $6.50 SGD (before promo code) for a NATO strap. As Nomad Watch Works is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

3) Coup de Coeur

Looking for something more vibrant? With an array of vividly coloured straps, Coup de Coeur is the solution.

My Pick: Ocean Blue Watch Strap, $49.

Who they are: “A timepiece is a personal accessory of self-expression. At Coup De Coeur, we have revived the tradition, bringing the luxury and style of an automatic wristwatch into the modern world. Vibrant straps and exquisite movements will fit your individuality; attaining a sophisticated statement piece at an affordable price.”

My opinion: Coup de Coeur is mainly a watch brand (I recently reviewed a watch of theirs here), but they do sell a wide variety of affordable watch straps. My favourites would be their brightly coloured straps – colours such as Ocean Blue, Watermelon Red, Lavender Pink and more are available. If you’re looking to add some colour on your wrist, give the straps from Coup de Coeur a try!

International shipping: Yes

Price: Coup de Coeur straps start at S$19. As Coup de Coeur is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

4) Mulholland Straps

Popular for their affordable leather zulu straps, Mulholland Straps have gained a loyal following in a relatively short span of time!

My Pick: Cow Leather Zulu Strap, S$26.

Who they are: “We are a Singaporean team of watch enthusiasts who were always on the lookout to build a diverse collection of watch strap , which we could interchange to match our daily outfits. We found it difficult to find beautiful and stylish straps at affordable prices, that could allow consumers to be able to use different styles each day. We decided to bring this solution to you. Stylish straps that you can collect and change on your own whim, effortlessly. And at an affordable price point.”

My opinion: I quite like Mulholland’s leather zulu straps – I personally use one. To me, the price point is right, and the quality is decent. They also come in several colorways, including rarer ones such as beige and burgundy (see picture above).  For those looking for affordable leather zulu straps, I’ll recommend giving Mulholland Straps a shot!

International shipping: Yes

Price: Mulholland’s leather zulu straps starts at $19 USD/S$26. As Mulholland Straps is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

5) Vario 

Looking for something unique? Known for their Harris Tweed and graphic NATO straps, Vario offers you a way to stand out from the crowd!

My Pick: the Harris Tweed Strap, priced at S$53.

Who they are: “VARIO is an online store for watches and watch accessories that allows users to show off their unique style and grow their personal collection with custom strap designs. Our brand is about variation and striking a balance between sophistication, quality, and fun.”

My opinion: For those tired of the usual leather/NATO straps, Vario offers some intriguing options. Firstly, they offer Harris Tweed straps in a variety of striking colorways for you to spice up your wrist game. Harris Tweed is a fabric handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebridges of Scotland and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides, a material commonly seen in the luxury fashion items. Secondly, Vario also offers strikingly patterned graphic NATO straps designed here in Singapore. As compared to the cheaper, commonplace NATO designs one usually sees, the ones offered by Vario is definitely a step up. Furthermore, Vario’s Harris Tweed and graphic NATO straps are also compatible with the Apple Watch – what’s not to like?

International shipping: Yes

Price: Vario’s graphic NATO straps are priced at S$36, and Harris Tweed straps at S$53. As Vario is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here. 

6) Cozy Handmade

As their name suggests, Cozy Handmade specialises in handmade leather straps. The most affordable option on the list, a handmade strap from them can be bought for as little as $38 SGD!

My Pick: Cozy’s Vintage Two-Piece straps, priced at S$78.

Who they are: “Passion and inspiration are manifested in each of our personalised creations. All our leather goods are completely crafted by adept hands – from cutting to stitching – while staying true to our brand philosophy of producing elegant, minimalist, functional and durable leather goods.”

My opinion: I think that its amazing for them to offer handcrafted straps for as low as $38 SGD! Their leather quality is quite good as well, given the fact that they use full grain, vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy. Given their price point, bang for buck their straps hard to beat. Interestingly, they stock an extensive range of straps for the Apple Watch as well! For more detailed opinions, do check out my review of them here.

International shipping: Yes

Price: Starts at $38 SGD (before promo code) for a one-piece strap. As Cozy Handmade is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

7) The House of Straps

Another affordable option on the list, The House of Straps (THOS) allows you to customise straps for as low as $39 USD / $53 SGD!

My Pick: Horween Chromexcel Strap, priced at $49 USD/ $67 SGD.

Who they are: “Every individual is different and every timepiece is precious. The House Of Straps aims to deliver a strap that is fitting to both, offering a large selection of customizable hand made leather watch straps in a variety of styles at a modest price.”

My opinion: I think the value proposition of THOS is superb. For less than $50 SGD, you’re getting a handcrafted, vegetable tanned, full-grain Italian leather strap that you can customise! Usual off the rack vegetable tanned full-grain straps already cost near double of that (Linjer sells their vegetable tanned full-grain straps for $65 USD/ $87 SGD). What’s impressive is that even at this low price point, handcrafted methods of strapmaking such as saddle-stitching are still being utilized. THOS straps comes in a variety of colorways as well. I honestly think that THOS’ straps are a bargain, and if you’re looking to refresh the look of your watch on a budget, THOS would make for a great choice. For more detailed opinions, do read my review of THOS’ straps here.

International shipping: Yes

Price: Starts at $39 USD/ ~$53 SGD (before promo code) for an Italian leather strap. As The House of Straps is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

8) Yi Leather

Located in the east of Singapore, Yi Leather has garnered a sizeable customer base these past few years by providing high quality handcrafted straps at an affordable pricing.

My Pick: Sharkskin Watch Strap, priced at S$180.

Who they are: “YI Leather was founded in 2014 purely out of love with leather products that are handcrafted to suit YOU and each INDIVIDUAL. Sticking to the belief of doing what I love and as a career makes me a happy woman. I decided to take a leap of faith and jumped into an unknown field to begin my journey of leather crafting.”

My opinion: With Yi Leather, you’re mainly paying for the experience and expertise. There are places where you can get cheaper handcrafted straps with similar leather quality (for example, the aforementioned companies above), but I personally find the finishing of Yi Leather straps better. They also have a wide range of strap types/colours for you to choose from! Variety of materials is definitely one of Yi Leather’s strength – in fact, they offer sharkskin and crocodile leather straps for just $180 SGD, as well as straps with more unique stitching. In addition to straps, Yi Leather also makes handcrafted leather goods such as cardholders and watch pouches, as well as bracelets.

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at $98 SGD (before promo code) for non-exotic straps.  As Yi Leather is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.

9) Delugs

A relative newcomer, Delugs currently prides itself in offering affordable shell cordovan straps.

My Pick: Shell Cordovan Watch Strap, priced at S$123.

Who they are: We realised that there is an opportunity in the leather watch strap market. You have the mass market guys, offering low price but using leather and construction of questionable quality. And then you have the leathercrafters. They know the best leather and materials available on the market. They know the construction method that is the most durable, the “best”. They are able to custom make anything – any material, any size. But those straps usually cost quite a bit. So we thought to ourselves – how can we best bring our experience in leathercrafting to deliver value to the watch fam. While we aren’t able to scale production at a reasonable cost, we understand leather, and we understand construction method. All it took was to find someone that could produce exactly what we wanted – using leather/thread/hardware we specify, constructing it exactly how we wanted, in our designs.

My opinion: Despite being a relatively new brand, the team behind Delugs has been leathercrafting for quite some time now, crafting items such as belts, wallets, bags, etc. They have recently decided to focus their leathercrafting efforts on watch straps, with shell cordovan being the first line that they are bringing to the watch community. Their shell cordovan straps are well-made, with the team’s expertise in leathercrafting evident. Yet, their prices are low – in fact, Delugs’ lined shell cordovan straps may be the cheapest on the market currently! As such, I firmly believe that their straps are great value propositions, and look forward to see which straps they will introduce in the near future.

International shipping: Yes.

Price: Starts at $123 SGD (before promo code) for a lined shell cordovan strap.  As Delugs is an official affiliate of Wah So Shiok, simply quote “WAHSOSHIOK” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off all items store-wide!

Where to buy: Click here.


That rounds up this list on local strap brands! Instead of paying a premium for an off-the-rack brand such as Hirsch, why not consider supporting the aforementioned Singaporean strap efforts instead? Whether you’re looking to up the ante on your luxury watch, or simply trying to change the look of your microbrand watch, toying with strap choices is a great way to do so. Straps shouldn’t be an afterthought – great straps helps elevate the watch that they are paired with, giving it a platform to shine.

For those interested in getting a strap from any of the aforementioned brands, simply use the code “WAHSOSHIOK” for 10% off! I’m proud to call all of them partners of Wah So Shiok, and can’t wait to see them each growing from strength to strength.

P.S Do check out the new “Discounts!” page for exclusive discounts for Wahsoshiok readers! More brands will be added very soon – stay tuned!

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