Hello everyone! In this article, I’ll be compiling my Christmas gift guide for 2021, comprising local brands that offer great, personalisable products.

With Christmas just around the corner, these are the products that I’ve enjoyed the most this year.

In sum, the below items are some of my favourites out of all the products that I’ve reviewed this year, and I believe they would make for great Christmas gifts. Without further ado, let’s get into the listicle!


1) Aries Gold

If you’re planning on personalising a watch – by a local brand – then Aries Gold offers great value for money.

My Pick: the Aries Gold Dreadnought, priced at $279 (after promo code below).

My opinion: Aries Gold is a brand that is often scoffed upon by watch enthusiasts, and I think that’s a shame. Personally, I sincerely believe that Aries Gold offers some of the best value propositions that you can get for ~S$200. For example, the Dreadnought that I reviewed earlier this year has sapphire crystal, a Seiko NH35 movement, a stealthy black coating, and a decent bracelet for the price of a Daniel Wellington. Customers can also opt for engraving on the caseback (either text or a picture) on the H2 Hub website, and enjoy 2 years of local warranty, making Aries Gold watches great options for gifts.

Review: I reviewed the Aries Gold Dreadnought here.

Where to buyH2 Hub’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 5% off watches from selected brands such as Aries Gold.


2) Maison 21G

Maison 21G specialises in “tailor-made perfumes”, allowing customers to create their own unique scent at an affordable price.

My pick: Maison 21G’s bespoke home scent, priced at $63.75 (after promo code below).

My opinion: The bespoke home scent, as its name suggests, can be customised. A variety of scents are available (about 17), though less than that of the regular perfume creation. Still, that equates to hundreds of possible combinations. I chose Cedar Caviar and Fabulous Fig as my ingredients when making mine, as I wanted something fruity to be balanced by woody notes. Together, the scent comes across as woody but fresh, like walking through a forest in the morning. There’s an uplifting effect that calms the mind, and I found that I liked spraying the bespoke home scent most right before bed. It destresses me, helping empty my mind whilst in bed, and as a result, improves my sleep. It definitely would be a thoughtful gift for a close friend or a loved one.

Review: I reviewed Maison 21G’s home scents here.

Where to buyMaison 21G’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK15” to enjoy 15% off all products and perfume workshop bookings.


3) Faire Leather

One of my personal favourites, Faire Leather offers wallets that are simply packed with functionality – definitely a practical gift.

My pick: Faire Leather’s Neo Zip Around wallet, priced at $125 (after the promo code below).

My opinion: Personally, I love the ability of Faire to combine sleek, minimalist looks with ultra-functional utility. I love the Neo Zip Around wallet that I reviewed earlier this year – in fact, it’s still my wallet of choice. It’s made from premium materials, and I find the embossed green leather to be eminently striking. In addition, it’s jam-packed with functionality, with more than enough compartments for my everyday needs. At $125 (after promo code below), the Neo Zip Around wallet is a solid value proposition. Monograms are also available for a more personal touch.

Review: I reviewed the Faire Leather Neo Zip Around wallet here.

Where to buyFaire Leather’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all products.

4) Ed Charly

However, if you’re a fan of slimmer wallets, then check out Ed Charly’s offerings.

My pick: Ed Charly’s Ed Classic, priced at $53 (after promo code below).

My opinion: Ed Charly excels at offering minimalist wallets that packs both style and substance. Though the brand currently has a few offerings, my favourite is definitely the Ed Classic in crazy horse leather. It’s affordable, crafted from full-grain crazy horse leather that will patina over time, has storage compartments for cards, coins and cash, and comes in a sleek, minimalist package. There’s also a full-grain leather available that looks sleek as hell – I’m seriously considering changing my wallet to that.

Review: I reviewed the Ed Charly Ed Classic here.

Where to buy: Ed Charly’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all products.

5) Gnome & Bow

If you’re looking for affordable bags instead, then Gnome & Bow’s literary-inspired accessories will certainly make for intriguing gifts.

My pick: Gnome & Bow’s Hitchhiker Space Capsule Backpack, priced at $178 (after promo code below).

My opinion: Gnome & Bow is one of my favourite local brands, simply because its literary-inspired products appeal to the creative within me. One of my favourite products that I reviewed this year was the Hitchhiker Space Capsule Backpack. Large enough to carry everyday items and yet also manageably small, the backpack features practical storage slots, and is eminently striking aesthetically as well. It’s comparatively priced to a mainstream Herschel backpack, but with niftier features and better quality components. As the icing on the cake, the Hitchhiker backpack is also limited to just 42 pieces, so its exclusivity is another pull factor. Overall, I really enjoyed the Hitchhiker backpack – in fact, it’s currently my go-to, and I bring it on my staycations (thus living up to the “hitchhiker” name of the backpack).

Review: I reviewed the Gnome & Bow Hitchhiker Space Capsule Backpack here.

Where to buy: Gnome & Bow’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all products. The brand is also having a 12.12 sale now, so don’t miss out on the good deals!

6) Hoseiki

If your loved ones happen to be a fan of feng shui bracelets – perhaps your parents, or even your grandparents – then Hoseiki’s affordable, personalisable pixiu bracelets would do just the trick.

My pick: Hoseiki’s Curator bracelet, priced at $220 (after promo code below).

My opinion: At the end of the day, feng shui is like the horoscope – either you believe in it or you don’t. To be honest, I’m not a believer myself, but I’m not going to say that it is hogwash either. What is irrefutable though is the fact that a significant amount of Singaporeans believe in feng shui, and there’s a good chance that your loved ones do as well. If you’re looking for a gift that said loved ones would appreciate, then I’ll recommend Hoseiki. The packaging is eye-catching, the bracelet is well-made, and on a whole it looks modern despite being traditionally inspired. And given that there’s a free bazi reading included as well, I would say that Hoseiki offers a compelling package.

Review: I reviewed Hoseiki’s Curator bracelet here.

Where to buy: Hoseiki’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 5% off all products.

Writing Instruments:

7) Cityluxe

Cityluxe is a homegrown purveyor of writing instruments, offering a wide variety of pens, inks, notebooks and more at attractive prices.

My pick: the Parker Jotter pen, priced at $28.35 (after promo code below).

My opinion: They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and as a writer I have to agree. I believe that everyone should have a decent pen to write with, and if your loved one doesn’t, this is perhaps the perfect opportunity to get them some fine writing instruments. Parker is one of the world’s most distinctive pen makers, probably second only to Montblanc. Everybody (with the possible exception of Gen Z tiktokers) has heard of Parker and its pens. The Parker Jotter I reviewed earlier this year is a significant step up from the usual ballpoint pens, so much so that you will feel like using it to write. But unlike a fountain pen, it’s eminently convenient, and you don’t have to worry about leakages, ink drying up, etc – it’s a perfect grab-and-go pen, and a thoughtful gift. Cityluxe also provides gift wrapping, greeting card services, and personalisable engraving on pens, making them a great choice of writing instruments gifts.

Review: I reviewed the Parker Jotter here.

Where to buy: Cityluxe’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy 10% off all products. Cityluxe is also currently holding a year-end sale, where multiple items are available at a steep discount.

Ergonomic Chairs:

8) ErgoTune

The leading ergonomic brand locally, Ergotune chairs are a godsend in this current WFH climate.

My pick: Ergotune Supreme chair, priced at $569 (after promo code below).

My opinion: If you know of someone who’s spending long hours in front of their desk (especially during this WFH climate), then the ErgoTune Supreme would be a great gift. Since using the ErgoTune Supreme, I’ve found the simple act of sitting to be a much more comfortable experience. Ultimately, I’m impressed by the innovativeness of the ErgoTune Supreme. The proprietary DuraWeave™ Hybrid Mesh material is breathable and robust, the ATLAS system conforms to the user’s back and works like a charm, and the level of customisation available is simply the most comprehensive at its price point. It even manages to look youthful, and comes with a lengthy warranty of up to 12 years. At its price, it’s a no-brainer alternative to the generic office chairs one finds at IKEA.

Review: I reviewed the ErgoTune Supreme here.

Where to buy: Ergotune’s webstore. Just for my readers, you can use the promo code “22+WAHSOSHIOK” to enjoy $30 off the ErgoTune Supreme, and $20 off the ErgoTune Classic.


That rounds up my Christmas Guide for 2021! All the products listed above were some of the most enjoyable products that I’ve reviewed this year, and I’m sure your loved ones would appreciate them too. All of them are also local brands, so you will be doing our local economy and entrepreneurs a favour as well. Do note that each brand has their own cut-off date for Christmas orders, so do be mindful of that when ordering!

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