Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing my experience with the local hair specialist DrScalp.

After undergoing aesthetic skin treatment at DrHaach, I was informed that they actually have an extended hair specialist arm named – you guessed it – DrScalp, offering a bevvy of hair-related services. As such, I decided to try DrScalp’s services.

DrScalp – the Brand

As aforementioned, DrScalp is the sibling brand of DrHaach/Haach, with all three falling under the AWHL group. As its own independent entity, DrScalp was first established last year with its first outlet located in Raffles City, just around the corner from the DrHaach/Haach Raffles City outlet.

DrScalp describes itself as “a revolutionary technology-based scalp solutions provider”, and claims to be the “first to pioneer Artificial Intelligence into Scalp Reading”. It provides scalp treatments, as well as conventional salon services – but with a technological touch. With AI being the buzzword of today (ChatGPT anyone?), let’s see if DrScalp is actually any day.

DrScalp – Youtube Video

If you would like to see some hands-on footage of me undergoing DrScalp’s hair services, do check out the Youtube video below:

DrScalp – the Review

DrScalp is located on the second floor of Raffles City shopping mall, directly opposite Clove of Swisshotel.

The decor is intentionally futuristic, with mosaic flooring and neon LED lights running giving the showroom a spaceship-esque vibe. Tons of in-house hair products line the walls as well, offering everything from hair growth shampoos to oil-controlling conditioners.

The Unique Selling Point of DrScalp is its use of artificial intelligence, which is used in the initial and post-treatment scalp analysis.

With a proprietary machine, the staff takes multiple photos of the various portions of the scalp, allowing customers to see the condition of their scalp is close detail.

After taking photos of four specific portions of the scalp, the AI programme assigns scores and identifies any potential scalp issues. In my case, it identified that I have mild cases of oily scalp, dandruff and hair loss, so the DrScalp staff designed a treatment programme specifically to address those issues.

With the AI scalp analysis done, it was time to move on to the actual hair treatment. I was led down a hallway of treatment rooms, with futuristic decor that matches that of the lobby.

The treatment booth is cosy, with a neon backlit mirror that reinforces the avant-garde image of DrScalp. I really appreciated the sofa chair – it’s significantly more comfortable than the usual swivel chairs of hair salons.

The customised scalp treatment starts with a bacteria-eliminating handheld device. It crackles with static energy, but there’s nothing to worry about – it doesn’t feel like much when applied to the scalp. It simply felt like someone combing my hair, if the comb had anti-bacterial properties.

The DrScalp therapist then wheeled in a fancy-looking machine, which he relayed was imported from Korea. Based on one’s scalp condition, the machine/treatment can be configured to different settings to alleviate the relevant scalp conditions.

As dandruff and oily scalp are caused by the production of excessive sebum, the DrScalp therapist used one of the devices to “suck” out excessive sebum from the scalp, while hydrating it at the same time. The process reminded me of the Hydrafacial I did with Lux Aesthetic, except that it’s for the scalp instead of the face/back.

Last but not least, a scalp mask is applied and left on for about 15-20 minutes. The therapist conveyed that the mask is meant to imbue the scalp with essential nutrients, which would in turn prevent excessive sebum production and therefore oily scalp/dandruff.

Aside from providing scalp treatment, DrScalp also offers your usual salon services, including a haircut. As I was already there for the scalp treatment, I thought why not strike two birds with one stone and decided to get a haircut afterwards.

The haircut was actually pretty good, with the therapist sharing that cutting hair was actually his bread-and-butter, having spent most of his career as a hairstylist before venturing into scalp treatments with DrScalp. He was deft and adept with his scissors and shavers, and promptly gave me a hair transformation in no time.

After cutting my hair, he promptly showed me how to style it so I could do so myself at home. I realised styling actually makes a huge difference to the appearance of the haircut, I gladly took down some of his tips and tricks.

The end result was a haircut that showcased both differing depths – notice the fade tapering at the side – as well as textural layers. Compare it to the haircut I walked in with (see the first few photos) and the difference is stark.

After the haircut, the therapist brought me back to the treatment room for my post-treatment scalp scan. The before/after photos are then contrasted – one can clearly see that my scalp was substantially greasier before the treatment.

For an even more objective comparison, the scores are also contrasted. One can see that the three problem areas of oily scalp, dandruff and density all improved substantially, even after one session. The therapist informed me that the benefits are most obvious immediately after treatment, though sustaining said benefits would require regular sessions.

Conclusion – so DrScalp “shiok” or not?

As compared to DrHaach/Haach, I believe DrScalp’s USP (unique selling point) shines even brighter. Hair treatments/haircuts are a dime a dozen – if you’re been to even a neighbourhood hair salon, chances are that you would have been pushed a hair treatment deal. Incorporating artificial intelligence technology into the process, however, is decidedly rarer and therefore should be lauded. I enjoyed the futuristic ambience of DrScalp, the hair treatments, as well as the haircut at the end. In essence, DrScalp is a one-stop shop for all things hair/scalp-related, and they do so at a fairly reasonable price.

Like DrHaach/Haach, those interested in trying out DrScalp’s hair treatments can take advantage of affordable trial prices – $59 for a hair detoxifying treatment, which also includes a $50 return voucher that can be used to offset hair services (men’s haircut costs $51, while women’s haircut goes for $61). In other words, it would cost only $60 for both the hair treatment and a haircut ($70 for females), which is a fairly affordable way to try out DrScalp’s services. These trial sessions are non-committal, so you can go down to try out the treatment/haircut for yourself before deciding if it’s up your alley. Simply book your initial trial sessions at this link here, and Wah So Shiok readers not only get to enjoy the affordable trial prices, but also a 10% discount on future sessions (even on package prices). I’ll also be updating this article regularly with new haircuts, as well as progress tracking the condition of my scalp, so do check back regularly for updates.

Book your trials (and secure the 10% discount) here.

DrScalp outlet: 252 North Bridge Road, #02-27C, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 179103

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