Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll review a new suit commission from the local tailor Gentlemen’s Pursuit.

If you haven’t already done so, read Part 1 of the review here, where I chronicled my experience commissioning a suit and shirt with Gentlemen’s Pursuit. Now that I’ve collected my garments, let’s take a closer look at the fit and finish of the suit.

Gentlemen’s Pursuit – the Fit

Despite lacking a proper basted fitting process, I’m pleased to report that the suit fits well.

Firstly, the jacket is of the correct length, ending near the middle of my palms. The sleeve length is good too, ending near my wristbone and exposing a quarter-inch of shirt cuff. More importantly, the shoulders lie flat without any fabric bunching, which is difficult to achieve given that I have rather uneven shoulders. Furthermore, one can see slight tapering around the waist, giving me a slimmer look. Lastly, there are also no shoulder divots – one of the cardinal sins of tailoring.

One can also see the sleeves drape nicely with little wrinkling, which is not easy given that the sleeve pitch is dependent on the wearer’s posture. This is even more impressive considering that Gentlemen’s Pursuit doesn’t utilise a basted fitting. In addition, the jacket also lies neatly on the shirt collar without an unsightly collar gap.

The fit of the back – though not perfect – is decent as well, and perfectly acceptable at this price point. There is some wrinkling on my upper back, but nothing too unacceptable.

The trousers are of the correct length, just lightly brushing against the top of my CustomWelt shoes. However, the drape can be improved as there are some visible wrinkles.

Gentlemen’s Pursuit – Workmanship

The workmanship of the suit also punches above its price point.

Despite being Gentlemen’s Pursuit’s entry-level fabrics, the mixed wool house fabric has relatively high wool content, resulting in a breathable suit. I did an outdoor shoot at Sentosa, and found the suit to be surprisingly breathable and light on the skin even in the humid weather. The quality is impressive, especially given its $588 price point.

And despite its low price tag, the suit boasts fancy detailing, such as a barchetta pocket and pick stitching on the lapels. Like my most recent suits, I went for a wider 3.5-inch lapel for more presence.

Impressively, the pick stitching extended to the edges of the entire jacket (not just the lapel), and even the edges of the pockets. Coupled with the tone-on-tone amber buttons and the retro ticket pocket, the styling and workmanship of this jacket remind me of my most recent commission from Reign Custom Tailors in Bangkok.

In addition, the buttons are hand-shanked, which provides the fabric space to drape in when buttoned. A sign of quality workmanship that increases the lifespan of the buttons, hand-shanking is usually only found in more expensive tailors such as HST.

There’s also surgeon cuffs – a hallmark of quality tailoring. Notice how the pick stitching is present on the sleeves as well, which is a lovely detail.

On the inside, the gorgeous brown paisley lining acts as the perfect complement to the tobacco brown suit. Note that this was the default (aka free) option – there are more premium linings available as well.

As always, I opted for side-adjusters for a cleaner look. Notice how the side-adjusters have an added loop – little details like this go a long way in enhancing the overall look.

Overall, I love my outfit from Gentlemen’s Pursuit. The suit fits well (especially the jacket), with plenty of sartorial details that belies its affordable price point. I also love the tobacco brown fabric – it’s an uncommon shade, but one that I believe more guys should wear. It’s perfectly smart casual, making it perfect for most office surroundings as well as a date night at the bar. Coupled with Gentlemen’s Pursuit contemporary cut, the suit is subtly striking, oozing old-school charm in spades.

To dress down the look further, I also got a cream-coloured polo tee done with Gentlemen’s Pursuit. It pairs well with the suit, and it’s a combination that I turn to for less formal affairs. The cream-coloured polo provides the perfect canvas for the tobacco suit to shine.

Conclusion – so Gentlemen’s Pursuit “shiok” or not?

I believe Gentlemen’s Pursuit offers the best bang for the buck locally. As a recap, this mixed wool suit and shirt cost just $588. Despite the affordable price tag, the fit of the garments is decent, and the workmanship is great. Plenty of sartorial details are available – barchetta pocket, functional sleeve buttons, pick stitching, etc – which elevates the suit. I also appreciate the modern cut, which refreshes a fabric that might otherwise appear dated. All in all, I’m very satisfied with my garments from Gentlemen’s Pursuit, and will definitely be returning to have another suit (probably a VBC) done.

A 2-piece mixed wool suit (half-canvassed) at Gentlemen’s Pursuit starts from $688, with 100% wool European fabrics (VBC, Drago, etc) starting from $888. For my readers, Gentlemen’s Pursuit is offering a $100 discount for 2-piece suits, a $200 discount for 3-piece suits, as well as a free shirt (worth $108) with every suit purchase. Quote “WAHSOSHIOK” while making your appointment to enjoy this (frankly fantastic) deal. Yes – that means that my suit (and shirt) only cost $588, which is an absolute steal.

CustomWelt fitting shoes are available at Gentlemen’s Pursuit too, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Gentlemen’s Pursuit’s Location: 1 Genting Link, #08-01A, Singapore 349518

Book an appointment with Gentlemen’s Pursuit via WhatsApp here.

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