Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be reviewing a new outfit from local tailor Meiko Tailor.

I’ve previously done multiple outfits with Meiko Tailor, and documented my initial experience here and the resulting outfits here, here and here. Meiko Tailor has since become one of my go-tos for tailored outfits, so when the Christmas/Chinese New Year season came along I naturally approached them for a new look. Let’s see how the outfit turned out.

Meiko Tailor 2023 Outfit – Review

Given my rather crowded wardrobe, I wanted a more unique outfit that would stand out from the previous looks.

After hearing my desire for a more striking outfit, Adele managed to source a quirky sci-fi-inspired Italian stretched cotton fabric that was available in limited quantities. She messaged me a picture of it, and I immediately was enamoured with it. It’s definitely different from my previous attires, and I love the whimsical nature of the print.

During the fitting, I was amazed at how vivid the fabric was. It was a head-turner, even in its basted form.

I also want to highlight how well the jacket fitted even during the fitting. One can see how the shoulders lie flat, and how the sleeves drape smoothly. The only room for improvement was the back, which Uncle Chung promptly identified and chalked it for further alteration.

I’m pleased to report that the completed jacket fits well. Firstly, Meiko Tailor absolutely nailed the fit of the shoulders – they lie flat, without a hint of any wrinkles to be seen. Elsewhere, one can see an obvious tapering around the waist, giving the wearer (me) a welcomed slimming effect. The jacket is of the right snugness too, without the dreaded “X” forming around the jacket button. Lastly, it’s also the right length, ending right around the centre of my palm.

The sleeve pitch is also good, with the sleeve draping cleanly without much wrinkling seen. This indicates that the shoulders are indeed fitted perfectly. With shoulders that are too large, one would see shoulder divots – that is not the case here. The sleeves do end quite short, but that was by intention. Given that it’s clearly a casual jacket, I wanted the sleeves to be short enough for my watches (yes, I dual-wrist) to be visible.

I was very impressed by the fit of the back, which drapes cleanly without much wrinkling to be seen. As mentioned above, the fit of the back was one of the areas that were altered after the fitting, and the improvements are clear.

When viewed as a completed jacket, the print is not only an eye-catcher, but also eminently festive. The red accents and its youthful (some might say childish, but I disagree) sci-fi theme fits the Christmas spirit cohesively, and I can see myself wearing it again for Chinese New Year too.

I was also impressed by the level of detail present. For example, one can see the robot in the spaceship and its expression clearly, while the Earth is also rendered in high detail. I love the shading present – it really does look like a drawing/sketch and not a print.

As the exterior of the jacket is already flashy, we decided to go with a plain white lining on the inside – a patterned or coloured lining would likely be overkill. Still, I like how the accents of the print liven up the interior, making it safe but not boring.

The jacket is also unstructured, making it a stark departure from the full-canvassed jackets that I’ve previously made from Meiko Tailor. Being unstructured, the jacket is substantially lighter and more comfortable (i.e less rigid) to wear as a result. Due to the lack of canvassing, it’s also technically machine washable, making it more convenient (though hand-washing is still recommended).

While commissioning the jacket, I decided to do a pair of trousers as well. Given how “loud” the jacket was, I wanted the trousers to be understated. I thus settled on a pair of beige-coloured pants to serve as the perfect canvas for the jacket to shine.

However, the pants isn’t your run-of-the-mill wool or cotton trousers. Instead, it’s infused with spandex to give it a bit of stretch, which translates to comfort during prolonged wear.

As usual, I went with side adjusters for a cleaner look. To dress things down a little, jeans pockets were chosen.

As the icing on the cake, the pants drape cleanly, with a trendy no-break look where the tip of the cuff just brushes against the top of my shoes. It serves as the ideal foil to the fanciful jacket, reining it in stylistically. Paired with a casual white tee, the entire outfit works wonders – it’s a conversation starter without being obnoxious.

Conclusion – so Meiko Tailor 2023 “shiok” or not?

I wore the outfit to a Christmas party, and I have to say it was quite well-received. In particular, I love how its playful design reflected my idiosyncratic nature. As I’ve stated in a previous article, tailoring doesn’t have to be stiff and rigid – it can, and should serve as an expression of one’s identity and creativity instead. This jacket is definitely one that’s reserved for special occasions, but it’s undoubtedly one of the highlights in my wardrobe. It puts a smile on my face every time I don it – there’s no higher praise than that.

For those interested, the Italian stretched cotton jacket costs $930, while the stretched cotton pants cost $290. Curated package deals from Meiko Tailor can also be found here. In particular, I recommend the $649 Back to Office Wardrobe package, as well as the $2380 Groom & Bride Wedding Package.

Meiko Tailor’s Location:

7 Raffles Blvd, #02-01 The Pan Pacific
Singapore 039595

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