Hello everyone and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I’ll be documenting my experience at pre-owned watch shop Watch Link.

A few weeks ago, a reader reached out to me and asked for my assistance in selling his 17.09 Ming X Massena Lab. He wasn’t sure where to sell it, and didn’t want to deal with “Carouhell“. I suggested going down to Far East Plaza (which has more than a dozen pre-owned watch shops) together – I had a fitting with Mohan’s Custom Tailors anyway – and see if any pre-owned dealer would be willing to take in the watch. Unfortunately, most stores were not keen on the Ming (I guess it’s not a sports Rolex), or offered ridiculously low prices.

That changed when we dropped by Watch Link, which is located on the third floor of Far East Plaza. The staff explained that the shop operates on a consignment model, which allows them to take in a wider variety of watches – including independents such as Ming. And unlike other pre-owned watch stores which frankly lowball you for your watch, Watch Link asks for your intended selling price upfront, and simply tags on a small premium for their efforts.

I appreciated the decor of Watch Link. With tasteful horological artworks adorning the walls, there’s a sophisticated, atas feel to Watch Link that separates it from other pre-owned watch stores in Far East Plaza.

There’s even a coffee machine in the corner to make customers feel at home – a thoughtful touch.

Accessories such as watch straps (particularly for Panerai watches) and watch rolls are available for sale as well.

We were greeted by Soon, who started the consignment process by checking the contents and ensuring that it was a full set as described (watch, box, papers, accessories, invoice).

After double-checking the contents, Soon next checked the timepiece, ensuring that the watch is in functional condition.

He then whipped out a loupe (a magnifying glass for jewellers) and proceeded to check for any hairline scratches on the crystal and case of the watch. “If there are any scratches on the watch, we will have to take photos of them and declare them in our listing,” he said.

Once he was satisfied with the exterior condition of the watch, he then put the Ming on a timegrapher, which checks the accuracy and overall health of the movement in multiple positions.

I’m pleased to report that the Ming’s movement appears to be in the pink of health, with the timegrapher reporting perfect accuracy in certain positions.

I spied a fancy looking machine next to the timegrapher – Soon explained to me that it’s essentially a magnifying machine that can be connected to the TV. He placed the Ming below the machine, and began showing us the dial of the watch in breathtaking detail. He elaborates that the machine is usually used by buyers who want to take a closer look – on the big screen – before purchasing.

After conducting all the necessary checks, the last step of the consignment process was to issue the invoice, which states the “take-back” price for the consigner. Overall, I found the consignment process at Watch Link to be thorough and transparent – one can definitely consign with peace of mind here.

Since I was already at the shop, I took the opportunity to browse some of the timepieces on offer. As expected, Watch Link has a wide array of Rolex watches, from entry-level Datejusts/Oyster Perpetuals to the popular Submariners/Yachtmasters. For those who like a bit of bling, full gold GMT Master IIs and Daytonas are also available. If Rolex is what you’re looking for, Watch Link won’t disappoint.

However, Watch Link carries more than just Rolex watches. From Azimuth to MB&F, Watch Link also has several independent options across the spectrum of price points. I was particularly drawn to some of the IWC Pilot watches that they carry – as I’ve stated in a previous article, IWC is a severely underrated Maison that deserves more attention from enthusiasts.

All in all, Watch Link is a great place for both sellers and buyers. For sellers, you’re able to dictate your “take-back” price (within reason, of course) and avoid the lowballing that often occurs at pre-owned watch shops. For buyers, you can be assured that each watch consigned at Watch Link has been rigorously inspected and tested, and you can even request to take a closer look at the watch’s cosmetic and movement condition – literally – if you wish.

Whilst at Watch Link, I could sense that the staff are genuine watch enthusiasts – the same cannot be said of all pre-owned watch shops. Soon had a Rolex Milgauss on, which is probably one of the most under-the-radar Rolex in its current line-up. I spotted a Kurono Grand Akane on another staff, while the owner wristed an MB&F. They all have an appreciation for horology, and this is reflected in their curation of watches.

Watch Link has kindly offered my readers a special discount – those interested in purchasing any watches from them can quote “WAHSOSHIOK” or flash this article to enjoy $150 off the listed price of any watch. Watch Link’s full catalogue can be viewed online here. The Ming X Massena Lab 17.09 is still available for just $7850 (after the promo code above), which is about 10% cheaper than the current cheapest Chrono24 listing. If any of the watches at Watch Link catches your eye, do use the promo code to land yourself a sweet deal. I should also point out that they currently have a 4.9/5 Google Rating – after dropping by personally, I can see why Watch Link is so highly reviewed.

View Watch Link’s webstore here.

Watch Link’s location: 14 Scott’s Road #03-79 Far East Plaza, 228213

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