Hello everyone! In this listicle, I’ll be covering 8 ways for men to “glow up”. Or in Singlish, how to go from ah boys to men.

Well-fitting clothes would be a good place to start.

For the uninitiated, “glowing up” is defined as a process of becoming more “confident, attractive, and successful”. The idea for this article came about when I was watching a podcast by The Daily Catchup, where the hosts discussed 8 things guys can do to glow up. The podcast intrigued me, so I decided to give my own opinions on the topic.

1) Custom Suit

And in my opinion, the easiest way for a guy to glow up is by wearing a custom suit that actually fits.

A custom, well-fitting suit signals that a man has arrived. Sure, a rental or an off-the-rack G2000/Benjamin Barker may suffice during university, but it simply won’t cut it once you’re out in the working world or looking to get married. Remember – “glowing up” is defined as being more confident, attractive and successful, and nothing portrays confidence, attractiveness and success like a custom suit that makes you feel like you’ve made it.

Where to get one: A custom suit doesn’t have to be expensive too – you can get one for under $400. For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable tailors in Singapore here.

2) Watch

Needless to say, I’m a huge advocate for wearing a watch – that was how Wah So Shiok first started, after all.

As one gets older, one starts to develop an appreciation for the finer things in life. Cars, whiskeys, and wine are some examples, and so are watches. Some guys may view watches from a purely functional viewpoint, but men understand that watches reflect one’s personality and can be a conversation starter. It doesn’t have to be an expensive Rolex – Humism watches ($469) are great testaments to that. You also don’t want to be wearing your usual G-shock with a suit during a job interview/presentation/wedding, so make sure you have multiple watches for different situations.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable Singapore watch brands here. I also did another article on the 21 best affordable watch brands – from $100 to $7500 – here.

3) Shoes

More specifically, dress shoes. I’m all for pairing sneakers with a casual suit, but every man should have at least one decent pair of dress shoes in their wardrobe.

While most men understand the importance of a good-fitting suit, they often also overlook footwear. Many readers/friends have told me: “Aiya, no one will look at my feet one lah.” Well, I do, and I can assure you that most do as well. Most guys I see doing internships/in university wear cheap-looking departmental store offerings that are both uncomfortable and flimsy. In contrast, a pair of blake-stiched shoes only cost a tad more, yet is far longer-lasting and looks miles better. A great pair of dress shoes really anchors the look – own at least one.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable dress shoes in Singapore here.

4) Perfumes

Some guys think perfumes are only for girls – men understand that perfumes get girls.

Coco Chanel once said: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” In fact, science has shown that people often remember that they smell over what they see. In other words, perfume serves as the icing on the cake to a lasting first impression. And like watches, it’s also a great way for you to express your personality and how you feel that night. Are you feeling adventurous, mysterious, or energetic? Express yourself through the perfume that you wear.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable perfumes in Singapore here. I also did a listicle on perfume workshops here.

5) Bags

After wearing a backpack as a student, many guys still rely on backpacks at work, or worse still bring them to formal occasions like a wedding.

I would definitely recommend owning a briefcase, like the one pictured above. If most of your colleagues are still wearing a laptop backpack from Lenovo, then you will definitely stand out with a briefcase. I also recommend having a laptop sleeve/clutch, which will come in handy (pun intended) during more casual situations. And if you must use a backpack, try getting something more unique such as this one from Obbi Good Label, which can also be converted into a tote.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable bags in Singapore here.

6) Spectacles

Men understand that spectacles are accessories – you should have multiple glasses for different occasions. Eyewear is not a one-size fits all situation, especially when your glasses are the same black plastic ones that you’ve had since your NS days.

Different frames for different scenarios.

The face is the first area someone looks at when they meet you, and if you’re four-eyed like me, then spectacles become an inherent part of that look. And just like other accessories (watches, shoes, bags, etc), it’s important that your spectacles match the occasion. I would advise having at least 3 pairs of spectacles – one for exercise, one for professional situations, and one for casual everyday wear. It’s a simple way to keep your look fresh as well.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable spectacles in Singapore here.

7) Skincare

Men also understand the importance of self-care. Aesthetic treatments – or even facials – are par for the norm nowadays.

Grooming and aesthetic treatment should be a priority, but unfortunately, most men don’t treat it as such. I’ll recommend regular facials, aesthetic treatments, and even hair treatments and slimming treatments – it’s really simple self-care, not that much different from going to the gym and eating healthy. At the very least, one should have a basic skincare routine (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen). If you have unwanted hair in any areas, I’ll recommend considering hair removal treatment as well. It’s paramount to appear well-groomed, coiffed and prim, so take care of yourself.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on the best aesthetic clinics for men in Singapore here.

8) Pen

Lastly, get a nice pen.

A good pen is essential, but it’s the one aspect that I’ve seen most guys neglect. I’ve seen guys signing important documents or cheques with a cheap Pilot G2 pen – the very same pen I’ve seen them use to jot down notes during university lectures. If you want to be taken seriously, the right accessory matter, and a nice fountain (or even rollerball) pen will go a long way. You don’t necessarily need to own an expensive Montblanc pen if you can’t afford it – an affordable pen (such as the abovepictured one by Monteverde) would do.

Where to get one: For more information, do check out my listicle on affordable fountain pens in Singapore here.


That sums up this article on 8 ways men can employ to glow up. This is especially relevant once you enter the working world – you don’t want to look like a university undergrad anymore. Appearances matter, and with the right clothing and accessories, one can feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

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