In this article, I’ll be rounding up my picks of affordable tailors (all under S$1000) in Singapore. I previously did a similar round-up article for local watch brands (read here), and will now be doing the same for tailoring! In my personal experience, most Singaporeans are either unaware of the existence of these local tailors, or have the impression that having a made-to-measure suit would be incredibly exorbitant. In this article, I hope to shine the spotlight on the noteworthy efforts of these local tailors, whom I believe distinguishes themselves from others in the same price category.

The rows upon rows of textile available at Hwa Seng Textiles.

Without further ado, these are 8 affordable tailors in Singapore – that I’ve personally tailored garments from – you should definitely check out!

Under $400:

The under $400 price range is by far the most saturated space in the local tailoring industry. If you’re active on Facebook, you would probably have seen a barrage of “$399 suit promotion” advertisements by multiple tailors. Unfortunately, most of these tailors (in my opinion) often deliver sub-par products, and are staffed by inexperienced part-timers – to find out more on what to look out for when buying a suit, do read my buying guide here. I’ve been to most of these affordable tailors in Singapore and based upon my personal experience, have shortlisted 3 which I’m most impressed by! The three tailors mentioned below are one-stop-shops as well, carrying a variety of accessories and even dress shoes to complete your look.

1) Ehkay Corner Tailors

Based in Orchard Plaza, Ehkay Corner has been offering great affordable suiting options since the 1980s. There’s no shortage of affordable tailors in Orchard – there’s probably over a dozen of them just in Far East Plaza alone! I’ve been to most of them, and in my personal experience, Ehkay Corner stood out.

Ehkay Corner’s main storefront at Orchard Plaza. You can’t miss it!

Who they are: “Since the 1980’s, Ehkay Corner Tailors have been serving a myriad of clients from Singapore and all over the world. Currently Ehkay Corner Tailors is managed by the founder’s son Dinesh Nandwani and his wife Hina Nandwani. Together this husband and wife team has kept alive the Ehkay tradition of excellence in tailoring, quality fabrics, comprehensive inventory, and personalized service with warmth and a smile.”

Basted Fitting: No, but they do a Muslin fit. A Muslin fit is similar to a basted fitting, with the difference being that while a basted fitting uses the cloth that you chose, a muslin fitting garment is often fashioned out of a cheaper material. Muslin fitting is sometimes used by tailors to save cost and wastage.

Me in my tuxedo from Ehkay Corner Tailors.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

My opinion: Despite their affordable price point, Ehkay Corner ticks a lot of boxes. Unlike majority of the other affordable tailors one sees on Facebook currently, Dinesh and his wife Hina has been managing Ehkay Corner since the 1980s – that’s over 30 years! In fact, Dinesh picked up the trade from his father and elder brother, who ran the business before him. In terms of experience, Dinesh and his wife definitely have it in spades. In addition, Ehkay Corner also boasts a local, in house production. In contrast to the vast majority of the other tailors at this price point, Ehkay Corner does not outsource – all garments are produced in their workshop locally. As a general rule of thumb, tailors with an in-house production have better control over their back-end, and therefore possess a higher consistency in their products as compared to tailors who outsource their production overseas. Just look at their Google ratings – a near perfect 4.9/5 rating from over 100 satisfied customers! Furthermore, there’s even a fitting session in their tailoring process for better fit. Lastly, despite the affordable starting price of their suits, all suits from Ehkay Corner are half-canvassed for greater durability – most other “$299 suits” you see on Facebook are fused. If you can look past the dated decor of the shop, I believe that Ehkay Corner offers customers great bang for buck – you can’t go wrong in their hands! Also, Arden Teal shoes can  be found at the store. Overall, if you’re a student hunting down a great affordable suit for prom, or are simply on a budget, Ehkay Corner is one of the best, if not the best, value tailor in Orchard.

Price: Readers can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off all products at Ehkay Corner. After the discount, a 2-piece half-canvassed suit from Ehkay Corner starts at just $234! That’s almost the same pricing as G2000 suits ($229). Simply flash this post to enjoy the discount.

Recommended: I recommend going for the mixed-wool $315 2-piece suit – the price difference is well worth the upgrade in fabric quality. I also recommend the $688 tuxedo set, which is inclusive of a 2-piece tuxedo suit, a tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, and accessories such as a bow-tie and pocket square. Prices stated are after the aforementioned 10% discount.

Location: #01-57 & #01-01 Orchard Plaza, 150 Orchard Road Singapore 238841

Review: I reviewed my experience at Ehkay Corner Tailors here, and the tuxedo I got here.

2) Esquire’s Bespoke

Located in Lavander, Esquire’s Bespoke is currently a popular choice in the wedding scene. With sharp style and a basted fitting process, Esquire’s Bespoke is a great affordable option to visit if you’re looking for a wedding/event suit!

Esquire’s Bespoke humble showroom.

Who they are: “Started in 2013, Esquire’s Bespoke aims to bring to customers bespoke menswear at affordable price and to provide to customer a seamless and enjoyable journey to discovering his unique style. Do you feel daunted, lost, directionless on what is best for your big day? Esquire’s Bespoke with a team of dedicated professionals will ensure that you will look the best on your big day. We have advised countless of grooms and brothers on the style, fit, fabrics and we are confident of bringing to you a style that fits you perfectly.”

Basted Fitting: Yes!

Me in my linen Esquire’s Bespoke suit.

Lead time: 1 month.

My opinion: If you’re looking for a wedding/event suit, I believe that Esquire’s Bespoke may be one of the best, if not the best, option under $400. On your big day, you want to stand out – you’re the star, and all eyes are upon you. As such, you need a tailor with a sharp sense of style – and Esquire’s Bespoke is just that. Not only do they have over 5 years of experience in dressing grooms and groomsmen for their big day, they have also recently partnered with local design studio Yimage to develop a series of unique linings. In addition, Esquire’s Bespoke is also one of the rare few tailors under $400 to do incorporate a basted fitting process, which ensures that the fit of your garment is as perfect as it can be for your wedding/event. Unfortunately, their suits are fused – however, if you’re looking for a wedding/event suit which you’re not planning on wearing regularly, a fused suit is still fine. In fact, it’s better to have a well-fitted fused suit, than an ill-fitting canvassed one! The production of their garments are also made locally, which should translate to a higher level of consistency. Furthermore, one can find Atelier LLYN, as well as Jonathan Abel shoes at the shop. Overall, if you’re looking for something sharp to stand out from the crowd during an important event, Esquire’s Bespoke is one of the best affordable options around.

Price: Readers can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off suits at Esquire’s Bespoke. After the discount, a 2-piece suit (fused) from Esquire’s Bespoke would start at just $359! Simply flash this post to enjoy the discount! Full canvassed suits are available too, for an additional price add-on.

Recommended: I recommend going for the $359 linen suit for day weddings/events, and the $449 50% mixed-wool suit for night weddings/events. Linen suits, with its iconic wrinkled look, has a more casual summer vibe, while a mixed-wool suit would have a more formal, classic look. Prices stated are after discount.

Location: Sultan Plaza, #03-30, 100 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199001. Interested parties are highly encouraged to book an appointment first here, and state Wah so Shiok as a referral source in the appointment message to enjoy the 10% discount!

Review: I reviewed my experience at Esquire’s Bespoke here, and the fit and style of the suit and shirt I commissioned here.

3) Stitched Custom

For those who are looking for work suits, I believe that Stitched Custom is one of the best options under the $400 price range!

Stitched Custom hangs their most popular fabrics as swathes on the wall of their shopfront.

Who they are: “Stitched was founded with a strong belief in assisting others who wish to dress well without any inflated costs. Our company is a young one, born from a deep enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and fashion in 2016. Stitched Custom is already blessed with a vast clientele that has entrusted us to bring their bespoke creation to life. We have various partnership with local artisan fashion brands who share the same passion and commitment to their work and our promise to our clients is quality.”

Basted fitting: No, though they do have ready-to-wear skeleton suits/vests.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.

Me looking sharp in my Stitched Custom suit.

My opinion: If you’re looking for a work suit, I highly suggest Stitched Custom. For a work suit, you will likely be wearing the suit for the entire day – as such it is important that you are comfortable in your suit. Currently, Stitched Custom carries a stretchable fabric (they call it their CS fabric) that has spandex in it, which provides more flexibility and comfort for the wearer. It’s something unique that I have not seen in the other affordable tailors that I’ve visited. In addition, Stitched Custom also carries a wide range of accessories for you to add some jazz into your work attire, and stand out from your colleagues. Their suits are half-canvassed as well for greater longevity – important if you’re going to be wearing the suit regularly for work! Lastly, due to their lack of a fitting process, Stitched Custom also possess one of the shortest lead times that I know of. If you need a suit in a hurry (be it for business, or perhaps wedding), Stitched Custom is a great choice for a decent fitting suit in that limited time frame. Despite the lack of a fitting process, the fit of their suits are (in my experience) still above average amongst tailors in this price range, and that’s more than good enough for a work suit! In fact, they can be said to be a more convenient option as one do not have to drop by an additional time for a fitting session – perfect for busy professionals. Furthermore, one can also find Earnest & Collective shoes at the store. Overall, if you’re looking for a work suit, or simply need a suit in a hurry, Stitched Custom is an excellent option!

Price: Just for readers, a 2-piece CS series suit would cost just $399, and a mixed-wool Black series suit costs only $429. Simply flash this post to enjoy this exclusive price!

Recommended: I recommend the $399 CS series suit, as well as the $429 mixed-wool Black series suit. As aforementioned, the CS series suit incorporates spandex for greater stretchability, and thus makes a good comfort option. Alternatively, the mixed wool suit would come across as more luxurious, and thus would be a better option if you’re planning to dress to impress. Prices stated are exclusive prices just for my readers!

Location: 193A Kitchener Road #02-01, S(208534)

Review: I reviewed my experience with Stitched Custom here, and the fit and workmanship of the suit here.

Under $700:

At the $700 price range, one should start to see several upgrades. Firstly, suits should definitely be canvassed – either half-canvassed, or full-canvassed. Secondly, premium materials such as mother-of-pearl or horn buttons should be available. Thirdly, one should see unique options – trimmings, linings, customisation options such as a one-piece collar or Gurkha trousers – that one usually do not find in tailors under $400. I’ve experienced a couple of tailors in Singapore at this price range, and below are 2 that I was impressed by!

4) Perfect Attire

Located in the heart of the CBD, Perfect Attire represents one of the best value proposition tailors that I’ve personally encountered.

The storefront of Perfect Attire.

Who they are: “It is our genuine intent to craft fine custom apparel for gentlemen with an appetite for the fine things in life. To achieve this intent we own and employ a full production house ensuring that we are in control of what we offer.”

Basted fitting: Yes, with an additional preceding Muslin fit.

Lead time: 4 weeks

Me looking spiffy in my Perfect Attire suit.

My opinion: Personally, I believe that Perfect Attire provides the best craftsmanship under the $700 price point. Even on their $500 house fabric fused suit, buttons are shanked, buttonholes are hand-sewn, pic stitching is available and jacket cuffs are functional. On their canvassed suits ($650 and up), the suits are canvassed by hand. Furthermore, all of Perfect Attire’s garments are made in-house, every step of the way – consistency and quality control is top notch. Fit is great as well, with two fitting processes implemented (Muslin fit first, and a basted fitting thereafter) to perfect the fit. Finally, the quality of fabric available is unparalleled for the price – currently, Perfect Attire is offering fully canvassed VBC/Holland & Sherry/Drago suits for just $850! I’ve been to over 30 tailors locally, and I personally do not know of another tailor that offers a fully canvassed VBC/Holland & Sherry/Drago suit for under $1000. Overall, if you’re looking for a great fitting, well-crafted work suit constructed with premium fabrics at an affordable price, Perfect Attire is a terrific choice. One of the best bang-for-buck tailors I’ve personally experienced!

Price: A 2-piece fused suit starts from $500, with fully canvassed suits starting from $650. Fully canvassed 2-piece premium suits (VBC/Holland & Sherry/Drago) starts from $850. Just for readers, Perfect Attire is offering a free shirt with any suit purchase. Readers are entitled to a free house fabric shirt with a purchase of a 2-piece house fabric suit, and a premium Andreazza & Castelli shirt free with a purchase of a 2-piece premium suit – simply flash this post to redeem the free shirt!

Recommended: I wholeheartedly recommend the fully canvassed house fabric suit at $650, as well as their VBC/Holland & Sherry/Drago premium suit at $850. As aforementioned, I doubt one can find a fully-canvassed suit (with a free shirt!) for $650 anywhere else. In addition, it is virtually impossible to get a fully canvassed VBC/Holland & Sherry/Drago suit (with a free Andreazza & Castelli shirt) at $850 in Singapore. Honestly, I think that Perfect Attire’s suits are underpriced, and consumers should take advantage of this pricing (and the free shirt) before they inevitably increase the price!

Location: Oxley Tower Unit 03-38, 138 Robinson Road, Singapore 068906. Interested customers are recommended to book an appointment online prior to dropping by.

Review: I reviewed my experience with Perfect Attire here, and the fit and workmanship of the suit here.

5) Sors Studio

Sors Studio is really interesting as the owner, Gary, does not see himself as a tailor, but rather as an image consultant. While most tailors simply alter the fit to the individual, Gary goes one step further by tailoring (no pun intended) his style advice for each client as well.

Sors Studio’s cozy little place at Arab Street.

Who they are: “We understand men’s behavior in dressing, different environment to individual DNA & preferences, fabric selection to understanding cuts and colours, contrast, proportion and most importantly Skin Tone. We are dedicated at facilitating individuals to find their own awareness in dressing right and to explore deeper into creating their own individual dress style. Dressing right and presentable has never been so important in today’s world. A person’s dressing will influence first impression any time and anywhere.”

Basted fitting: Yes, usually 2.

Lead time: 4-5 weeks.

The stunning back panel of my vest from Sors Studio.

My opinion: If you’re absolutely clueless in terms of fashion, go to Gary at Sors Studio. What you’re getting there is not only clothing, but also invaluable style advice. In essence, you’re paying not just for the product, but for a makeover as well. Furthermore, if you’re the type who likes personalisation (like me), Sors Studio is also the perfect outlet to express your individuality. From custom inner linings for suits, to uniquely patterned vests, these are designs that you won’t see at other tailors! Gary regularly search from unique fabrics from suppliers, and buys a small amount of fabric if he sees something he likes. As such, most of these designs are extremely limited – often, only 2-3 garments of the same design are created. In addition, their production is local as well, which should translate to a higher level of consistency. Gary regularly experiments with different customisation options too – Sors Studio has one of the most extensive customisation options I’ve experienced. Currently, most of their suits are half-canvassed, and mother-of-pearl/horn buttons come standard on shirts/suits respectively. Overall, if looking good and standing out is your top priority when it comes to getting a tailored garment, Sors Studio is the perfect place for you.

Price: A 2-piece mixed wool suit starts at $650, while a vest starts at just $200.

Recommended: I would recommend the $650 mixed-wool suits, as well as the $180 vests. For the more adventurous, Gary does denim suits too! I really love the vest designs of Sors Studio – they are really stunning, and surprisingly affordable. However, the true value comes not from the clothing, but Gary’s style advice – customers often message him for clothing advice, if need be!

Location: 34 Arab Street #02-01 Singapore 199733

Review: I reviewed my experience with Sors Studio here, and the fit and style of the resulting garments here!

Under $1000:

At $1000, one is venturing towards bespoke territory. These tailors tend to be quite established, some of whom have been plying their trade for several decades! As such, they possess a wealth of experience, and this thus translate to better fit and craftsmanship of the eventual garment. For those looking for a Saville Row tailoring experience, this is the category you should be paying attention to – there’s an added reverence to the craft of tailoring present here, as compared to the more affordable aforementioned tailors.

6) Hwa Seng Textiles

Hwa Seng Textiles (HST) was established in 1960, and is older than all of the other tailors on this list. In terms of expertise and experience, the people at Hwa Seng Textiles has been practicing their craft for a very, very, long time.

These were hand-calligraphed by Mr Goh’s (the owner) father, who founded HST in 1960.

Who they are: “Hwa Seng Textiles, founded since the 1960s, is young in outlook and direction. Experience and tradition handed down are the heritage we can count on. Technology, creativity, awareness of consumer tastes and warm customer relationships are our strengths in our continuous evolution. Hwa Seng Textiles invests readily in Information Technology in order to improve efficiency, quality and service to our customers. Honesty and dedication to customer service is our mission. Hwa Seng Textiles’ core team comprises some of the brightest, most active professionals in the industry. Beginning with the leadership team, everyone at Hwa Seng Textiles is passionate about improving our customers’ online shopping experience and helping you with your enquiries or questions. Here at Hwa Seng Textiles, you are part of the family, your needs are what we aim to meet.”

Basted fitting: Yes, usually 2.

Lead time: 4-5 weeks.

Me undergoing HST’s basted fitting process, under Shifu’s (pictured left) watchful supervision.

My opinion: As aforementioned, I’ve been to over 30 tailors in Singapore – none has wowed me more initially than HST. Step into the shop, and you will be greeted by rows upon rows of fabrics (see featured image). Unlike other tailoring showrooms where you can only feel the fabric in little booklets, the staff at HST will bring down the entire roll of fabric for you to see and touch, as well as to drape against your body. HST’s fabrics are of good quality – HST started out as a purveyor of textiles, and till today supplies fabrics to tailors locally, some of whom are on this list! In addition, their staff are mostly very experienced – chief of which is Ye Shifu, who has been in the industry for almost 60 years. Knowing that Shifu nitpicked over the fit of the garment put me straight at ease. That feeling of trust and comfort when you visit a barber that you trust? It was exactly the same feeling here. He pointed out little peculiarities about my body to me that I didn’t even know myself, such as my arched back, unevenly sloped shoulders, and left forward shoulder (probably caused by a lifetime of pressing WASD). The attention to detail, as well as the sheer amount of customisation choices at HST, astounded me while I was there. Furthermore, each piece at HST is measured, drafted, cut and fitted precisely, their exactness enhanced with the use of a state-of-the-art Computer CAD System. That’s right – despite being one of the oldest tailors in Singapore, their outlook is futuristic with the owner unafraid to invest in IT to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. In addition, HST also hold tailoring workshops in a bid to keep the dying craft of tailoring alive. For those looking for an affordable Saville Row experience, I highly recommend HST. All suits at HST are fully canvassed.

Price: Readers can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off all products from HST. After the discount, a 2-piece fully canvassed mixed-wool suit from HST would start at just $765 – simply flash this post to enjoy the discount!

Recommended: I recommend the $765 mixed wool fully canvassed 2-piece suit – it’s surprisingly affordable for a fully canvassed suit in general, even more so considering the experience and expertise that HST possess! In a surprisingly modern twist, HST also offers bespoke denim jeans, which I recommend if you’re looking for a more casual look. Prices stated are after the aforementioned discount.

Location: #07-12 Gemini@Sims, No 2 Sims Close, Singapore 387298. Interested customers can book their appointments here.

Review: I reviewed my experience with HST here, and the fit and workmanship of the resulting suit here!

7) Edit Suits Co.

Bespoke tailors are great, but the multiple fittings that’s required can sometimes be a hassle. For those who don’t have the time to drop by for multiple fittings, but still want a quality suit, Edit Suits is your answer.

Edit Suits’ storefront.

Who they are: “Edit Suits Co. is a high-end made-to-measure menswear company that is revolutionising the way men shop for clothing. We’re using an innovative combination of e-commerce and direct sales to offer our high-quality products and are dedicated to offering the best customer experience to our customers.”

Basted fitting: No, though they do have ready-to-wear suits for you to try on.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks.

Me in my 3 piece suit from Edit Suits.

My opinion: Unlike the other two tailors in this category who consider themselves bespoke, Edit Suits is decidedly made-to-measure. The key difference is a lack of a basted fitting process with Edit Suits – though that is not necessarily a bad thing. With the other tailors, I had to drop by at least 5 times (measurement, 2 fittings, alteration, final collection) – not everyone has the time for that! Effectiveness and convenience are the brand’s key strengths. In fact, they also boast a brilliant online shop, whereby customer can customise and place subsequent orders based upon the initial measurements taken during their first order. Thereafter, customers can either opt to collect it from the Edit Suits showroom, or have it delivered to their home for free! Furthermore, Edit Suits features an integrated production, and thus one can expect a high level of consistency and stringent quality control. Lastly, suits comes half-canvassed by default (full canvassed is also available for a $200 price add on), and they are one of the rare few able to offer a canvassed VBC suit for under $1000. Their cut is refreshingly modern as well, developed for the modern professional – a breath of fresh air from the style of older, more established tailors. They are quite popular in the wedding scene as well, with many grooms opting for a 3 piece suit from Edit Suits. Overall, if you’re a busy professional who do not have the time (or patience) to drop by a bespoke tailor multiple times, Edit Suits delivers quality suits at affordable prices with minimum hassle.

Price: A 2-piece half-canvassed house fabric (100% wool) suit starts from $799, with premium suits (VBC, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, etc) suits starting from $899(after discount). For readers, Edit Suits has kindly offered a 10% discount for first time orders off any of their premium (MSRP starting at $999) suits – simply flash this post to enjoy the discount!

Recommended: I recommend the $899 VBC (ES collection) half canvassed 2-piece suit, and the $1213 VBC (ES collection) half canvassed 3-piece suit. Firstly, to get a canvassed VBC suit under $900 is quite a steal – in contrast, other tailors at this price point mostly offer mixed wool house fabrics. Secondly, I believe that Edit Suits makes some of the best looking 3 piece suits around – just look at the above picture of Aljaz Skorjanec! Perfect for both weddings and work. Prices stated are after the aforementioned discount.

Location: 35A Duxton Road, Level 2, Singapore 089499. Interested customers can book their appointments here, and choose “Wah so Shiok” as the referral option when prompted to enjoy the aforementioned 10% discount off premium suits!

Review: I reviewed my experience at Edit Suits Co. here, and the fit and workmanship of their garments here.

8) Meiko Tailor

Located within the luxurious premises of Pan Pacific hotel, Meiko Tailor pays homage to the art of tailoring. Run by Head Tailor Uncle Chung – who has over 50 years of experience in tailoring – Meiko Tailor is perhaps the personification of the maxim ‘old is gold’.

Uncle Chung inspecting the fit during the basted fitting process.

Who they are: “Since the beginning, our mission is about giving value to our customers and those who appreciate bespoke. We believe in producing quality workmanship for all our menswear that looks great, fits perfectly, made from the world’s best fabric mills and best of all a good investment value. We are committed to being the trusted tailor in Singapore, Meiko Tailor a Singapore homegrown tailor brand.”

Basted fitting: Yes, usually 2.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks.

Me in my Meiko Tailor suit.

My opinion: Out of all the tailors mentioned in this listicle, Meiko Tailor is perhaps the only true blue bespoke option. A tailor is considered bespoke when he specialises in the drafting, cutting, and fitting of the garments – all of which Uncle Chung oversees for every customer. There’s no template used at Meiko Tailor – everything is custom-made from scratch, based upon an individual’s specific measurements. The experience of Uncle Chung – who has been in tailoring longer than even my parents have been alive – shone through during my experience at Meiko Tailor. In addition, Meiko Tailor boasts a local in-house production. Not only does that translate to a more stringent quality control and greater consistency (Uncle Chung personally inspects every finished garment), it also allows Meiko Tailor to offer one of the shortest lead time that I know of. The lead time of bespoke tailoring is often 1-2 months – due to Meiko Tailor’s in-house production, their usual lead time is just 1-2 weeks! Furthermore, Uncle Chung has recently been joined by his daughter Adele in the business. Adele, being a trained image consultant, brings modern style advice to an established lao jiao tailor, ensuring that customers get the best of both youth and experience. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable bespoke tailor with an emphasis on craftsmanship, or simply need a well-crafted suit in a jiffy, I highly recommend paying Meiko Tailor a visit.

Price: A 2-piece fully canvassed mixed wool suit (house fabric) starts from $990.

Recommended: I recommend the $990 2-piece fully canvassed mixed wool suit – I think that it is an accessible price of entry into the world of bespoke tailoring. For those who have cash to splash and want the best of the best, I recommend going getting a 2-piece suit from the Loro Piana Zenit collection. The Zenit collection is Loro Piana’s (a top Italian mill) premium grade fabric, and includes pure cashmere, merino wool, tasmanian wool, silk and vicuna blends. Only a select few tailors in Singapore are appointed to carry the Zenit collection – that in itself speaks volume about the credentials of Meiko Tailor!

Location: 7 Raffles Blvd, #02-01 The Pan Pacific, Singapore 039595

Review: I reviewed my experience at Meiko Tailor here, and the fit/craftsmanship of the eventual suit here.


I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading this list of affordable tailors in Singapore! In many ways, this is my definitive list of tailors I would recommend – I had personal experience getting garments tailored at all the aforementioned tailors, and my experiences have been nothing short of positive across the board. I made sure to include tailors across a wide variety of price ranges too – there’s definitely something for everyone here!

Tailoring is a craft – let’s appreciate the painstaking effort local tailors put into their products!

In my daily interactions with my peers, I realised that most people still satisfy their formalwear needs by going to off-the-rack outlets like G2000, Benjamin Barker and Suit Supply. To those that spend $200 – $700 on off the rack suits (yes, some spend ~$700 on a Suit Supply suit), I highly suggest you guys considering one of the great alternatives mentioned in this article instead. Support local tailors, save money, and get great fitting suits in the process – what’s not to like?

P.S Do check out the new “Discounts!” page for exclusive discounts for Wahsoshiok readers! More brands will be added very soon – stay tuned!

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