Hello everyone – welcome back to another of my reviews! In today’s article, I’ll be talking about the importance of accessories in an outfit, using Trendhim’s products as examples.

I’ve written a lot on tailoring, from compiling a listicle of the best local tailors that I’ve visited, to a tailoring guide on what to look out for when purchasing your first suit. However, I’ve yet to write any content on accessories (i.e ties, pocket squares, cuff links, etc).

However, I do get IG DMs from readers asking me about what accessories I feel would pair well with their suit from time to time. One of them (pictured above) suggested that I could write a standalone article on accessories, which he felt would be useful and educational.

Let’s start with the tie, which most should be familiar with. Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually not a fan of the tie – I agree with Richard Branson, who once penned a blog post on how much he loathes ties. Ties are usually uncomfortable, with most wearing them simply because it’s part of the corporate dress code. If you have read my past tailoring reviews, you would notice that I’m rarely pictured with a tie. Like a belt, I find them unnecessary and stifling.

However, there’s one garment that screams for the tie to complement it, and that is the waistcoat. If you take a look at some of my previous tailoring reviews (such as my recent review on Perfect Attire, my three-piece ensemble from Ehkay Corner Tailor, and another three-piece suit from Edit Suits Co), you would realise that I really only wear a tie when I’m in a waistcoat, or in a three-piece suit. That’s because without a tie, one looks a tad like a waiter, and the tie really becomes the cherry on top that ties (pun intended) the entire outfit together.

Nevertheless, if I do wear a tie, I like my ties to be visually striking, instead of the standard solid coloured black/navy ties that one commonly sees in the corporate world. The Bert Silk Boho Tie ($65) is a good example. Crafted out of pure silk, the bright colours and its visually arresting pattern makes a statement and adds a pop of character to the outfit. While most ties are worn to conform, this is one that is meant to help the wearer stand out.

While the tie is something that (in my opinion at least) is overworn, the pocket square in contrast should be worn more often. Most men don’t wear pocket squares when wearing a suit or a waistcoat. That’s a shame, as a patterned pocket square allows you to add texture to your outfit, while the way it’s folded can also express your personal flair. If you don’t wear a pocket square because you’re not sure how to fold it, here’s a quick three-minute tutorial from Mr. Porter.

Take the feather print pocket square from Trendhim as an example. As the abovementioned Bert Silk Boho Tie was already bombastic in nature, I decided to tone it down a little with the pocket square, thus choosing a black-based one. However, it’s still striking due to the blue feather pattern, which picks up the blue lines of the waistcoat I was wearing perfectly. It also complements well with the navy palette of the tie. In addition, I’m a fan of the three-peak fold, which – as its name suggest – constitutes of the pocket square being folded in a way that has three “peaks”. It adds a sense of verticality to the outfit, thus making the wearer (me) appear taller, or so I believe anyway.

While most tend to opt for buttons on their shirt cuffs, I almost always choose link cuffs, which are meant to be fastened with cufflinks. While it might seem like an obsolete touch in today’s more casually dressed world, I’m a big proponent of cufflinks, especially when paired with a suit. A well-fitted suit jacket should leave about 3/4 inch of shirt cuff visible, or just enough for the cufflinks to be seen. Here, the gold-tone Tiger Eye cufflinks adds just the right touch of old-school, Bohemian aplomb that matches wonderfully with the Bert Silk Boho Tie as well as the double-breasted waistcoat that I was wearing. Although wearing cufflinks can sometimes be a chore, the style points one get for doing so is undoubtedly worthwhile. Once again, with most men simply wearing regular buttoned cuffs, wearing cufflinks will also help differentiate you from the masses.

Accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought. When wielded correctly, the right accessories can help elevate your outfit, and allow you to maximise the fullest potential of your garments. And if you’re looking to purchase ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, you can do so over on Trendhim, which carries a wide assortment of affordable accessories with free shipping to Singapore over S$99. Personally, I find some of their offerings to be intriguing and unique, such as the Bert Boho Silk Tie which I particularly like.

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View the Bert Silk Boho Tie here.
View the Feather Print Pocket Square here.
View the Gold-tone Tiger Eye Cufflinks here.

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