Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my articles. In this article, I’m doing something different – commemorating 27 brands I’ve previously reviewed that have since bit the dust.

I was inspired by the recent Grammys, where artists paid tribute to music icons (such as Sinead O’Connor, pictured above) who passed away last year. It got me thinking – since I started Wah So Shiok in 2017, plenty of brands that I’ve covered have also gone under. As such, I’m doing a Grammys-inspired In Memoriam article, where I round up 27 brands that are no more. Let’s get into it.


Watch microbrands have – by far – the highest mortality rate, with 18 brands now being defunct. With fierce competition, it isn’t easy being a one-man show. In particular, I loved Monsieur, Boldido and Schaffen – these three brands offered something unique to the market that will be missed.

1) Vintro

Review: I reviewed the Vintro Le Mans 1952 Chronograph Automatic here.

2) Herve

Review: I reviewed the Herve Alvia here.

3) Straposphere

Review: I reviewed Straposphere’s straps here, and here.

4) Monsieur

Review: I reviewed the Monsieur Helm One here, and the Monsieur Ranomo here.


Review: I reviewed the WULF Exo here.

6) Beacon Watches

Review: I reviewed the Beacon Pathfinder here.

7) Nostal

Review: I reviewed the Nostal Saxodate here.

8) Fonderia Navale

Review: I reviewed the Fonderia Navale Veneto here.

9) Bolido

Review: I reviewed the Bolido X here, and the Bolido Halo here.

10) Stoic Watches

Review: I reviewed the Stoic Pilot’s Watch here.

11) Scuro

Review: I reviewed the Scuro Volante here, and the Scuro Bronzo here.

12) Velthor

Review: I reviewed the Velthor S1 Concept here.

13) Manchester Watch Works

Review: I reviewed the Manchester Watch Works Battenkill here.

14) Jubileon

Review: I reviewed the Jubileon Superellipse here.

15) Vorque

Review: I reviewed the Vorque Constantine here.

16) Schaffen

Review: I introduced the Schaffen automatic models here.

17) Straits Foundry

Review: I reviewed the Straits Foundry Expedition here.

18) TenTwo

Review: I reviewed TenTwo’s subscription service here.


Menswear brands took a hit as well, with many brands unable to keep their heads over water during COVID. Out of the 9 brands below, I particularly miss Gaius Walks (shoes), Closeknip (tailoring), and Cincinati Leather (leathergoods). All three offered value-for-money products that punched above their price point.

19) Gaius Walks

Review: I reviewed Gaius Walks’ shoes here, here, and here.

20) Scofield Shoes

Review: I reviewed Scofield’s shoes here.

21) CustomMade

Review: I reviewed CustomMade’s shoes here.

22) Earnest & Collective

Review: I reviewed Earnest & Collective’s shoes here.

23) Closeknip

Review: I reviewed Closeknip’s clothing here, and here.

24) Esquire’s Bespoke/Esquire’s Atelier

Review: I reviewed Esquire’s Bespoke’s clothing here, here and here.


Review: I reviewed LAVNG’s briefcase and wallet here.

26) Cincinati Leather

Review: I reviewed Cincinati Leather’s briefcase and clutch here.

27) Atlas Men

Review: I reviewed Atlas Men’s perfumes here.


Running a business isn’t easy, especially when it’s a one-man show. I should know – I was very close to giving up Wah So Shiok multiple times throughout the years. I hope some of the abovementioned brands return someday, but it was a good run nonetheless. I hope this stresses the importance of support, especially for homegrown brands. If we don’t support our local brands, who will?

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